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Friday, September 29, 2023

Andi'amu won the Geneseo Timber Stakes,, Leslie Young extends her lead in Trainer, Races Won

GENESEO, N.Y.--Andi'amu won the featured $25,000, 3 1/2 mile Geneseo Valley Hunt Cup Timber Stakes by 12 3/4 lengths over Shootist, trained by Todd McKenna and ridden by Teddy Davies, finishing in 6:57 at the Geneseo Valley Hunt Races on Saturday, Oct. 8.

Andiamu leads Doc Cebu over water jump in Gold Cup 1Andiamu leads Doc Cebu over water jump in Gold Cup in 2019 (Photo by Tod Marks)Owned by Ballybristol Farm, trained by Leslie Young and ridden by Freddie Procter, Andi'amu and Pocket Talk, trained by Joe Davies, swapped leads through the first mile in the four horse race until Andi'amu went into the lead over the 14th of 19 fences and steadily drew away to win easily.

Pocket Talk and Shootist were battling for second when Pocket Talk almost fell over the last fence, unseating Theresa Dimpfel, leaving Shootist an easy second over Goodoldtimes, trained by Alicia Murphy, who was never a factor in the race and finished 30 lengths behind Shootist.

"Andi'amu is the gift that keeps on giving," said Young, "I wasn't at Geneseo. I was at Middleburg where I had seven horses running. Brianne Slater went up to Geneseo with the horses."


EARLIER this year in stakes, Andi'amu had placed second to Storm Team, trained by Jack Fisher, at Middleburg, won at Great Meadow and Willowdale and then finished second to Storm Team at Shawan Downs.

Young said she usually had a set calendar of races for Andi'amu, but that she changed that routine this year,

"I didn't want to go to Middleburg with him this year," said Young. "I wanted to avoid Storm Team at a shorter distance, so we decided to go to Geneseo, and that worked out. The ultimate goal with Andi'amu is the Gold Cup."

Master Seville, owned by South Branch Equine, trained by Mark Beecher and ridden by Brett Owings, won the $10,000, 3 miles Amateur or Apprentice Rider Timber race by 1 3/4 lengths over Withoutmoreado, trained by Kathy Neilson.

Mercoeur, trained by Young and ridden by Procter, was in the lead going to the last fence when he went off course.

"Mercoeur missed a beacon going to the last fence," said Beecher. "That beacon has caused trouble n the past. It sits out to the right."

"Brett drove Master Seville up to Geneseo, as I was at Middleburg," said Beecher. "Brett's mother led the horse out, so it was a real family affair."

"Master Seville may go to the Pennsylvania Hunt Cup or maybe the Gold Cup," said Beecher. "But he's only 6, and he's won two for me this year. He's a horse I want to produce for the future."

Notjudginjustsaying, owned by Northwoods Stable and Sheila Williams, trained by Jack fisher and ridden by Connor Hankin, won the $15,000, 3 mile Maiden Timber by 4 lengths over Adjutant, trained by Neilson in a three horse race.

Young's win at Geneseo plus her win at Middleburg with Top Brass the same day gave her 27 wins to lead Keri Brion by four in Trainer, Races Won, with Fisher third with 15 wins, while Brion leads in Trainer, Money won with $802,200 over Young, with $714,900, and Fisher, with $669,100.

Parker Hendriks leads in both Rider, Races Won and Money Won with 19 wins and $540,500, with Tom Garner, Jamie Bargary and Procter tied for second with 12 each, while Graham Watters is second in Money Won with$444,800 and Garner is third with $442,700.

Bruton Street-US leads in Owner, Money won with $396,350 over Irv Naylor with $368,850.

Snap Decision leads in Horse, Money Won with $220,500 over Proven Innocent with $125,750.





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