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Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Gift Guide Holiday Teaser Ad

Kids, Pets, & More

Dominique 5

Please go to Dominique’s Smiles website!

Dominique and I would be glad to be a part of any business promotions you may have. I wear a mask and Dominique is up to date with shots and health certificate.

I am excited! I certainly have been talking about this forever.

Remember we are FREE for smiles and love!

Tell everyone to use us. People need love and smiles during this time and of course anytime!  Sandy C. Smith


Lone cow

I was out and about in the country today taking pix's - thought this was a fun shot of a cow in the field with the herd and a flock of (I suppose) friendly Starlings flying overhead. Something different, that's for sure! Photo by Ginny Jenkins.

Kids cow



Same expressive eyes...Did mom scare you?
The Farriors, Change of Pace Farm, Bucks County,Pa.

Kids scare


Kids scare 2

Dogs at play 11

Moe dogs at play ar Ocean City Park, by Debra Malinics.

K dog 20


K dog 19


K dog 18


Annie finds great places to nap. Hall Harsh.


Kids Annie

Dogs at play 12

Dogs at play at Ocean City Park, from Debra Malinics.

 K dog 17



K dog 15


K dog 16

Ryerss Farm

What a beautiful day and weekend in September for families and the kids to enjoy a fun visit at Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines in Potttown, Pa., Photos by Ginny Jenkins.

Kids ryers 4







Kids ryers 3





Kids ryers 2


Kids ryers 1

Dogs at play 10

More dogs at Ocean City Park from Debra Malinics.

 K dog 7




K dog 13


 K dog 14

Dogs at play 9

More dogs at play at Ocean City Park from Debra Malinics.

k dog 5



K dog 6






K dog 4


Dogs at play 8

Dogs at play at Ocean City Park from Debra Malinics

K dog 3





K dog















K dog 2

Dogs at play 7

Dogs at Ocean Park City from Debra Malinics.


Kids a4






Kis a3


Kis a2


Kids a1


I’ve always been captivated by a vintage barn. This view took my breath and the buzzard; well, that was icing on the cake. Pam Farrior.

 Kids buzzard top





Kids Buzzard

Kids bizzard

Mother's helper

Mother’s helper. Catillac has learned how to do a lot during the pandemic.
Hopefully his episodes will be in a book someday. He’s working on it. Pam Farrior



Kids TV 1 

 Kids TV 2



Kids TV 3



Kids TV 4


 Kids TV 5



Kids TV 6




Kids TV 7

Dogs at play 6

Dogs at play by Debra Malinics.

Kids dogs d



Kids dogs f
















Kids dogs h

Kids dogs g

Dogs at play 5

Dogs at Ocean City Park. Photos by Debra Malinics.

Kids park 9a





Kids park 7a

Turbese - sun drawing water

Photo of Stroud Preserve from Debra Malinics.




Kids turbese.jpeg







Dogs at play 4

More dogs enjoying OceanCiy Park. Photos by Debra Malinics.

Kids park 8a




Kids park 6a




Kids park 5a







Beautiful skies byDebra Malinics.

Kids clouds nite 2







Kids clouds b

Kids clouds nite




Kids clouds a











debra malinics

Dogs at play 3

Dogs at play at Ocean City Park. Photos by Debra Malinics.

Kids dogs c






Kids dogs b







Kids dogs a

Ocean Park City 2

All these photos are from Ocean City dog park and environs. Sent by Debra Malinics.

Kids Park 2a

 Kids park 1a












Kids park 3a

Kids park 4a

Stroud 7

More photos of Stroud's from Debra Malinics.

Kids stroud 1a



Kids stroud 2a

Kids stroud 4


Enjoying a quiet moment reading, I found I had company. He stayed with me for some time. I decided he was a very happy pollinator. Pam Farrior


Kids bee 2

kids nwe1
















Kids bee 3

Kids bee 4


The pumpkins are ones that grew there from last year's pumpkins that self seeded. We thought it was the zucchini that got reseeded by the bees.
What a surprise! They grew right where I use them to decorate. Pam Farrior.

Kids pumpkin

More scary night

The night sky changed so quickly. More photos of a scary night. Pam Farrior.

Kids nite 4














Kids nite 5

Kids nite 1

Scary night

Scary night. The night sky changed so quickly. Pam Farrior.

Kids nite 1




Kids nite 2





Kids nite 3

Kids nite 5

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