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Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Winter Care Header

Winter Care 2022

Rob Roy can help you with clean up around your farm and clear overgrown brush from your fields

NOTTINGHAM, Pa--Winter is a good time to clean up around your place, and whatever you have to do, Rob Roy can help you out.

Rob RoyDid your fields get overgrown over the past summer?

Robert Rohrer of Rob Roy mows and clears brush so that your fields will be neat for the upcoming summer.

Rohrer also clears clogged waterways, which are a problem on many area farms.

Rob Roy also clears for terraces.

If you would like to add a pond to your farm, or if you have a pond that needs to be repaired, check out Rob Roy Farm, which is located in Nottingham, Pa.

Rob Roy excavates for riding rings, for building sites and for driveways.

Rohrer serves northern Cecil County, Chester County and southern Lancaster County.

If you have work that needs to be done on your farm, call Rohrer at 610-656-5871 or 610-656-5870.

The Precise Solution to Harsh Winter Weather

Winter’s unpredictable and often harsh elements can undoubtedly take a toll on your animals and equipment.

Precise 1A proper structure is critical in the protection, shelter and care of your personal investments.

Whether you are looking to rehabilitate and restore an existing barn or build a new one, the team at Precise is ready to help you every step of the way.

With over 20 years of experience and fine craftsmanship in custom barns and venues, Precise will tailor to your needs, your property and personality.

Precise 2Precise Buildings specializes in the custom construction and renovation of barns and indoor arenas of all sizes for all equestrian disciplines.

A full-service custom builder located in the heart of Lancaster County, Precise has helped restore the landscape in the Delaware Valley.

In fact, Precises’ handiwork can be found in all the equine communities on the east coast with a concentration in the Mid-Atlantic states.

Attention to detail is inherent in everything Precise does, be it building new indoor arenas with full amenities or a line of custom cupolas and doors that Precise crafts for every barn and restoration project.

Precise 3Each element is steeped in the Amish values of faith, integrity and work ethic, with a commitment to excellence and details.

If you are building a new barn or doing a renovation, learn how Precise Buildings can turn your arena or barn into an attractive, professional facility by calling John Fisher at (717) 768-3200 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

Hay from Hay Huts stays dry and makes heat

Digestion makes heat!

Hay Huts 1Hay Huts (Photo by After The Races)Those three words are the reason it is important to provide 24-hour access to fresh hay, all winter.

Fresh hay is clean and dry, not to be confused with soiled bedding, which is what fresh hay becomes once it hits the ground!

Hay is in limited supply and all-time high prices!

The availability and cost of hay in today’s market begs a solution to protect your hay investment, assuring it goes into your horse, not under your horse!

A few dominant horses keep weight on, while others in the field do not.

The dominant horses have control of the hay, and the others wait until it is safe to approach, which does not provide equal access to hay all day and all night for all horses in the field.

Covering your large round or square bale of hay with a HAY HUT from HAY HUTS PA is the simple solution to these critical challenges facing every horse manager.

It protects your hay from the elements, keeping it clean, dry, and palatable.

Hay Huts 2 2Hay Huts (Photo by Aer The Races)It pays for itself by reducing waste.

It offers protected access to hay for all horses in the field.

Order yours today from Hay Huts Pa.!

For information, go to or call 484-645-3173.

Hay Pillow offers fiber that stokes internal body heat

Restricting forage for periods of time may rob your horse of the ability to stay warm and comfortable.

Hay Pillow 1A constant flow of fiber/forage provides long term internal body heat.

The hindgut is your horse’s furnace!

Keeping it stoked with fuel (forage) helps to keep them warm internally.

Gastric ulcers should be a concern whenever forage is restricted for periods of time.

The stress associated with lack of forage, the discomfort of gastric acid build up in the stomach and being cold promotes ulcers and a less than optimum immune system.

Hay Pillow 2By respecting and providing a natural environment, free choice forage (whether slow fed or not) in multiple locations, a warm winter hair coat, concentrated source of calories if needed, appropriate protection from the elements and freedom of movement - you can help your herd cope best with colder temperatures.

Visit our blog: Enhancing Equine Health ( to expand your knowledge about your beloved companions.

For more information, call 888-489-0022 or go to

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Avoid Heartbreak. Get Equine Colic Relief

“It’s colic.”

Colic 1The words no horse owner ever wants to hear their vet say.

Colic is the number one killer of horses – a painful emergency that can result in major vet bills, surgery…or worse.

Horses become more susceptible to colic in winter, as they tend to drink less when the weather and their water is colder.

A compounding factor is limited turnout due to foul weather, which affects gut motility and increases the risk of colic.

Equine Colic Relief is the number ONE product that stops a bout of colic in progress.

Colic 2It’s easy to keep on hand—just in case—as it has a shelf life of 14 years.

Equine Colic Relief restores motility to the intestines and restores gut sounds within 10 to 45 minutes.

It can dissolve impactions, rehydrate the intestines, rebalance electrolytes, and restore the whole GI tract to a normal state.

Temperature does not affect the efficacy of the product, so have it with you when you are traveling, showing, eventing, trail riding, whatever you do with your horse.

It’s easy to administer as horses like the taste of Equine Colic Relief.

It’s safe for all ages and all size of horses, mules, donkeys or any animal of the equine family.

Colic 3Having a bottle or two on hand when the weather makes it difficult for the vet to get to you quickly is very worthwhile, saving you possibly long waiting times or trying to haul your horse in bad weather.

Don’t spend your holidays in the barn any longer than you have to.

A truly practical Christmas Gift....."Peace of Mind" in a Bottle

Find Equine Colic Relief at your local tack shop or order online at or by phone at 888-675-5866.

Get a barn or a shed from Groffdale Barns to keep you horses warm this winter

Groffdale Barns has been in business for over 30 years!

Groffdale 1In 1984 Moses Riehl started building small sheds, row stables, and run-in's at his shop adjacent to his horse barn.

Having been raised in an Amish home, Moses had horses of his own, and saw the need for strong and permanent shelters for horses!

Groffdale 2New and Updated designs, incorporated with old techniques handed down from Amish Craftsmen, was the beginning of Groffdale Barn's legacy of being the first to design a modular horse barn that stood up the the quality that horse owners demand!

Groffdale Barns will also do barn restorations.

Groffdale 3It services Pa.,, N.J., Md, Va, W.V., N.Y. & Conn.

We are the Manufacturer, and we sell directly to you, with no middle man extra costs.

Purchase with confidence when you buy a Groffdale Barn, knowing that you are buying a barn that contains value, worth, and decades of experience.

Groffdale 4Contact: Jake or Moses 717-687-8350

Arena Works has developed footing material that allows more comfort to the horse

No one knows footing better than those who use it every day!

Arena works 1The team at Arena Works, Inc. are horsemen with passion and commitment to the horse, who’ve developed the nation's leading blend of arena footing materials to enhance your ride while allowing more comfort to your horse.

It’s engineered to require little maintenance, enabling you to spend less time caring for the product and more time doing what you love to do most - ride!

We specialize in providing quality dressage and jumping surfaces for the Olympic disciplines that stand up to years of daily training demands.

Arena Works Gold Footing, Silver Footing, and Bronze Footing are available to meet a variety of budgets.

Arena Works Gold, our signature blend of footing, promotes maximum performance for horse and rider.

Arena works 2Carefully selected fibers, custom ground crumb rubber, and meticulously selected sand naturally bind together to produce a stable, long-lasting surface.

With its resiliency and shock absorbing qualities, it promotes confidence, supports soundness and builds better performance.

Combine our footing with Arena Work’s proprietary blend of dust control additive, Evermoist EQ, and you’ve got the winning combination of a dust free footing that requires minimal dragging.

Arena Works 3Our products have been formulated, designed, and tested by horsemen with real expertise.

We know materials, understand how they work together, and can help you select the best product for your needs.

Contact us today to enhance your arena! With facilities on the east coast and in the northwest, we’re available to you!

Call Dan @ 717-629-0576, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website at

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