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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Spring/Summer Show Previews 2022

Wolfe Auction on May 28

Wolfe AuctionPlease join us Saturday, May 28th for our BIG RED WHITE AND BLUE Horse and Tack Auction at Wolfe Auctions to celebrate Memorial Day,

Auction to be held at 137 Emmitsburg Road, Thurmont, Md. T

ack auction begins at 3 pm, Saddles at 5:30 pm and HORSES AT 6 PM.

Be there for your best pick.

For more information, call 301-748-2924.

Willowdale Steeplechase Makes Changes to the Timber Fences

KENNETT SQUARE, Pa.--Willowdale Steeplechase Chairman Dixon Stroud has made some alterations to the timber fences over the last few years.

Willowdale 1This year, he decided to scrap the changes and go back to the original Hugh Morshead construction.

Solid, yet safe, because of their placement on the course – just like they were when the race first was run in 1993.

“Why re-invent the wheel? “asks Stroud. “Ok, I have added and altered some fences of the Willowdale Steeplechase since 1993. But the basic premises remain in effect full force for May 14, 2022.”

Hugh Morshead, 39 years old in 1993 and an Irishman transplanted to Canada, deserves most of the credit.

He came down to Willowdale and built the jumps practically single handedly, and his philosophy is reflected in what you will see this year.

The timber fences are solidly built post and rail construction and offer no give to the passing horse.

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Heaven's Gate Farm features trainers who have won at Devon

PIPERSVILLE, Va.--Beverly Flynn is the owner and trainer at Heaven’s Gate Farm, established in 1986.

heavens left1Beverly Flynn and Esprit at DevonHer passion for horsemanship has inspired the next generation of young equestrians.

Bev had the opportunity to learn under world-class trainers, showing on the A circuit for 22 years with Espirit as zone champion and Grand Finale as National Champion.

She qualified for amateur owners at Devon with Espirit and Grand Finale was Champion in 1993.

Teaching students for over 25 years with patience and respect, Bev is proud to share her vast experience and wisdom with all her students at Heaven’s Gate Farm.

Stephanie Flynn Godshall could post the trot before she could walk.

heavens 1Steph competed in the Child Hunters, Junior Hunter, and Big Equitation Classes at Devon, winning the Child Adult jumpers at ages 13 and 14.

Her dedication to the sport shines through in all of her students.

She recently supported a senior at the IEA Finals stating, “Today as I was adjusting her stirrups getting her ready to go into the ring she asked for any words of advice? My response was, Have fun. We have done everything else.”

heavens leftHeaven’s Gate Farm offers riding lessons by Safe Sport Certified instructors.

The farm offers boarding where every horse is treated with respect and compassion.

There are monthly horse shows throughout the year offering hunter, jumper, and equitation divisions.

Additionally, HGF supports an IEA Team and offers an incredible Summer Camp.

For more information, call 267-709-0234 or go to or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

PJA Jumper Classics Schedule


                                          For information, call Cathy Latsha (717)319-6606 • or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Bucks County Horse Park will be open for spring events

REVERE, Pa.--The Bucks County Horse Park is a unique facility dedicated to the preservation of a natural environment for amateur equestrian pursuits.

Bucks Horse park 2We are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation that funds, maintains and manages the park for the Bucks County Parks and Recreation Department.

Bucks County Horse Park is ready and waiting for all our competitors and trail riders!

During the winter, we have been busy improving the driveway and removing the (sadly) dead ash trees.

Bucks Co 2Our trails will be ready to go shortly; please be aware of wet conditions and preserve our footing!

Our April events focus on eventing.

Then, our early events in May focus on dressage.

And then, at the end of May, we go on with the Thursday Morning Spring PreVu Show and our Memorial Day Pace.

We continue through the year with shows for almost everyone!

We do remind competitors to let us know if you would like to see something special at the Park!

Bucks Horse park 3Check our website,, for all your competition information.

From pace events, to schooling shows, to Recognized Dressage Shows and Horse Trials, to the Thursday Morning Horse Show series – all the prize lists and entry forms are there on the website.

You can enter and pay for almost all the events completely on-line.

Feel free to contact the Administrator at 610-360-7021 with any questions!

The Stables at Fox Crossing monthly schooling shows are back, with a big expansion planned

COCHRANVILLE, Pa.--The Stables At Fox Crossing (SFC) offers excellent training opportunities at its monthly jumper shows.

SFC 1SFC’s mission is to provide an exceptional and fun learning experience for every competitor, whether it be over 2’ fences at a first ever competition or a 3’6 tune-up for the seasoned competitor.

SFC is known for inviting, educational jump courses, rider-friendly management and beautifully decorated jumps.

An electronic timer system and timer board add to the ambience of the shows and spectator enjoyment.

Regular divisions include two-phase, time first round, and jump-off classes, with ribbons for first through sixth plus Division Champion and Reserve.

SFC’s summer shows run in the outdoor ring.

Currently, shows are run to comply with covid restrictions and to preclude all person to person interface, so you can relax and compete.

Pre-entry and pre-payment are mandatory for covid shows.

Closing dates for pre-entries are in effect.

Division size is limited, and time is scheduled between divisions so no crowding in the trailer park.

Efficiency, safety and rider enjoyment are top priorities.


For the future, in May, SFC began construction of a new show ring, called "Moore Stadium" in appreciation of Mr. Walter Moore for the donation of land.

The new show ring will be SFC's largest yet, with well over 30,000 square feet and when combined with the existing indoor arena and two outside rings, SFC anticipates hosting recognized shows upon completion of the Moore Stadium.

With larger shows comes greater demand for parking, so SFC has expanded both the lower and upper parking lots for cars and trailers.

SFC also upgraded the cross country/derby field.

After removing old fence lines and a few trees, SFC has dedicated seven acres for x-country schooling and show.

With the new water complex with banks and steps, three new ditches and multiple new portable obstacles, it’s a safe bet there will be many happy riders in SFC's future.

With so many wonderful additions and upgrades, it's no wonder that the cost of completion is straining the finances of this local boarding and show barn, so SFC is asking its ever-growing equestrian family to help with donations small and large.

When someone donates $100 or more, SFC will engrave a brick paver with your family or horse name to be displayed on the walkway around the new Stadium, a wonderful way to create a lasting memorial to a beloved horse.

For details, visit or call 443-866-5375.

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