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Monday, October 25, 2021

About The Horse

The Horse of Delaware Valley is the oldest and largest equine publication serving the mid-Atlantic states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware and Virginia since 1985. We are also proud to add full coverage in the states of New York, Connecticut, West Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina & Florida.

The December, 2016 issue was the final print edition, but in February, 2017, the first monthly edition of The Horse Online was published. The Horse Online will follow the format of The Horse of Delaware Valley’s print edition and will feature news stories on showjumping, eventing and dressage as well as breeding and racing news and breaking stories of all equestrian disciplines.

Events wishing to be included in the calendar should send their information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., following the format of date, event, location and any pertinent information with a telephone number. Events advertising in The Horse will receive their calendar listings in bold face. Advertisers must submit their ads, prepaid via PayPal, by the 7th of the month previous to publication.

Racing statistics added to The Horse Online, ad prices now listed under "ADVERTISING".

The Horse Online has added new features to its already comprehensive coverage of competitions, breeding and racing,

The latest additions are the the leading trainers, riders, owners and horses at National Steeplechase races.

The Horse also has the capability online, that it didn’t have as a printed edition, of running video of competitions and races. If readers have videos they would like to see on The Horse, put them on YouTube and call editor Sara Cavanagh at 610-793-1964. The Horse will make the final decision of whether to place any videos in its publication.

The Horse Online is being very well read, which means its advertisers are getting wide coverage. Ads have been read as many as 48,330 times. Ad sizes and prices are now listed under advertising at the bottom of the online page. There are a limited number of four 900x600 or 900x400 ads at a cost of $450 and $350 respectively. There are five 900x100 ads available at $200, and sidebar ads at 300x500 or 300x300, are priced at $225 and $125 respectively. All ads are sized in pixels and must be prepaid. Ad make up is available at $45 for the 900px wide ads and $25 for the 300px wide ads.

hodv pageviews 1199x256 

Meet the team!

Here now are our super knowledgeable, horse loving staff (shown below) who help us grow daily:



WEST CHESTER, Pa.--Sara Cavanagh competed in equitation, junior hunters and working hunters as a junior, finishing second four times in the Medal and Maclay Finals, to George Morris, Mike Plumb and Wilson Dennehy.

Sara Cavanagh photoAfter graduating from juniors, she showed in Amateur Owner and Green Hunters, finishing second twice in the national Horse of the Year on Smiling Sal and War Count.

When it was thought that women would be allowed to compete for the first time in Three-Day Eventing in the 1960 Rome Olympics, Sara was invited to train with the Three-Day team in Colorado for three months along with Plumb, Dennehy, Billy Haggard, and four others.

By the time women finally were allowed to compete in the Olympics in Three-Day Evening, Sara was married with children and concentrating on fox hunting, where she served as whipper-in to the Meadow Brook Hounds for 16 years, showing and raising her children.

She was remarried in 1975 to her husband H.L. (Sandy) Schwartz, a life-long newsman, and in 1980, after moving to Pennsylvania, as Schwartz' idea, they started The Horse of Delaware Valley, and Sara has served as Editor from the beginning of the publication.

Being to busy to ride, Sara began breeding thoroughbreds for the race track.

Her homebreds, living at her farm, broken by her son Frank Steall and trained by Jonathan Sheppard, are Allowance winner Avilord, who won six races, and Dancing Together, who won two races and is now in foal to Redeemed, and an about to be 3-year-old , Ler's Go Danzing, who will race next year.

When the cost of printing became prohibitive, Sara took the publication digital.

She is thrilled with her staff and the great work they do and appreciative of the many subscribers.




DOWNINGTOWN, Pa.--Ginny Jenkins acted as the very first Advertising Manager for The Horse of Delaware Valley for their first 10 years and is back now to oversee the Advertising in our new ALL DIGITAL format as our Director.

Ginny with Horse About Us page 2020


Armed with a great deal of Advertising Agency and Corporate Experience, Ginny has brought a great deal of expertise to our publication and many of the accounts she handles here.

Ginny is best known to many of you horse lovers in the field as the creator of THE HORSE OF CHESTER COUNTY Calendars and also her book, HORSES NATURALLY, when she visited your farms for some natural Equine shots.

She also has many award-winning pieces of Artwork and Photography shown in homes and offices around the country.

We are delighted to have her lead us with new innovative programs to benefit not only our publication but the many accounts and clients with whom she works.

Feel free to contact her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Visit Ginny's virtual art gallery here:




Heather BradwayELVERSON, PA - Heather Mullen is the Marketing Manager for The Horse of Delaware Valley.

She is in charge of laying out the publication each month, showcasing the new monthly themes and unique advertisers for our readers to enjoy.

She also is in charge of our Facebook account development. Utilizing her artistic gifts she designs ads for our advertisers, as well as, for the publication so many of you will be in contact with her about assistance with your ad designs too.

Here she is with her handsome Nokota named Cheveyo, her pride and joy.







Seminole, Florida - Pam Hinds, our new Graphic Designer at THE HORSE.... was born in PA and moved to Atlanta in 1961, where she started her career in computer programming. Pam Hinds photo

Later she worked as a stewardess in Minneapolis with Northwest Airlines in the 70s and afterwards again moved back to Atlanta to work as a computer programmer

After her parents moved to Florida and became ill, Pam moved to Treasure Island on the West Coast of Florida to be with them. 

There she started her own computer services business, Lexidigital, and now lives in Seminole, Florida with her two Australian Aussies.  

For the past 30+ years, Pam has been developing and designing websites, graphics, and loves animals and photography. 

One of her claims to fame was creating and preparing the shooting and movie scripts for 20th Century Fox on Cocoon which was filmed in Pinellas County, Florida. 




dave smith headshot HOCKESSIN DE.-Dave joined The Horse of Delaware Valley team to provide website support and technical expertise.

 He assists Heather with the montly updates to the website and researches answers to technical issues that crop up during the month.

 He has over 10 years of experience building and supporting websites as well as developing custom web-based solutions. If you need someone to build, support, or improve your website, please reach out to Dave at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



We remain the oldest and largest Equine Publication in the Mid-Atlantic Region!

(PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, NY, OH, CT, WV, NC & FL )



Our readers between the two age brackets of 17 – 35 yrs old/& 45 – 70 yrs old.

We have an affluent market share of people with an average income of $69,000 - $198,000/yr

moneyhorses cm

  • 69% own their own horse.

  • 22% lease their horse.

  • 48% enjoy showing their horse in local and regional events and love our show coverage!

  • 74% also have other animals such as dogs and cats  (and goats, chickens, donkeys, etc!)

  • 94% are interested in horse AND other animal feed options.

  • 39% of readers/riders love trail riding on a regular  2 – 3 x per week basis.

  • 56% are expressing an interest in natural pet product lines and personal products for riders.

  • 24% are considering barn and/or fencing purchases in the upcoming 6 months.

  • 17% are considering Equine Education/training options for themselves or family members.

  • 32% make their living in an Equine related field  (Hoofcare, Barn Mgt., Training, Veterinary) 


HDV’s monthly themed advertising options are of as much interest to our readers as their editorial content.

 Our affordable classified and display advertising rates are considered the most cost efficient in the marketplace, and of value to 79% of our readers.

HODV ads are available for just $25 (Classified) to $30 (Marketplace display ads), plus many additional full-color options with direct links right back to advertiser’s website.  The connection to advertisers is instantaneous!

Please be sure to check out our NEW DIRECTORY OF SERVICES Section too!          




The Horse of Delaware Valley

Editor: Sara Cavanagh

Advertising Director: Ginny Jenkins

Marketing Manager: Heather Mullen

Advertising Manager/FL-Southern Region: Pam Hinds

 Since 1980


Monthly Advertising Themes


  • March
    Spring/Summer Show Previews & Trainers, Barns & Equipment
  • April
    All Natural Products & Services, Spring/Summer Show Previews & Trainers, Barns & Equipment
  • May
    All Natural Products & Services, Equine Vets & Caregivers
  • June
    Equine Vets & Caregivers, Pets & Pet Supplies, & Footing and Fencing
  • July
    Pets & Pet Supplies, Footing & Fencing, & Equine Education & Colleges
  • August
    Fall Show Previews & Trainers, Equine Education & Colleges, Equine Insurance, Legal & Accounting
  • September
    Fall Show Previews & Trainers, Equine Feed & Supplies, Equine Insurance, Legal, & Accounting
  • October
    Trailers & Equine Transportation, Equine Feed & Supplies
  • November
    Holiday Gift Guide, Trailers & Equine Transportation
  • December
    Stallions/Breeding, Winter Care & Gift Guide
  • January
    Stallions & Breeding, Photo Contest & Winter Care
  • February
    Barns & Equipment, Photo Contest

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