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Friday, June 14, 2024

Great news for Kevin Babington

MARLTON, N.J.--"It is with great pleasure that I share this update with all those who have been supporting Kevin emotionally,spiritually and financially," said Dianna Babington on Nov. 6. "Yesterday he was able to feel my hand when I held his right hand. He also managed to generate slight movement in his right elbow which is not spasm or shoulder generated.

Kevin Babington on Shorapur The BookKevin Babington on Shorapur before his fall (Photo by The Book)"What might seem to be a minor achievement, to me is like an open gate to a road that was once completely impassable. My understanding is hand and elbow are generated from nerves below the site of injury C6 C7 C8 I believe is hand, I could easily be wrong but it’s definitely below where the contusion is.

"So my deduction is this shows connection from brain to below “ the traffic jam” at C3C4. This has given me hope.

"Today is the first day I have actually enjoyed looking at fall leaves while driving my daughter to the dentist, I actually noticed them. Tears have been from joy instead of frustration and sorrow.


"I AM AFRAID to be happy but I can’t help clinging onto this small moment in such a long process. Kevin was so happy to demonstrate this for us and I could see in his eyes he was lifted in his spirits. He has been so amazingly strong and brave to date I am in amazement of his personal fortitude. He never breaks. He just takes each day like a champion and speaks of returning to horses.

"If you are a doctor and feel the need to correct my analysis please don’t," said Dianna. "I have swallowed so much negative information I’ve had enough to last a lifetime. Let us have this moment because it is the boat we are clinging to in this storm. We believe and so does he that he will recover. We must believe it or we have nothing. Please keep praying and sending positive energy. I think it matters."

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