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Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Letter to the Editor from Loretta Damron

In the past, The Horse, when it posted a story about a group striving to impeach Gov. Wolf about his handling of horse racing, was criticized for writing a politically based story, despite the fact that the story was simply reporting what had happened.

The following Letter to the Editor is certainly political, but it is The Horse's policy to post all Letters to the Editor that are submitted except those submitted anonymously.

This letter will certainly make some of you think, which is a good thing.

And everyone should know that, along with Eventing Nation, there are Horse Nation, Jumper Nation & Sport Horse Nation, so other disciplines may be in danger of the type of action Eventing Nation took against Plantation Field.

Sara Cavanagh, Editor


To the Editor:

It has been extremely heartening to read the correspondence to Eventing Nation exposing and excoriating their ridiculous, ignorant, and tone-deaf notions about the supposedly toxic name of our fabled and beloved Chester County eventing venue, PLANTATION FIELD.

The correspondence illuminates the disturbing truth that even the most basic factual investigation by EN would have revealed to these permanently incensed social justice fanatics, i.e., that PLANTATION FIELD has no connection to the rightly reviled institution of slavery.

But I am afraid that even these excellent letters pander too much to the misbegotten notions being peddled by the slew of misguided citizens who have accepted without serious question the Agent Orange marxist approach of Black Lives Matter, Inc., which in fact has no interest whatsoever in righting real wrongs.


MAKE NO MISTAKE: Black Lives Matter, Inc. and its openly marxist founders wish to re-make this country into something more to their liking, and their “vision” resembles nothing whatsoever to the country our ancestors founded for the benefit of the entire human race.

Do I think black lives matter? Of course! Just like the lives of every other color (and by the way, that includes the lives still in the womb)!

I should point out to my fellow riders that BLM, Inc. wishes to bring into existence an America that disapproves of and shuns elitist pursuits like owning land, horses, dogs, fine art, nice homes, or the notion of sending your children to good schools, let alone pursue dilletante pastimes like “eventing” or “dressage” or “show jumping”, “Devon”, or, for that matter, anything that resembles “art”.

Don’t believe me? Read up yourself on marxist theory about art in the public square. While you’re at it, you might want to look on Twitch for some of the video of Portland’s anarchist zone.

For all the readers of this letter squirming in their chairs because it is easier to bow and scrape to BLM, Inc. than point out the oh-so-obvious lies they peddle, but who might be familiar with, or might have visited, Gettysburg or Antietam, or any of the epic Civil War battlefields that could well be within an easy drive of your home, I ask this question: Did the death of 600,000 Americans mean nothing? Have you ever actually read Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address?

My fellow citizens and riders, your good hearts and natures are being ruthlessly exploited by people who have as their aim something of which you can barely conceive --- the outright destruction and remaking of our country and your values and way of life. PLEASE WAKE UP!

Loretta Damron

Windwhistle Farm


The Horse of Delaware Valley

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