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Saturday, June 06, 2020

Kids, Pets, & More


Hall Harsh sent in this photo of Annie demonstrating the superiority of cats.

Kids Hll Hirsh


Malinics 2

Debra Malinics sentin these photos beautiful flowering bushes, a Corgi in his owner's arms and a bird taking off from a pond.

Kids Malinics flowering bushes



Kids Malinics Deb Corgi

Kids Malinics bird skim pond


Top left, Riders at Radnor, top right, Debra on Amigo, bottom left, a big grey, and bottom right, ,Carmen and a friend playing in the mud, sent in by Debra Malinics


Kids Malinics Debra on Amigo

Kids Malinics Debra 3 at Radnor













Kids Malinics grey 2

Kids Marmen 1 in mud


Tina Marie Powell sent in this photo taken at a Boyd Martin clinic at Windura that she entitled" Reflections."

Kids Powell


Robin Stryker sent in this photo of semi feral cat, Kodie and her look alike bobblehead!


Kids Stryker cat

Stroud Preserve 5

Debra Malinics sent in these photos of riding in Stround Preserve and llamas relaxing

Kids Strounds llamas





KidsStroud rider by hay bales

Kids Stround rider app

Book Farm 2

Ginny Jenkins took these photos in early May at Book Family Farm in Coatesville. Beautiful Spring day for lessons and trail rides.

Kids Ginny Book farm 3

Kids Ginny Book farm 4

Stroud Preserve 4

Tom Small driving and a rider riding one and leading one plus photos of beautiful flowers photos from Debra Malinics.


Kids Malinics rider leading horse

Kids Malinics Tom Small




Kids Malinics purple fowering bush

Kids Malinics stone wall w. flowers
















Tristen owned by Shadow Creek Farm and Gabrie Deans sticks his tongue out to no Devon! Sent by Corinne Deans.


Kids Deands horse

Carmen 13

Carmen, a therapy dog, sent by Debra Malinics.



Kids Carmen w. ball

Kids Carmen w. bone








Kids Carmen w. scarf

Kids Carmen w. Mal on chaise













Debra Malinics sent in these photos of riders at Radnor.

Kids Malinics Radnor 2



Kids Malinics Thanksgiving

Kids Malinics Radnor 1

Guinea Girl

Lisa Brinton sent in these photos that she entitled "Guinea Girl says hello", left, and  "Mr. Toughy Truffleton."


Kids Brinton 5

Kids Brinton


Ginny Jenkins sent these photos of Evan Naughton from Glenmoore tacking up two horses at Marsh Creek on Sat, May 16th.

The top photos is Evan tacking up his horse, Bean (better known as StringBean). The bottom left is Bean and the bottom right is his friend"s horse Masie.


Kids Ginny Evan 1 




 Kids Ginny Evan 2

Kids Ginny Evan 3

Carmen 12

Carmen by Debra Malinics.

Kids Carmenw. flowers

Kids Carmenin fronds
















Kids Carmer tongue out

Kids Carmen. w. ball 2

Horses grazing in the evening

Horses grazing at Shadow Creek Farm in the evening, sent in by Corinne Deans of Shadow Creek Farm, LLC

Kids Deans

Stroud Preserve 3

More photos of Strouds Preserve from Debra Malinics. The bottom two photos aare of "turbese" - the Indian word for sun drawing water.


Kids Malinics baby bird

Kids Malinicis house in strouds

















Kids Mal turbese

Kids Mal turbese 3

Otie, Dazey and Sadie

Lisa Brinton sent in these photos of Dazey tired of cleaning up, top, Otie is a good boy. bottom left, and Dazey and Sadie enjoying the fire, bottom right.


Kids Brinton 3




Kids Brinton 4

Kids Brinton 2

Carmen 11

Therapy dog Carmen, sent by Debra Malinics

Kids Carmen standing on hind legs

Kids Carmen profile





Kids Carmen on wood floor

Kids Carmen sand


Rachel, our Cotton Patch goose, has tried for years to hatch her eggs each spring without success. This year was the ticket! Rocco Manfredi.

Kids Manfedi goose

Landscapes and llamas

Photos sent by Debra Malinics

Kids Mal purple flowere

Kids Mal rows of flowers













Kids Mal turbese 2

Kids Mal llamas

Fox at pool

Spending time checking out my pool. This guy visits daily in my lower field and tonight thought he would just check things out.
Sent in by Patty Jefferis of East BradfordKids Jefferis fox.jpg

Book Farm

Ginny Jenkins took these May 13 at Book Family Farm in Coatesville. It was a beautiful Spring day for lessons and trail rides.

10f98173 7a4e 4936 a9c3 a3df9fd36041 thumbnail

7ead6509 7729 450e 921b d3c03b30e31e thumbnail

Carmen 10

Carmen, a therapy dog, by Debra Malinics.


Kids Carmen in mud

Kids Carmen in stream















Kids Carmen dirty dog

Kids Carmen canters w. ball

Tunisian horses

Marilyn Phister submitted these photos from the island of Djerba in Tunisia.

Kids Phister 3

Kids Phister 4

Riding on Islands

 Top photos, Riding on Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal with my sister Amanda Briggs. Bottom left, Our riding companions in Portugal  Amanda Briggs and furry friends, and bottom right, Riding on the island of Malta. Submitted by Jan Culton


Kids Jan Culton riding w. sister



Kids Jan Culton Amanda

Kids Jan Culron riding

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