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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Kevin Babington has twitches in his thighs and slight movement in a knee

This is a Feb.16, 2020 update from Dianna Babington.

Kevin Babington familyDianne and Kevin Babington flanked by their daughtersWhen we left the Kessler I was truly sick and worried about coming home with Kevin in his condition with no real medical training.

We have had moments where that anxiety has reared its head.

He was hit with bronchitis, he had a few nights where I nearly called 911 because of blood pressure issues, pain, etc., but as a family we have trudged through it.

I am finally feeling like I’m not going to fail.

I make mistakes but I don’t think I’ll miss something life threatening.

We also have a team of friends, an aid, and Elizabeth and they keep me centered and calm when I feel internal panic.


THE AMOUNT of people who continue to show up physically, financially and emotionally are making an impact.

People tell me stories or that they pray two to three times a day and all of it matters.

I was told by many medical doctors that recovery was “unlikely” and that is putting it mildly.

It sent me spiraling into depression because I felt like I couldn’t help.

I hid it well (or at least I think I tried to).

To see Kevin struggling was and is hard.

It’s harder than most can imagine on a daily basis but this week we’ve had a sign or two that we are right to have hope!

He has reported to feel twitching in his thigh.

First on the right then days later on the left.

It was brief but it was real.

He also got slight movement in his knee.

It’s hard work for him but he is fighting.

The spasms he fights make it hard but he is tough and working through it.

I believe the support from all that love him, family and friends, even the horse community at large that just want to send cards from all over the world ...is making a difference and keeping him positive.

He also said he felt a twinge in his hamstring.

It’s a sign that there is a connection for sure.

He has no feeling in his lower body below his chest but he is feeling these twinges.

There is hope for improvement.

Thank you to everyone who keeps “showing up”❤️.

We leave for the Mayo Clinic on Feb. 23.

Pray they have help to offer him.

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