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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Don Yovanovich presented with the Stalwart of Steeplechase Award at the Radnor races

MALVERN, Pa.--Don Yovanovich was presented with the Stalwart of Steeplechase Award during the Radnor Hunt Races on Saturday, May 18.

Don Yovanovich presentationThe presentation of the award to Don Yovanovich at the Radnor Hunt Races
A description of the award was in the Radnor race day program.

Following his passing in 2022, Skip Achuff's family created the Stalwart of Steeplechase Award to recognize those who epitomize the qualities Skip brought to the sport.

Nominees for the award represent the sport of steeplechase with professionalism, integrity, and dedication; uphold the rules of the sport; and prioritize the safety of horses and jockeys.

On behalf of the Achuff family, Radnor Hunt Races is proud to announce Don Yovanovich as this year’s recipient of the second annual Stalwart of Steeplechase Award.

Like Skip, Don is a local boy who grew up in Rosemont, Pa.

Don has served the steeplechase industry for over 40 years as a race director, course designer, rider and outspoken advocate for safety.

In 769 mounts as a rider, he crossed the line first 112 times.

Again, keeping things local, it’s interesting to note that Don won the Radnor Hunt Cup, where Skip served as race director for many years, astride Mrs. Edgar Scott’s Navy Davy in 1978.


AS A TRAINER (point-to-point, NSA and flat), Don has over 500 wins and has surpassed $1.5M in earnings.

He’s held numerous prestigious positions throughout the years as Founder, President, Secretary, Treasurer and Board Member for the Virginia Point-to-Point Association, the Virginia Point-to-Point Foundation, the Virginia Steeplechase Association, the Virginia Gold Cup Association, the Amateur Riders Club of America, the Fegentri and the National Steeplechase Association and he helped form the Ambassador program for the National Sporting Library and Museum.

Don was the overwhelming favorite for this year’s award receiving 13 separate nominations, each detailing not only his numerous career accomplishments but also his character and dedication to helping the sport grow.

We congratulate Don and thank him for his varied contributions to the Sport of Steeplechase.

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