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Saturday, April 13, 2024
Kids, Pets & More Promo Ad

Kids, Pets & More

Thorncroft Ad

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Kids, Pets & More, Amber

Beth Diamond of Lincoln University, Pa., took this photo.

"This cell phone photo is of Kristin Schlachter who competed her thoroughbred, Knockout Kick, this past September in the All Thoroughbred Horse Show held at Fair Hil," she said. "After she competed she had her niece, Amber Selke, enter in their Lead Line class. Amber is in second grade and was one very happy little girl to have had the opportunity to be aboard an off-the-track thoroughbred."

kids pets riders w. grey horse

Kids, Pets & More, EmmaMiller

Nancy Ligon of Glenmoore, Pa., sent this photo of Emma Miller riding Boo at Marsh Creek.

kids pets chestnut swimming

Flamingos by Sue Wiseman

Sue Wiseman of Boyertown, Pa., took these photos.

"I took these pictures at Salina Di Jan Kok in Curacao," she said. "It’s a salt flat that will flood and is a natural breeding ground for shrimp which is a Flamingo paradise. Both the Salt Flats and the Flamingo’s are protected. They were so beautiful to see in the wild. Notice the white flamingo in the middle, (in the bottom picture) he hasn’t eaten enough shrimp to turn his feathers pink!!

Kids pets flamingoalone

Kids pets flamingo alone 2




Kids pets flamingos

Pelicans in Curacao by Sue Wiseman

Who’s Who??
Who’s the Skipper? Who is the First Mate? But most importantly, Who is the Captain of this boat?? Spotted these Brown Pelicans while visiting Curacao. There were many boats at this dock but only one boat with pelicans in it!! The 3 of them all seemed to be enjoying some much needed sleep.

kids pets pelicans in boat

kids petspelica in boat 2













While touring another section of Curacao, we stop at an animal rescue center. The property was patrolled by this beautiful peacock. He was the perfect tourgiude, after strutting around the parking lot he lead everyone to the entryway of the rescue center.
kids pets peacock 2kids pets peacock













Drying Off
Snapped this photo of a Brown Pelican shortly after he landed. He had just returned from getting a snack from the ocean. After landing, he flapped his wings several times to aid with drying off.

Kids pets pelican drying




Sue Wiseman
Boyertown, Pa.

A pink sky over a barn in Perkiomenville, Pa.

Lois Pettigrew took the photos of the barn with a pink sky, taken at her Meadow Run Farm in Perkiomenville, Pa.


Kids petssky 3





Kids Pets sky 1

Rainbow over My Meadow Farm

The rainbow over her Meadow Run Farm in Perkiomenville, Pa., was taken by Lois Pettigrew.

kids Petssky 2

Sunrise at Chado Farms

Sunrise at Chado farms, Neshanic Station, N.J., Photo by Jennifer Cassidy

Kids Pets sunrise


Kids, Pets & More, Lincoln and Jeff

Lydia Companion sent in this photo.

"Lincoln, my 17.1 friesian/Percheron cross gentle giant, reaching down for such a loving interaction with Jett- my 3 year old grandson," said Companion.

Kids boy w. Percheron

Debbie Morrison's French Bulldog

Debbie Morrison's French Bulldog enjoying the decorations at Dressage at Devon.

"His name is Kai, but I call him The Chicken Nugget," said Morrison.

kids Morrison

Maddie & Her Horse Chip

Maddie and her horse, Chip (as in Chocolate Chip) at Book Family Farm the weekend of June 3,4.

Kids Maddie

Kids, Pets and More, kids at Devon

Kids 5

Kids, Pets and More, kids at Devon

Kids 4

Kids,Pets and More, kids at Devon

Kids Devon 3

Kids and pets enjoying Devon

kids Dev on 2

Kids and Pets at Devon

Kids Devon 1

Kids, Pets & More photo

This photo sent by Cynthia McGinnes just came in, so Honorable Mention candid photos will resume tomorrow.

"The mares love Ricky, so do the foals," said McGinnes, referring to her farm manager Ricky Price at Thornmar Farm in Chestertown, Md. "This picture was taken 15 minutes after the colt was delivered,"

The foal, by Friesen Fire, was born at 6:30 a.m. on March 21.



Art in the Meadows and a curving fence

Marietta Hall sent this photo that she entitled "Art in the Meadow.”

"After a lush green pasture had just been mowed, I thought the lines of grass presented a majestic and unique pattern of waves that were left by the brush hog on the tractor that my husband drove as he followed the lay of the land long the slope," she said.

Hall also sent this photo that she sent, "purely because I see the beauty in the form of the fence."

"This is a fence along our back pasture as it gracefully curves along the slope of a hill down to the meadow," Hall said. "It leads one’s eye right up to a lovely stand of bright, fall foliage. The horses had just moved off grazing this area when we came along."

Both were taken at the Hall's Dogwood Hill Farm in Unionville, Pa.

Kids Pets green field

Kids Pets fence

Rainbow over Hicks' Farm

Marietta Hall of Unionville sent in this photo that she entitled "Rainbow over Hicks’ Farm."

This was taken on the evening of May 23, 2022, looking southeast from Church Road on New Garden towards the Hicks Farm. We had driven through a terrible thunderstorm on our way to the Greathouse at Loch Nairn for dinner. All of a sudden, the sun burst through the low clouds and illuminated the pasture, which I captured with my iPhone 13 Pro.

Kids Pets rainbow

Kids, Pets & More, winter morning

Nina Neilson Christiansen took these photos that she entitled, "Winter artwork on the barn window."

Kids winter 1

Kids winter 2

Kids, Pets & More farm photos

Nina Neilson Christiansen sent these photos that she entitled, "The heart of our farm and the moon over the farm."

Kids 2

Kids 1

Thornmar Farm

Charles and Cynthia McGinnes' Thornmar Farm photos, taken in the evening by Adina Walker, wife of the farm manager.

She entitled it,"Rain in the back Gorgeous sunset in the front!"

Chee 2


Chee 1




Chee 3

Chee 4

Riders at a fun paper chase for Kids, Pets & More

Ginny Jenkins took this photo of three young ladies at Marsh Creek in mid October, riding, getting ready for Halloween!!

Pat Richter thanked her for taking the photo, and sent the names of the horses.

"The horses are Amelia,  Meechie - big black mare in middle - and Lacey. Meechie is my horse and Jeanne Frantz has Amelia and Lacey," said Richter.

"It was a fun paper chase ride for Old People Riding Club, and Doris Hutchison donates all the money to horse rescues and charities," she said.

Marsh kids

Dr. Dan Marks in Kids, Pets & More photos

Dr. Dan Marks on Kristine Matlack's Whackerjack over the third fence in the Maryland Hunt Cup.

"The Hunt Cup was only Danny’s third race ride ever," said Matlack.

Dr. Marks founded the veterinary practice that is now Dr. Kevin Keane's Sports Medicine Associates of Chester County

Dr. Marks is currently doing a study on the conformation of elite jumpers and dressage horses.

Dr. Dan Marksson Whackerjack Hunt Cup

New Horse, Kids, Pets & More

Congratulations to Sierra, who has a new horse, Joker. Photo sent by Michael Wilson.

Kids new horse

More kids in Kids, Pets & More

More kids having a good time at Ludwigs Corner.Photo by Virginia Wilcox.

kids 4

kids 3

Kids in Kids, Pets & More

Kids at play at Ludwigs Corner. Photos by Virginia Wilcox.

kids 2


Horses in Kids, Pets & More

Virginia Lippincott took these photos of horses and riders at Ludwigs Corner Horse Show.


kids horse 2

Dogs in Kids, Pets & More

A couple of dogs enjoying the Ludwigs Corner Horse Show. Photos by Virginia Lippincott.

Kids dog 1

Kidsdog 2

Antique cars in Kids, Pets & More

Ludwigs Corner Horse Show featured an Antique car show too. Photo by Virginia Lippincott.

Kids cars

A family in Kids, Pets & More

The Baionno Family of five enjoy the Ludwigs Corner Horse Show over Labor Day weekend. Photo by Virginia Lippincott.

Kids family

Dad and daughter in Kids,Pets & More

The Tongianis- dad and daughter, enjoy the Ludwigs Corner Horse Show Labor Day weekend. Photo by Virginia Lippincott.


Karen Moore

Karen Moore with her 2-year old prize winning rescue named Hope at the Ludwigs Corner H.S. over Labor Day weekend. Photo by Virginia Lippincott.

Kids girl w.2 yo

A young girl with a rabbit for Kids, Pets & More

Young girl with a rabbit about to go over the jumps at the Ludwigs Corner Horse Show over Labor Day weekend. Photo by Ginny Jenkins.

Kids rabbit

Kids, Pets More, Loaded up

Packed up and ready to go home after a super trail ride over at Marsh Creek Lake. A perfect trail ride kind of day. Photos sent by Ginny Jenkins.

KidsGinny 2


Kids Ginny 1




Josie and Rebel

Michael Wilson sent this photo of Josie and Rebel getting ready for a trail ride, summer camp at Book Family Farm in Coatesville.

 Kids Josie

Mike riding Beau

Michael Wilson sent in this photo of Mike riding Beau at Book Family Farm summer camp.

Kids Mke

Adalyn on Gypsy Rose

Michael Wilson sent in this Adalyn on Gypsy Rose, at the Book Family farm summer camp.


Cynthia McGinnes' photos of foals playing

Cynthis McGinnes of ThornmarFarm in Chestertown, Md., sent in this photo of two young foals playing.

"The one with white legs and blaze is a filly by Irish War Cry, the one with the star on his forehead is a colt by Hoppertunity," she said.

Chee 3

Chee 4






Chee 1 Chee 22















Morning sunlight

Charles C. Coyne of East Fallowfield, Pa., sent in this photo that he entitled, "Morning sunlight through the tack room window."


Andrew Wolfsont wins his 1,000 career victory

Jockey Andrew Wolfsont celebrates his 1,000th career victory aboard Terry's Charm #4 in the last race at Parx Racing in Bensalem, Pa., on April 20.

Wolfsont won for owner/trainer Ronald Abrams, whose son Jack Abrams is also a part-owner.

Wolfsont also won numerous races for Hall of Fame trainer Jonathan Sheppard.

Photo by Nikki Sherman/EQUI-PHOTO.

Andrew Wolfsont

Kids, Pets & More

The Horse of Delaware Valley Marketing Manager, Heather Bradway Mullen, with her new handsome 8 month old Nakota, Tate Nagi (Wind Spirit).

Kids Pets

A Budgie

A budgie at my Grandson’s football game.

Hall Harsh

Kids Pets More



Dominique, Sandy Smith’s 33” Therapy Horse, wishes everyone a Happy Halloween!

Sandy C. Smith, Fox Brush Farm, Brogue, Pa.

Dom hallow 2

Dom hallow 1

Dominique at the doctors

Dominique, my 33” therapy horse, was invited to come with me for my second COVID shot at the Dallastown Medical Center in Dallastown, Pa. The next day he was on the front page of the York Dispatch, which Dominique read!

 Sandy C. Smith, Fox Brush Farm, Brogue, Pa.

Domi 1





Domi 2

Domi 3

Dominique at Ronald McDonald House

Dominique has been busy spreading love and smiles. as he visited the Baltimore RonaldMcDonald House. Every child receives a free Mini Dom to remember their free visit.

Sandy C. Smith. Fox Brush Farm, Brogue, Pa.

Dom house 1






Dom house 2

Dom house 3

Thornmar Farm

The pregnant mares in the field next to Morgan Creek after the afternoon shower. It turned into a beautiful evening.
Cynthia McGinnes, Thornmar Farm in Maryland.
Pictures taken by Farm Manager Ricky Price's wife Adina

chee 1



Chee 3

chee 2

Elkridge-Harford Hunt Team

Members of the Elkridge-Harford winners of the Hunt Team Class, right to left, Scarlet Davies, Lauren Mentzel and Delaney O'Neil.

Elkridge Harford Hunt Team winners

Kids Pets & More

A rider shows off riding without a bridle at Ludwis Corner horse show on Labor Day

Kids jump 5

Kids Pets & More

Bull riding at Ludwigs Corner horse show on Labor Day

kids bull 4

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