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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Photo Contest 2022

Pam Coath Honorable Mention photo

Pam Coath took this photo of Hot Rod Charlie and famous Lead Horse "Lava Man", as they warm up for the big race, the One Million Dollar Pennsylvania Derby at Parx Race Track.


thumbnail 2

Steven Berkowitz placed first in Pets with an amazing photo of a chipmunk

Dr. Steven Berkowitz of Kirkwood, Pa., a veterinarian with Unionville Equine has often been a winner in Pets in the Photo Contest, but this year he outdid himself with this shot of a chipmunk jumping a fence Berkowitz had constructed.

"This is a chipmunk at my house," said Berkowitz. "I trained him to jump over these sticks with peanuts. It was a fun project, and it actually only took a couple of days to teach him. First, I just had him on a log, and then I put these sticks together with rubber bands, and I got some photos of Mr. Peanuts from the internet."

Berkowitz, who uses an Olympus camera, also placed fourth with a photo of a fox trotting past a sign pointing towards the hen house.

"I saw this vixen pretty regularly, and she always took the same route in the mornings, so I just put up the sign and waited for her to trot by," said Berkowitz.

That photo will be posted when Pets photos go up in March.

Pets chipmunk jump

Pam Coath Honorable Mention photo

Pam Coath of Wayne, Pa., took this photo of Lori Washton with her horse St. George at the Veterinary Jog Through at Dressage at Devon in 2021.

Candid Washton DAD Coeth

Donnan Jones placed second in Pets

Donnan Jones of Unionville, Pa., placed second in Pets with this shot of a racoon at their door that she entitled "Let me in!"

"I saw him at the door and ran to get my phone, and he was still there when I got back," said Jones. "He looked completely healthy. He never came again."

Pets racoon at door

Cheryl Allerton placed third in Pets

Cheryl Allerton of Douglassville, Pa., placed third in Pets with this shot of her collie Yeti and her cat Simba.

"Simba thinks he's a dog," said Allerton. "They were both born here on the farm, and they were born just a week apart. They're 2 1/2 years old now. They sleep together and they play together."

Pets collie and cat

Becky Harris Honorable Mention photo

Susan Hoffman of Unionville, Pa. submitted this photo, taken by Andrews Bridge Foxhounds whipper-in Becky Harris that she entitled  “Coming Home.”

It was taken as the staff, hounds and field were headed back to the kennels at the end of the hunt.

The snow made our Boxing Day meet most memorable!

Candid Andrews coming home hoffman

MaryAnn Riess Honorable Mention photo

MaryAnn Riess took this photo of Riverhill foxhounds First Whipper-in Amanda Howe thst she entitled "Waiting for flight."

Candid Riverhill whip Riess

Pam Coath Honorable Mention

Pam Coath took this photo of Jackie's Warrior with jockey Joel Rosario and Steve Asmussen, Trainer at Pennsylvania Day at the Races.

Candid Jacies Warrior Coeth

Rebecca Harris Honorable Mention photo

Rebecca Harris of Kirkwood, Pa., took this photo of Susan Hoffman on Whiskey, owned by Steve Harris, MFH, Andrews Bridge Foxhounds.

"This was taken on a day I was leading second field while the Master was unavailable," said Hoffman."This was taken while we were waiting at the meet location for the hunt to begin."

Candid Hofman on horse

MaryAnn Riess Honorable Mention Photo

MaryAnn Riess took this photo  that she entitled "Meeting of the Masters." of the Riverhill foxhounds, Master James Paxson and
Joint Master Greg Paxson.

Candid Riverhill masters Riess

Sue Campbell Honorable Mention photo

Sue Campbell of Near, Del., took this photo of Carrie Flagg riding  in Bryce Canyon Utah,

Candid riders in red canyon

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