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Thursday, January 21, 2021
900x150 Winter Care

Winter Care 2021

Get ready for winter with Precise Buildings!

PRECISE 1With winter just arriving, riders turn to indoors to practice and showcase their skills.

Riding facilities will need to accommodate riders, horses and spectators — comfortably, and with adequate ventilation, lighting and heating.

Of course, an equestrian facility must consider the viewing area and lounge, number of stalls, wash stalls, custom shelves and saddle racks — as well as tack cubbies for each rider.

But equally important, it should marry architectural beauty and smart functionality.

Precise Buildings specializes in the construction and renovation of barns and indoor arenas of all sizes for all equestrian disciplines.

Since 2002, Precise has been committed to designing, building and restoring exceptional structures, from unique barns, riding arenas and equestrian facilities, to run-in sheds and pole buildings.

Precise 2A full-service custom builder located in the heart of Lancaster County, Precise has helped restore the landscape in Chester County, Pa., and many equine properties in northern Maryland and New Jersey.

In fact, Precise’s handiwork can be found in all the equine communities on the east coast with a concentration in the Mid-Atlantic states. 

Attention to detail is inherent in everything Precise does, be it building new indoor arenas with all the bells and whistles, or a line of custom cupolas and doors that Precise crafts for every barn and restoration project.

Precise 3Each element is steeped in the Amish tradition of faith, integrity and work ethic, with a commitment to excellence and details.

From lighting and ventilation, to rider guards and footing, Precise is expert at keeping a beautiful project on budget — as evidenced by all the barns and arenas “stamped” with Precise’s handiwork.

To learn how Precise Buildings can turn your arena or barn into an attractive, professional facility, no matter if you are building a new barn or doing a renovation call John Fisher at (717) 768-3200 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today. Visit our website at

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Keeping Horses Warm Naturally – Internally and Externally - with Hay Pillow

RAMONA, Calif.--Winter can be challenging for equines and their guardians.

Hay PillowKeeping warm is often a valid concern - yet there are differences in how horses and people cope with lower temperatures.

How can I help my horse stay warm internally?

Free choice forage (hay or pasture) provides large amounts of insoluble fiber which is primarily digested in the hindgut (where bacterial fermentation produces internal body heat).

High fiber feeds produce long lasting internal body heat to maintain core body temperature.

The hindgut is your horse’s furnace!

Keeping it stoked with a steady supply of fuel (forage) helps to keep them warm internally.

How can I help my horse stay warm externally?

Hay Pillow 2Offer appropriate shelter 24/7 that they can enter and exit at will.

A three-sided shed or stall with adjacent turn out will ensure protection from the wind and precipitation; giving them the ability to move about and stay dry.

The horse possesses a highly effective thermoregulation system.

Piloerection gives the horse’s hair coat the ability to stand up, lay down and change direction via hair erector muscles trapping warm air and creating an insulating layer.

Hay Pillow 3Blanketing prevents this ability and if applied long term can cause hair erector muscles to atrophy.

Any muscle can atrophy without exercising for a period of time.

Of course, blanketing may be required for:
• Underweight, older or compromised individuals.
• If appropriate shelter from wind and precipitation is not available.
• Shivering.

Explore our Slow Feed Solutions By Enclosure Type & Weather Condition page ( to learn about appropriate slow feed solutions to provide a steady supply of fuel for your horses furnace.

For more information, call 888-489-0022 or go to

Get your animals out of the cold this winter with Solanco Structures

QUARRYVILLE, Pa.--Get your animals safe and undercover - out of the wind, sleet and snow!

Solano 3

Your horses, ponies and other farm animals will be much more comfortable when they can escape from bad weather here in the Northeast this winter with one of Solanco Structures quality horse barns, modular center aisle barns, storage sheds (10 x 12 and 10 x 26 feet samples shown here), lean to barns or a Shed Row barn complete with tack room (10 x 36 or 12 x 20).

Solanco right

Solano 1 left

Our custom built horse barns are of the highest quality of any around.

Soanco 2Located at 44 Edgefield Road in Quarryville, Pa., Solanco Structures offers horse owners a nice selection to suit any need for a great price.

Note: Interior stalls are also available to purchase for existing barns if needed.

And feel free to ask about our hobby green houses, while you’re at it too!

We build in Pa., N.J., Del., Md., Va., Mass., N.Y. and Ohio.

Call 610-593-6400 for your FREE quote soon!
For more information, visit

Winter is a great time for Rob Roy to clear brush from your farm or clear a waterway

NOTTINGHAM, Pa--If you would like to add a pond to your farm, or if you have a pond that needs to be repaired, check out Rob Roy Farm, which is located in Nottingham, Pa.

Rob RoyRobert Rohrer also clears clogged waterways, which are a problem on many area farms.

Rob Roy excavates for riding rings, for building sites and for driveways.

Rohrer mows and clears brush and clears for terraces.

He serves northern Cecil County, Chester County and southern Lancaster County.

If you have work that needs to be done on your farm, call Rohrer at 610-656-5871 or 610-656-5870.

Get a barn or a shed from Groffdale Barns to keep you horses warm this winter

Groffdale Barns has been in business for over 30 years!

Groffdale 1In 1984 Moses Riehl started building small sheds, row stables, and run-in's at his shop adjacent to his horse barn.

Having been raised in an Amish home, Moses had horses of his own, and saw the need for strong and permanent shelters for horses!

Groffdale 2New and Updated designs, incorporated with old techniques handed down from Amish Craftsmen, was the beginning of Groffdale Barn's legacy of being the first to design a modular horse barn that stood up the the quality that horse owners demand!

Groffdale Barns will also do barn restorations.

Groffdale 3It services Pa.,, N.J., Md, Va, W.V., N.Y. & Conn.

We are the Manufacturer, and we sell directly to you, with no middle man extra costs.

Purchase with confidence when you buy a Groffdale Barn, knowing that you are buying a barn that contains value, worth, and decades of experience.

Groffdale 4Contact: Jake or Moses 717-687-8350

Equivest has your dogs and horses covered and warm in winter

HONEYBROOK, Pa.--The creators at Design Equine had become frustrated with the selection of current cold weather protection for horses and livestock.

Equivest 1The livestock garment, by request, became a large dog coat.

Mostly all selections on the market are imported and we felt there was a way to create American manufactured equine apparel with new design features.

We saw horses wearing “blankets”, with many straps to secure.

Why not offer athletic wear for your horse, providing a safer fit and a higher level of comfort.

Equivest 2Equivest was created.

The EQ100 offers 1000 denier outer layer.

The EQ40 is lighter weight 400 denier which can be quilted depending on color. Insulation layer in both garments is the higher weight 3M Thinsulate.

Design Equine also provides this design for warm weather fly / insect protection incorporating a longer hind end.

We selected Deniers as outer shells, with an insulation layer of 3M Company Thinsulate, to provide for more warmth at a lighter weight.

Inside denier liners are ripstop.

Center closure is neoprene, offering weather protecting fabric, for coverage of chest and abdominal areas.

Patent pending tail flaps offer more hind end coverage.

They lift and separate to keep garment cleaner at just the right moment.

Seams on garment are waterproofed with a fabric sealer for extra level of protection on non- quilted outer layer shells.

Equivest 3Winter garments are packaged in a reusable Denier carry bag.

This can be used for grooming supplies, etc. and eliminates the need to throw plastic packaging in landfill.

We are currently producing garments sized for Foals to Draft Horses.

In addition, a large size for your Labrador or shepherd and newborn calves / small livestock.

We can provide custom color and size selections with a five horse minimum order.

Our product line is sewn in Honey Brook, Pa.

Quilting of our fabrics for stable garments is completed in Kansas City, Mo.

For more information, call 610-247-0829 or contact: Design Equine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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