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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Five essential tips to make a smart bet In the Preakness Stakes

BALTIMORE, Md.--The Preakness Stakes is one significant annual event where elite horses race out on the track to claim victory.

PreaknessAside from racing, this event is also known for its diverse weekly activities that bring entertainment and enthusiasm to many horse betting aficionados as it celebrates its tradition.

To make it more exciting, this is also when bettors come out to wage out on their horses to win money.

Betting on horse racing has a long history, and up until now, it is well-attended in different parts of the world.

But despite being entertaining for fans, it’s not a walk in the park business, as one needs to consider different factors before placing a bet.

To ensure winning, you need to make sure that it is a smart bet to have a higher chance of winning.

If you're still new to betting in Preakness Stakes, here are some tips to up your betting skills.



In making bets, you need a basis to make your wager worthwhile. The first tip in making a smart bet is to know the competing horses and learn their previous achievements or statistics. These statistics are the results of their previous performances.

Always remember, information is everything. Aside from searching last year's performance or tournament results, you can also watch live preakness stakes updates and info to have a recent overview to make a smart bet. Take your time to analyze these statistics and compare which horse can give you a higher chance of winning your bet.

Check The Horse Trainer

When it comes to a horse's performance, A man or woman is behind its greatness, and that is its trainer. Horse trainers are responsible for conditioning the horses before they race. For a couple of months, that horse will be with its trainer to shape the horse to its full potential.

Each trainer has their way or method of making a horse strong, and each of those regimes becomes the reason the horse can win a tournament.

To further ensure your bet, take time to look for the names of the trainer of the horse you are planning to bet. Before placing your wages, take your time to look for its statistics like its win percentage, runs, places per season. With that data, you can measure the quality of the horse that is under its trainer.

You can then ensure that your bet has a great potential for winning. There are tons of famous trainers across the globe. Make sure to get to know each of them.

Know The Jockey

After knowing the horse and its trainer, it's time to talk about the person who competes and rides with the horse, which is the jockey.

As mentioned above, a horse's performance and its condition are vital in horse racing, but without a competent rider with it, all of those will just go to waste. Jockeys have different riding styles, and their skills and talents are a factor in utilizing the greatness of a horse in winning races.

Over the years, there have been different great jockeys that have won different events. Before placing your bet, looking at its record is a good tip for making a smart bet. Make sure to look for the rider on the horse you will be betting on and make a background check on the jockey.

Then, you can review its past performances, win percentage, and places to further assure your bet. Once you gather this data, making a smart bet will be more precise.

Choose A Betting Option

For the next tip, now you're done picking your horse, trainer and jockey, it's time to choose a betting option. Again, there are different betting options you can go with, but if you're on budget or new, you need to choose a betting option that will not be too much on the wallet.

For example, if you're new, you can start with straight bets which focus on a single horse by betting whether it should be win, place, and show. With this type of bet, you can get used to horse betting and move your way around.

If you feel confident enough, you can then try exotic bets where it's more on multiple outcomes, which is difficult to bet but has bigger payouts.

Cease From Betting Long Shot Horses

For a quick tip, after you do the four steps, another extra step or reminder is to prevent betting long shot horses. It means these are horses that have small chances of winning the race.

Even though it has a considerable amount of money on top of it, it is not efficient to bet on this type of horse as it gives you a low probability of winning your bet.

Final Thoughts

Those are the five essential things you need for Preakness stakes. Now that you've done reading the article, you know how to place smart bets in horse racing. By following these steps, you will have a higher chance of winning your bet and bringing home some cash. So, what are you waiting for, start betting and have some fun!













Those are the five essential things you need for Preakness stakes. Now that you've done reading the article, you know how to place smart bets in horse racing. By following these steps, you will have a higher chance of winning your bet and bringing home some cash. So, what are you waiting for, start betting and have some fun!

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