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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Katie Shoemaker wins an individual silver medal in Para Dressage

HERNING, Denmark--Katie Shoemaker on Quiana won an Individual silver medal in Para Dressage Freestyle at the World Championships on Sunday, Aug.14.

Kate Shoemaker by Allen MacMillan DSC 9551Kate Shoemaker (Photo by Allen MacMillan)The U.S. Para Dressage Team finished a strong week at the World Championships,winning two individual medals and a team bronze.

Shoemaker on Quiana had a personal best in the FEI Para Dressage Grade IV Freestyle, receiving an 80.275 percent from the judging panel, marking a career goal for Shoemaker and showing a taste of what’s to come for the new combination.

Shoemaker acquired the mare late in 2021 and is already thrilled with the momentum they’ve built as a combination and the relationship she has with the 2014 Rhinelander mare.

“This is a personal best score for us," said Shoemaker. "We had so many goals coming into this, and a lot of the goals are out of your control because it involves what other people do, but we really wanted this 80 and I’m just so ecstatic we got it. I have to give all of the credit to my horse and my team. Without them I wouldn’t have the opportunity to sit up there and get to experience that. They all work so hard on my behalf, and we did it together.”


”THIS IS just my third time riding a freestyle in an international class," said Shoemakeer. "The result of 80.275 is my personal best ever. This has come together beyond everything I imagined. I am so thankful to my horse and my team who makes it all possible. I had such a good feeling doing my trot in the last center line and starting to prepare for the halt when she was just a little too obedient, I had to tell her; no, a few more steps please.”

Gr IV Silver USA Kate Shoemaker by Allen MacMillan DSC 0156Kate Shoemaker (Photo by Allen MacMillan)Roxanne Trunnell on Fortunato H20 had a fantastic score in their first international championship together, earning a 76.447 percent.

The score is a personal best for the duo and as the youngest horse in the entire field, the 2016 Oldenburg stallion, an active breeding stallion, made an impressive debut with Trunnell in Grade I competition.

“This is the first time he’s doing this at a show, so it’s all been new to him,” said Trunnell. In terms of her music selection, which was a mix of Jurassic Park and Titanic, she noted that Michel thought the music would suit Fortunato H20 well. “He was super today. He was a little more tense today, but we worked through it and I’m really proud.”

In Grade II, Beatrice de Lavalette on Sixth Sense overcame a few bobbles in their test to receive a 72.107 percent, good enough for fifth in the competitive division.

The pair, who also are a first-time championship combination, consistently improved throughout the week and will take what they’ve learned this week and apply it to their training and program looking ahead to an exciting two years before team selection begins for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

“He was a little frisky today and we had a few bobbles where he trotted when we weren’t supposed to, but overall, I’m still really happy with the ride,” said de Lavalette. “Obviously I really am going to be focusing on Paris. It’s my hometown and one I don’t want to miss. We’re going to take everything we learned from this week, our bobbles, some of our areas that could have been marked higher and focus on improving those parts of our partnership.”

Roxanne Trunnell by Allen MacMillan DSC 9947Roxanne Trunnell (Photo by Allen MacMillan)As the last ride of the day, Rebecca Hart on El Corona Texel warmed up beautifully before the atmosphere of the arena unsettled the 2009 KWPN gelding.

Hart kept her composure and reassured “Tex” through some spooking to finish their test and nailed their finale salute.

The pair received a 72.080 percent from the judges, but Hart is sure that the pair can nail their freestyle in the future.

“That was very disappointing, I’m going to be honest."said Hart. "He warmed up so well and felt so good and we got in there and things were waving and moving, and it just overwhelmed him, but it happens and that’s horses. I was happy that I was able to keep him relatively relaxed through that. Historically through that I would have tightened up and shortened his neck, but I said to myself that we’re working on this new. relaxation approach and I wanted him to have a good experience in there still. We can do better and I’m looking forward to getting to ride a freestyle with him again, though we may change our music after this,” she laughed.

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