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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Kids, Pets, & More

dogs playing

Dogs enjoying Ocean City Park. Debra Malinics.

Kids dogs 7

Kids dogs 8
















Kids dogs 6

Kids dogs 5

Dog days

Dominique, the Mini therapy horse, and his friends , cat Daryle and horse Con, prove you don’t have to be dog to enjoy the Dog Days of summer!

Sandy C. Smith, Fox Brush Farm,  Brogue, Pa.

Kids Dominique Smith







Kids cat Daryle Smith

Kids Con Smith

Ocean City

Beautiful shots from Ocean City by Debra Malinics.

Kids ocean 4

Kids ocean 1
















 Kids ocean 3











dogs at play

"Though the dogs love to cool off in the pool they also love to play and dogs of all sizes and types get a great workout every morning," said photographer Debra Malinics.

Kids dogs 4

Kids dogs 2















Kids dogs 1

Kids dogs 3

Dominique 4

Dominique, the 33” therapy horse, says good morning to his 16+ h TB stablemate ConEm.Sometimes they would
Play together when Dominique went under the wire!

Dominique, the therapy horse, at Park City, Lancaster on 8/6/20 making a lot of folks happy! We handed out cards letting shoppers know we were Free to go to hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc.
Sandy C. Smith, Fox Brush Farm, Brogue, Pa.

Kids Dom 3a

Kids Dom 1a

















kids Dom 2

Kids Dom 4

Dogs 1

Dogs enjoying Ocean City Park. Debra Malinics

Kids park 8

Kids park 6

















Kid park 7

Kids park 5


This is our little pond the afternoon after the hurricane/😘tropical storm blew thru. Don’t worry, it will shrink up again! Cynthia McGinnes.

Kids chee 2

Kids chee 1

Ocean City Park

Dogs at play and cooling off in Ocean City Park. Debra Malinics.

Kids park 4

Kids park 2
















Kids park 1

Kids park 3

Carmen 22

Carmen and friends playing ball at Ocean City Park. Debra Malinics.

Kids ball right

Kids ball 1
















Kids ball 2

kids ball right 2

Carmen 21

Carmen and friends at Ocean City Park, by Debra Malinics.

ocean 2


ocean 3

















ocean 4

Ocean city park

Dominique 3

With hospitals and nursing homes closed, Dominique the mini therapy horse, found Park City Mall in Lancaster a great place to bring smiles . He made everyone’s day while Passing out cards for his free mission of bringing smiles to all!

Sandy C. Smith, Dominique’s Smiles, Fox Brush Farm, Brogue, Pa.

Kids Dom 3

Kids Dom 1

















Kids Dom 2

Kids Dom 4

Carmen reunion

Last year, I took my dog, Carmen, with me to the sea in Maryland to visit a friend.

The town had a doggie park and each morning and evening I would walk her down a local street.

Being a friendly little dog, she made instant friends along the way and last year, she became a recognized ”buddy" at the home of one of the families on the street.

Family members often sat outside on the porch and when I waked by with Carmen, they would come down and make a big fuss over her, taking her tip the steps to sit with them for awhile. Carmen, of course, responded with attentive licking, kissing and tail wagging..

Each day when we passed their house, Carmen was a little star, offering kisses and licks to whomever was on the porch. When the family left to return home, Carmen was definitely affected, walking slowly past the empty home each day, stopping, looking around, wagging her tail, looking up at me and asking why no one came outside anymore so she could offer kisses and licks and tail wags.

I tried to explain that the family had gone home and that she would see them again one day but I never knew if she could understand what happened to her “shore family and friends."

I kept in touch with the family, and when I returned to the Maryland Shore this year, I learned, the family will be down during some of the time I am here. I told Carmen and she was so excited.

We once again walked down the street and she had a little reunion with one of the family members who came ahead to get the house ready for the season.

Carmen was so excited, her little butt was shaking and her tail wagging while she kissed and licked one of the family members.

Everyone will arrive in August and it will be a grand reunion when all the family comes down and Carmen is reunited with her much loved shore family.

Now, Carmen walks past the house with a skip and a tail wag, somehow knowing that she will be reunited with everyone again soon.

Debra Malinics

Beach 2

Beach 1
















Beach 3

 Beach 4


Clouds and sunsets at the beach. Debra Malinics

Kids clouds

Kis sunset 3

















Kids sunset 2

Kids sunset

Carmen 20

Carmen and friends at the water park - Debra Malinics



kids 3

















kids 4

kids 2

River soak

River soak during the hottest week of the year. Thankful for how well this horse and dog get along. Niles is a saint. Emily Scott.

Kids Emily Scott 2

Kids Smily Scott

Dog park

Some photos from the dog park in ocean city. Debra Malinics.

IMG 7214


IMG 7199

















Kids 1

IMG 7212

Carmen 19

Here are some photos of Carmen at the Dog Park in Ocean City - at the shore. At the park, there is a pool especially for dogs to cool off….and needless to say, it is in constant use! This is a series I shot of a typical morning… Debra Malinics


Kids pool 2

Kids carmen pool

















Kids pool 3

Kids pool


Cece sharing her camp journal with her new four legged friend, Sunny at Locust Lane Riding Center.

Shelly Pelet-Galpin


Kids Shelly


I bought Leroy as a calf to use for roping- to teach our young sale horses to be roped off of. He must have been hand raised because from the beginning he acted more like a golden retriever than a bovine.

I'm sending some photos of Leroy for your enjoyment. When he first came, my ranch manager's son used to like to walk up to him and pat and love on him. The first time he got ridden was at a picnic I held July 4, 2019 when a friend put her 18 mo. daughter on his back while he was eating some watermelon.

One of his favorite activities was riding around in the back of the Gator. I've sent a photo of the last time he did that- He was already much too big to be in it. He also stands quietly for the farrier to get his feet trimmed. Silly steer. Enjoy these follow-up photos!!!!! Judy Donaldson Jefferis

Kids Jefferis 4

Kids Jefferis 3















Kids Jeffferis 5

Kids Jefferis 6


I still have a house in Unionville because I go back there Sept- Dec. to hunt with Cheshire. I am on the Board of the hunt and still serve as a field master. I will be starting my 71st season of hunting with them this fall.

During the 26 years I lived at Fox HIll Farm in Unionville, I hosted a myriad of DVCTA and Pony Club functions: clinics, dressage shows, combined training events, rallies, etc. After I married Don Jefferis I sold Fox HIll, but continued to host equine functions at my new Unionville home- Laurel HIll Farm. After Don died, I sold Laurel Hill and am living in on my ranch in WY Jan.- Aug. I am still actively riding while doing ranch work, and until the virus shut everything down, I was enjoying riding in Dressage competitions here: both eastern and western dressage.

In 1948 I was the youngest rider at the Devon Horse Show. I have competed in driving competitions, events, and dressage. I had the incredible blessing of going to Seoul for the 1988 olympics. Being part owner of Orpheus, Jessica Ransehousen's mount, I got an owners pass and could get behind the scenes for all horse activities- incredible pinnacle of my many. many horse related blessings over the years.

Every year my local community here in Clark, WY has a parade. Fortunately we were able to have it again this year. I decided that a bit of levity might be appreciated in this year of difficulty for many, so I provided that to the spectators. I rode Leroy, my 2 yr. old black and white paint. We have given this community a whole new definition for the word "cowgirl". Getting Leroy broken and riding him was a first for me in my many years of riding. I have titled this photo: "Silliness at 75".  Best, Judy Donaldson Jefferis

Kids Jefferis 2

Kids Jefferis 1

mares & foals

We had a big rain and our low spot turns into a small pond where the mares and foals love to stand and splash and get muddy to keep the flies off!
When the skies cleared, we had a beautiful sunset. Cynthia McGinnes

Kids chee 11


Kids Chee 1 2















Kis Chee 3

Kids Chee 4


The horse is Bella, the “dog like pet” of a friend, Gail Nagel Hopkins This is what happens when I go to visit….
Bella tells her that I arrived, and then keeps me company until Gail comes out to see me. Deba Malinics


"Hi Deb, I’ll let Gail know you are here” says Bella as she goes to inform Gail of my arrival.            “Gail, Debra is here to see you."


Kids Bella 2

Kids Bella 1 right
















ids Bella 4

                “Gail will be right down…make yourself at home.               “Yes yes, I’ll keep her company until you come down,"


Kids Bella 3

Fledgling 2

Last year at this time a mom abandoned this little fledgling in our barn. Luckily my husband found it in the horse’s stall before our horse’s foot did.
We fed him every few hours (was surprised to know they eat cat food) and cared for him. I paper trained him (yes it is possible) so he didn’t mess his bed and taught him to fly. The pinnacle came when he flew to the window and came back to my hand. Robbie, as he was called, stayed with us for 14 days till he was ready to fend for himself.
It’s been a year and I’m just grateful in this time of coronavirus that we had this experience on the farm . It reminds us of the good and simple things in life.
Enjoying life’s little gifts.
Pam Farrior

Kids Fledge 7

 Kids fledge 8
















Kids fledge 5

Kids fledge 6


Last year at this time a mom abandoned this little fledgling in our barn. Luckily my husband found it in the horse’s stall before our horse’s foot did.
We fed him every few hours (was surprised to know they eat cat food) and cared for him. I paper trained him (yes it is possible) so he didn’t mess his bed and taught him to fly. Pam Farrior



Kids fledg 2

Kids fledgling 1














Kids fledge 4

Kids fledg 3


Photos from Debra Malinics

Kids Mal rainbow




Kids Malinics arden 4

Kids Mal water

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