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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Book Reviews

Starting March 2021, THE HORSE OF DELAWARE VALLEY will be showcasing some great books for horse lovers on this page for you to consider reading  - ENJOY!

The Soul of a Horse~Life Lessons for the Herd.

A heartwarming story of a couple and their horse exploring what caring for a horse can teach us about companionship—whether it’s with a four-legged friend or a fellow human.

The Soul of a Horse Joe Camp book front cover

 A surprise birthday gift plunged Joe and his wife, Kathleen, into the world of horses as complete neophytes without a clue as to what a horse needed or wanted.

They searched for logic and sense in the rule books of traditional horse care. What they found was not what they had expected.

Written for everyone who has ever loved a horse or ever loved the idea of loving a horse, this memoir leads us on a voyage of discovery as Joe and Kathleen navigate uncharted territory on their way to achieving a true relationship with their horses.

Joe Camp’s inspiring book unlocks the mystery of a majestic creature who has survived on earth, without assistance, for fifty-five million years and teaches us that the lessons he learned apply not only to horses but also to our relationships with people.

Available in Book Stores and on - Great for Christmas!

The Original Horse Bible-2nd Edition

The most comprehensive single volume dedicated to horses, Original Horse Bible, 2nd Edition is a celebration of the long relationship that humans and horses enjoy, written by two highly regarded horsewomen, the late Moira C. Allen and Sharon Biggs.

Covering an array of topics TheOriginalHorseBible 2ndEdition photothat span the world of horses, including evolution, domestication, horseback riding, training, competing, breeding, and so much more, making this complete guide is a must-have for any avid horse-lover!

An extensive breed chapter offers portraits of approximately 175 breeds, alphabetically arranged, from the Abaco Barb to the Welsh Pony, plus many rare and handsome breeds from around the world as well as favorites like the American Quarter Horse, the Shetland Pony, and the Thoroughbred.

With over 100 training and behavior tips, more than 50 riding, grooming, and health takeaways, and so much more, the Original Horse Bible belongs on the shelves of anyone who admires these magnificent creatures.

This second edition includes new sections on advances in imaging technology and medications, as well as updated information on saddles, bits, poisonous plants, deworming practices, and natural horsemanship. To purchase the book click here:

"This is truly the best and most comprehensive book on horses that I have ever read!"    

Images of America: Devon Horse Show and Country Fair Now Available for Purchase

DEVON, Pa.--As part of its 125th Anniversary, the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair is pleased to announce the launch of its new book Images of America: Devon Horse Show and Country Fair by Charlene Keller Fullmer and Kathryn Elizabeth Brown.

Devon bookDedicated to the volunteers who have supported and enriched the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair for the last 125 years, this book depicts the history of this iconic event.

In May 1896, residents along the Philadelphia Main Line organized a meeting on the lawn of the Devon Inn inviting friends and neighbors to "effect an organization for the purpose of holding a Horse Show at Devon."

In the aftermath of World War I, the Devon Horse Show incorporated a country fair in 1919 to support a local charity and selected Bryn Mawr Hospital as its beneficiary.

Images of America: Devon Horse Show and Country Fair follows the organization from its humble beginnings as a one-day show for local breeding farmers in the Philadelphia countryside to its rise as a premier international equestrian event.

While it draws top competitors from around the world, the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair remains uniquely rooted in tradition and community.

Read more ...

The Fox's Kitchen-Radnor Hunt

From the Radnor Hunt, the oldest continuous foxhunting organization in the US—steeped in tradition and promoting sustainable hunting practices—comesFoxsKitchenCookbook cover photo
The Fox’s Kitchen, a beautiful cookbook reflecting the intersection between a beloved sport and the country living and entertaining that Radnor Hunt fully embraces.
Radnor Hunt has always epitomized the best of eating, drinking, and making merry; whether it’s contained in a pewter flask or in a crystal port glass; whether it’s served on a paper plate or on Wedgwood porcelain; whether it’s a post-hunting tailgate, hunt breakfast, or dinner for 12!
To celebrate this long devotion to food and drink, members and friends of the hunt have come together to create this beautiful collection of recipes borrowed from the kitchens around hunt country.
Radnor Hunt is pleased to share this collection of 15 full menus and nearly 100 recipes—everything from cocktails and appetizers to main courses and desserts.
To purchase the book, please visit our website –

Ride of a Lifetime

“Ride of a Lifetime” is the story of Cynthia "Tootie" Anderson's lifetime journey with horses, and with one mare in particular.  At a low ebb in Tootie's life, a big chestnut mare named Zoe entered and turned Tootie's world around.  Horse lovers as well as those who don’t have any experience with horses Ride of a Lifetimewill enjoy this book about joy, sadness, redemption, giving, and loving.  Readers will also feel the raw emotions Tootie experienced when she had to overcome more obstacles than one could count, and conversely will ride right alongside her to experience her highs and success.  There is something in it for everyone as it is a true “underdog takes all” story, but any junior or adult amateur who has had struggles in the horse world is sure to identify with some part of the story and love it!
Tootie currently lives in Bluemont, VA with her husband Gary, 2 dogs, and a varying number of horses depending on the time of year.  She has a boutique business importing young Irish Sport Horses, training them herself, and then reselling them as competitive mounts.  She also works for Ride On Ranch in Lovettsville, VA providing hippotherapy Physical Therapy services.
This book may be purchased on the book page at  Alternatively, those who do not have the ability to order online may send a personal check.  Please email Tootie This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for mailing address.  Thank you for your support!

From the Horse's Point of View

An eye-opening book leading equestrians into a brave new horse world, where we train horses their way, not ours.

For years, Andrea Kutsch filled stadiums with spectators as she demonstrated remarkable transformations in “problem horses” using the Natural Horsemanship training methods she'd learned from leaders in the field. But something was bothering her—a feeling that had been with herFrom the Horses Point of View since her childhood days, watching Icelandics in a field and coming up through a traditional German riding system. Despite the strides made in improving the horse's well-being through the worldwide adoption of Natural Horsemanship techniques, she knew that the methods were still missing something.

Kutsch set out to find the next stage in the evolution of horse training. She studied the results of methods she used with thousands of young horses at The Lewitz Stud in Neustadt-Glewe, Germany, the renowned farm owned by European champion Paul Schockemöhle. This provided the basis for what she calls Evidence-Based Equine Communication™ (EBEC), a means of reading the horse and understanding the world from his point of view. Here she introduces EBEC and how it can take our relationship with horses and their ability to perform as our partners to a whole new level. 

Certain to provide ideas for improving every interaction with horses, whatever your experience or discipline, From the Horse's Point of View is a conversation-starter for all those looking to take their horsemanship to a whole new level.

Check it out for purchase: From the Horse's Point of View

On The Hoof

The true tale of a voyage that broke a man down and built him back up, with the help of one special horse.

At 36 Jesse McNeil—at times carpenter, commercial fisherman, dabbler in real estate—decided to buy an untrained horse, make himself into a horseman, and ride all the way across the United States, from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean.

On the HoofA fiercely independent traveler, Jesse had navigated previous coast-to-coast trips—solo journeys by moped, bicycle, and small airplane. This time, however, he had a partner: a five-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse named Pepper. An inexperienced horseman with an equally inexperienced mount, Jesse would quickly discover the immense challenges of his new undertaking. Over the course of eight months and fourteen states—beginning in Oregon and ending on a beach in New Hampshire—he would be tested many times over as he learned not only what it took to keep Pepper safe and healthy, but the true value of qualities that he had once easily dismissed: patience and companionship.

The generosity of strangers, from helpful ranchers and storekeepers to suburban families, shaped the pair's journey east. And while at some points the miles didn't unfold as Jesse hoped, others yielded unexpected events that changed his perspective—and quite possibly, his future. Written with honesty, grit, and grace, On the Hoof captures an arduous voyage that broke a man down and built him back up, with the help of one special horse.

Check it out for purchase: On The Hoof

Still Horse Crazy After All These Years

A rare insider's look at the life of a professional sportsman as he tries to reconcile the passion that drives him with livelihood, family, and aging.

Still Horse Crazy After All These Years book cover

Known for his wit, irreverence, and whip-smart observations on equestrian sport and its participants, three-time Olympian Jim Wofford's writing is as legendary as his performances in the saddle.


Now he again brings his immense talent for telling tales---all of them (mostly) true---to the page in his autobiography.


Growing up on a Kansas farm that shared a border with Fort Riley, home to the U.S. Cavalry School from 1887 to 1949, and the son of a sporting Army-man who rode in uniform in the 1932 Olympics, Wofford shares his wholly unique perspective on horsemanship and the history of equestrian competition in the United States.

Check it out for purchase:  Still Horse Crazy After All These Years

Distant Skies: An American Journey on Horseback

A solo 2600 mile adventure for a girl, a horse, and a dog that started in New York and ended in California that tested the authors' Distant Skies Book Covermental, physical and emotional resources. 
 You will see how she adapted to loneliness and many dangers along the way. 
This journey connected Melissa to the animals that accompanied her, to the varying landscapes through wchich she traveled and to the people she met along the way.
Melissa A. Priblo Chapman is a freelance writer who has been published in many magazines as well as a paid speaker to over 100 organizations.
She also is a married mother of 4 who lives in upstate New York and rides every day.
Check it out for purchase: Distant Skies

Horses Naturally

As a natural Equine Photographer, Ginny sets glamour aside with a touching collection of all-natural Equine shots of her own and endearing quotes abouthorsesnaturally ginnyjenkins book cover the intimate moments with horses that so often go unnoticed in our busy lives.....a distant whinny, the lazy swish of a tail, the warm low whicker of an eager friend pleased to see you.   
Her goal was to show them off with dignity simply,  for who they are rather than bound by any intentions we might have for them. 
She hopes the reader will find that this book would complete the simple yet meaningful wholeness that a life with horses is all about.  This book is one for horse lovers of all ages to enjoy.
Available from  in paperback ($16.95) or as an ebook ($7.95). 
Most all of the shots are from here on the East Coast (and many also are from here in Chester County, PA)  plus some she had the pleasure of meeting and photographing in the UK Cotswolds.  

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