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Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Book Reviews

Starting March 2021, THE HORSE OF DELAWARE VALLEY will be showcasing some great books for horse lovers on this page for you to consider reading  - ENJOY!

Images of America: Devon Horse Show and Country Fair Now Available for Purchase

DEVON, Pa.--As part of its 125th Anniversary, the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair is pleased to announce the launch of its new book Images of America: Devon Horse Show and Country Fair by Charlene Keller Fullmer and Kathryn Elizabeth Brown.

Devon bookDedicated to the volunteers who have supported and enriched the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair for the last 125 years, this book depicts the history of this iconic event.

In May 1896, residents along the Philadelphia Main Line organized a meeting on the lawn of the Devon Inn inviting friends and neighbors to "effect an organization for the purpose of holding a Horse Show at Devon."

In the aftermath of World War I, the Devon Horse Show incorporated a country fair in 1919 to support a local charity and selected Bryn Mawr Hospital as its beneficiary.

Images of America: Devon Horse Show and Country Fair follows the organization from its humble beginnings as a one-day show for local breeding farmers in the Philadelphia countryside to its rise as a premier international equestrian event.

While it draws top competitors from around the world, the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair remains uniquely rooted in tradition and community.

Read more ...

Horses Naturally

HORSES NATURALLY by Ginny Jenkins.  
As a natural Equine Photographer, Ginny sets glamour aside with a touching collection of all-natural Equine shots of her own and endearing quotes abouthorsesnaturally ginnyjenkins book cover the intimate moments with horses that so often go unnoticed in our busy lives.....a distant whinny, the lazy swish of a tail, the warm low whicker of an eager friend pleased to see you.   
Her goal was to show them off with dignity simply,  for who they are rather than bound by any intentions we might have for them. 
She hopes the reader will find that this book would complete the simple yet meaningful wholeness that a life with horses is all about.  This book is one for horse lovers of all ages to enjoy.
Available from  in paperback ($16.95) or as an ebook ($7.95). 
Most all of the shots are from here on the East Coast (and many also are from here in Chester County, PA)  plus some she had the pleasure of meeting and photographing in the UK Cotswolds.  

Jump the Moon

Jump the Moon is based on a true story by Kathy Simmers with illustrations by Marjorie Van Heerden.

Book reviewThe newest pony to arrive at the barn is ordinary, ugly even and on top of that, she is mean.

But the girl with the long blonde hair doesn’t seem to care, she is drawn to her and determined to earn the pony’s trust.

Over the course of the summer, the pair develop an incredible bond.

Then, tragically, as summer ends the two are separated.

Readers will eagerly turn the pages to find out if the girl and the pony will ever see each other again.

The beautiful illustrations throughout this picture book bring to life an emotional journey, inspiring readers to follow their dreams.

THE SMALLEST HORSE is fun for the kids!

The Smallest Horse tells the story of Trixie, a miniature horse who worries she's not big enough to have an important job on the ranch.

Children will delight in this heartwarming tale as they follow Trixie's misadventures and ultimate realizationthe smallest horse book review book shot

that she does indeed have a very special purpose on the ranch.

This is the first book in the Pony Dreams series. All of the horses in the Pony Dreams stories are real,

and each one has a distinct personality, a unique life experience and different likes and dislikes.

After children read the story, they can visit the Pony Dreams website to meet Trixie and the rest of the herd

through a series of fun and educational videos and posts about the horses and the topics broached in each book.


It's For the Horses

Dutch Henry is a true horse advocate who finds joy as he guides the horse/human relationship closer to and into this space in this great book.

Its For the Horses


It is a highly useful resource for all people who want to do right by the horses in their life.


Once you read it, you will not regret it.


Nor will your horses.


This project compiles Dutch Henry's years of experience gathering helpful - sometimes life-altering - exercises for the horse.


This ability to help the horse sometimes reciprocates in a life-altering shift in the human.


Enjoy the shift in you and your horse's relationship. Order today at email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

ACU-HORSE: A Guide to Equine Acupressure

This full-color, 200+page book connects you with 1000s of years of natural health. Just think, you will be able to offer your horses’ excellent care for their optimal health!
ACU-HORSE is perfect for horse owners, healthcare providers, trainers, and all equineAcu Horse Book Cover Book Reviews page
enthusiasts. It’s a step-by-step guide to a comprehensive acupressure session with color photos
and charts, plus an explanation of how to apply Traditional Chinese Medicine theories and
ACU-HORSE includes:
  • Over 30 acupressure point charts for specific emotional and physical conditions
  • 12 Major Meridian Charts presenting key acupressure points
  • Photos & descriptions of hands-on techniques
  • Comprehensive discussion of the acupressure session protocol
  • Discussion of Traditional Chinese Medicine theories & concepts
  • And, Much More!
Begin your adventure connecting you to of natural healing with acupressure. Your horses
deserve to feel their best! 

'Into the Secret Heart of Ashdown Forest: A Horseman's Country Diary' by Julian Roup

Into the Secret Heart of Ashdown Forest is a love letter after a forty-year affair.

Wry, funny, moving and vivid, this memoir chronicles the life of the author and the ten square miles of country he calls his Kingdom.

This book is as good as a brisk walk in the woods on an autumn day.

Secret HorseCover Book Reviews pageWritten with love and passion, it is a hymn to landscape and freedom.

It is a close and deep observation of the writer’s adopted country, the fabled Ashdown Forest in East Sussex, England,

(the home of Winnie the Pooh),

where he has lived and ridden for the past forty years.

His gift is the ability to take you deep into the landscapes that make this place resonate in his heart: its streams, woods, heathlands.

You meet its literary residents, A.A, Milne, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Ezra Pound and W.B. Yeats.

You get beneath its skin among the networks of fungi that allow the trees to speak.

You taste its foods, meet its locals, both the living and the ghosts, and see its huge importance

during the plague year 2020-21 through the pandemic lockdowns.

His passion for horses shines through these pages and his writing is, as he himself says, a form of ‘moving meditation’.


He takes you under the soil of this place and he leaves a soft glow on the landscape when he is gone.

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