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Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Natural Remedies Banner-2021

Natural Remedies 2021

Nutrigood Treats from Manna Pro- Healthy never tasted so good

It’s so much fun to feed your horse treats!

Manna 1Treating your horse shows them love and appreciation, rewards good behavior, and can be used to teach new skills.

So, treat away, but there are some basic do’s you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure healthy, happy treating.

Do make sure the treats are good for your horse.

Treats with added health benefits are not only a great reward, but they also stimulate their overall health.

Manna 2Nutrigood Low-Sugar Snax from Manna Pro are irresistible and all-natural, giving you the peace of mind that your horse isn't getting extra sugar and starch he may not need.

Do feed the right amount of treats.

You don’t want to give so many treats that you upset your horse’s digestive system or teach them bad habits.

After all, your time together is more than simply treat time.

Make sure to spend bonding time with your horse and use treats to reward specific behaviors.

Manna 3Do make certain your horse learns good behaviors by taking the treat only when it is offered.

A treat should only be given when the horse's behavior warrants it.

This means not just handing over the treat, but making sure that they are respectful and not pushy.

Treats are a wonderful way to bond with your horse, but be sure to stay in charge of the treating behavior.

Breed those good treating habits and treating will be a treat for both of you.

For more information, or go to

Bitless Bridle could be the answer to your problems

The Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle was developed after years of research.

bitless 1The design allows gentle, effective control with pressure that is distributed evenly around the horse's head.

Sometimes when you just can't find a bit that works, trying Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle could be the answer to your problems.

Bitless1Going Bitless, no matter what discipline you are in (English or Western) even or a short period of time can be like hitting the refresh button on your computer.

bitless 2It is also great to have a Bitless Bridle on hand for situations such as being to ride after having your horse's dental work done, or on long trail rides where they can graze and drink without the nuisance of having a bit in their mouth.

And being able to take the bit away making sure your horse's bad behavior is not related to the bit you are using.

bitless 2Older horses with severe tooth loss will be much more comfortable Bitless.

Going Bitless is great for lessons and therapeutic riding programs where the rider has not yet developed the skills necessary to ride in a bit.

Transitioning to Bitless requires a surprisingly small amount of effort and time, sometimes even in the first ride.

bitless 3We suggest you start in a small, enclosed area lie a round pen or indoor arena.

bitless 3The Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle is marketed all over the world and used in all disciplines.

Available in English and Western styles starting at $69.95, it''s easier than ever to go Bitless.

Made in the USA out of premium American materials.To order go to or call 877-942-4277.

Ecovet Fly Spray Outperforms the Competition

To win the battle against flies and other pests, more and more horse owners are consistently reaching for Ecovet, a totally different type of fly spray.

eco vet 1A 2019 research study published in the Journal of Economic Entomology confirms Ecovet's standout success against flies: In head-to-head comparisons with other fly spray products, the researchers found that Ecovet is the most effective at inhibiting flies and Ecovet lasts the longest.

In fact, Ecovet was the only repellent in the study that inhibited flies for the full duration of the two-day trial.

The study compared a wide range of commercially available repellents, including those marketed as natural and those with synthetic pyrethroids as active ingredients. More:

Developed, tested, endorsed and owned by veterinarians, Ecovet does not contain toxic pesticides such as pyrethroids, and it is not an essential oil product, which can offer limited effectiveness.

eco vet 2Instead, Ecovet's formulation is 5 percent each of three food-grade fatty acids, 84 percent volatile silicone oil and 1 percent fragrance.

Ecovet founder Dr. Tim John, a veterinarian, explains how the fly spray works so well.

"After Ecovet is applied, the fatty acids evaporate and create a vapor barrier around the horse. This confuses and overwhelms an insect's normal directional ability — basically its 'GPS.' Thanks to this Ecovet barrier, the insect simply can't locate the horse as its next victim."

eco vet 3An additional benefit of Ecovet is that it helps prevent insect-related skin sensitivity by stopping insects from landing on the horse in the first place.

"If insects don't land, they don't bite. And if a horse isn't bitten, there's less chance for insect-related skin reactions or hypersensitivity, aka the dreaded sweet itch," notes Dr. John.

Ecovet not only repels but also kills flies, mosquitoes, ticks and no-see-ums.

Horse owners can find out why Ecovet is a real alternative to toxic pesticides at

Hope Equine Products offers all natural herbs and herbal products for horses and dogs

JC and Donna Marino have owned and operated Silver Fox Farm for over 40 years in an effort to find healthier ways to treat health problems with their animals.

hope equineThey started using herbal products.

After many years of successes they founded Hope Equine Products.

These products have no fillers or preservatives.

After eight years our products continue to help horses and dogs and the testimonials prove their credibility.

Allergy season is around the corner.

We offer Allergy Blend is a unique blend of herbs which promotes a stronger immune system.

Mo-Lung another herbal product, which may assist oxygen to flow more freely into the lungs. ( this is used a lot in race and performance horses).

Cushings blend with Vitamin E helps to balance the pituitary and hypothalamus glands.

Say Whoa Colic Relief a natural product that helps relieve fecal impaction, sand, gas, spasmodic and water stools and has a three year shelf life.

Herbal Bute a combination of herbs known for their anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities.

Hope Equine Products have additional products for joints, hoofs, anemia, ulcers, weight gain, eye problems, wormer, kidney, EPM, lung and insulin resistant.

Check out our testimonials about our products on the website or feel free to give JC a call.

JC now offers a full line of all natural CBD products for humans, horses, dogs, and cats.

For more information, go to or visit

Contact JC at email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 908-459-4700.

Equine Colic Relief (ECR). ERC is an all-natural colic product

Finally a natural remedy that eases suffering, heartache, and saves lives gently and humanely of our equine friends.

equine colic 1Equine Colic Relief (ECR). ERC is an all-natural colic product, with a 14 year shelf life, that works to resolve a bout of colic in as little as 90-200 minutes.

Within minutes of administering, ECR starts restoring mobility to the intestine and horses were showing signs of obvious of relief and gut sound was returning.

ECR can go with you anywhere.

equine colic 2The formula helps dissipate gas in the bowel, assists gut rehydration, balances electrolytes, and softens any impacted or hardened fecal matter so the horse’s gut can do what it does best.

It moves and eliminates effortlessly just like nothing ever happened.

I personally have administered ECR to numerous different horses in my area.

Each horse responded in their own way.

Most of them were over the bouts of colic in 2 to 2 1/5 hours, recovering 100 percent without the assistance of a vet.

You Tube video: Equine Colic Relief Restores Life to Jake

If Flies Are Bugging Your Horses, Then Bug’em Back with Organic Cowboy!

Organic Cowboy™Fly Parasites are the little guys that kill flies.

Organic Cowboy 1They comprise the cornerstone of an integrated fly control program that can offer you season-long control for your equine facility or stable.

Fly parasites are a time-tested tool to tackle flies before they become adult pests that can spread disease and trouble your horses.

They are harmless, gnat-sized parasitoids that are the natural enemy of flies.

thumbnail fly parasiteFly parasite depositing egg in a fly pupa. The female fly parasite deposits her eggs exclusively in fly pupae, destroying the immobilized fly in its pupal stage long before it becomes an adult pest.

Starting at the onset of fly control season you should release your fly parasites in primary fly breeding habitats.

Typically at horse stables, those areas include manure build-up along fence lines and feeders, messy areas in pastures or corrals and where manure is stored for later removal.

When you find your primary fly breeding habitats simply peel open the pack and shake the fly parasites out and they’ll do the rest of the work.

Organic Cowboy 3Organic Cowboy’s proven blend of fly parasites includes Spalangia cameroni, Muscidifurax zaraptor, and Muscidifurax raptorellus.

Give the Organic Cowboy a call at 877-499-9190 or visit us at to learn more about the little guys that kill flies.

Let’s get rid of some flies – the natural way.

Earth Song Ranch – Celebrating 21 Years in Business While Sharing a Half Century of Knowledge

From the cutest of minis and beloved senior horsesto the top World Eventers, Dressage Olympians, Tevis Finishers or Champion at the Royal Dublin Horse Show, we have affordable natural products to help your horses, minis, mares, senior or top competitors.

EARTH SONG RIGHTEarth Song 3We are an essential web based business so will be here to serve you and your horses during these times of shut downs and uncertainty, you can safely shop from home.

Nutritional Evaluations also available.

Earth Song 2From all natural herbal blends for many horse disorders made fresh the day they ship; nosodes for prevention (Lymes, EPM & more), homeopathic remedies and offering the best of Horse Tech top health enhancing products, we are here to be of service with affordable natural options and products especially during these difficult times we all are facing together.

Earth Song annie dec 2019We have the best pre/probiotic blends that we have dsold for almost 24 years, longer than anyone else, designed by a Cornell pHd Microbiologist, designed to support your horses immune and digestive health with our Equine Zyme & Equine Zyme Plus with Colostrum.

earth song 4Be Well Stay Healthy and know we are all in this together.

Jessica and the Earth Song Ranch Gang

For more information, call: 951-514-9700, or go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

Sapphire Green Earth has all things organic and natural for you and your animals

See our many natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free products that are safe for horses and other pets, for you, and also the environment!

Green earth 1Sapphire Green Earth Organic Equine Shampoo (known as MANE SQUEEZE) cleanses with all natural, plant- based ingredients.

Our horse shampoo is made with high quality ingredients including soothing aloe vera, and natural oils to promote healthy skin, infuse nutrients, moisturize and protect.

Green earth 2This shampoo conditions while cleansing and leaves a natural sheen.

This product also helps naturally repel insects and fungus infections.

It is Made in the USA.

Green earth 3For those of you with other animals at home, you might want to try our Organic Pet Shampoo which is made from organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils, organic aloe vera and a combination of natural organic essential oils.

Natural Rosemary Extract is the only preservative.

This mild formula is hypoallergenic.

Please visit us online at, or or

Sapphire Green Earth, LLC. One Earth, One Choice !, Phone (888)268-8285, Fax : (888)363-1555

6 Reasons to Feed from the Ground in a Natural Grazing Position

1-Less strain on the skeletal system and soft tissue because a horse is designed to eat with the head down.

Hay Illow 12-Natural Wear of Teeth & More: A natural grazing position allows the mandible (jaw bone) to come down and forward in the atlantoaxial and temporomandibular joints. This enables the mandible to move up and down, side to side, forward and back without any restriction - facilitating natural wear of teeth along with optimum mastication and reduction of particle size.

3-Better Respiratory Health: Enables nasal passages to drain effectively thereby minimizing the inhalation of dust and particles.

Hay Pillow 24-Relaxed Mental & Emotional State: A horse’s emotional state is reflected in body position and posture. If we require a horse to eat with their head elevated, we are encouraging an alert and tense mental state.

5-Keeps Hay & Dust Out of Eyes: Eliminates the risk of hay and dust falling into your horse's eyes.

6-Unobstructed Peripheral Vision: The Standard Hay Pillows and Mini Hay Pillows® do not impair the horse's peripheral vision. If impaired, this can create tension psychologically. Horses are prey animals and depend on sight and sound to detect predators.

Hay Pollow 3Learn more by visiting our website & blog at . Innovative Slow Feed Hay Bags, Nets, Toys & More. Supporting A Natural Lifestyle for Happier, Healthier Horses!

All Animals Love Reiki by Ginny Jenkins

In the past 20 years that I have been practicing Reiki as a Reiki Master, and have never met an animal who did not either enjoy or benefit a great deal from this holistic approach of healing.

Ginnys natural 1Ginny JenkinsReiki is a very gentle, non invasive healing method that uses Universal Life Force Energy to provide healing, comfort and support to your pet.

Sessions for pets are generally much more direct and productive in a short amount of time due to the animal’s extreme sensitivity.

Ginnys natural 2They also have no hidden agendas and are very receptive to this unequaled heart to heart energy.

I’ve worked on Calves to Cockatoos, but mostly with cats and dogs, and a few horses.

Sessions help to release negative energy and help heal.

Often it helps with pet behavioral issues and challenges.

thumbnailOther animals might have physical injuries, and Reiki can help the animal heal more quickly than they might have done on their own due to the deep relaxation and sense of well being attributed to Reiki.

Some of the benefits of using Reiki Healing for animals would be * Calms nervousness and anxiety, * Reduces Stress, * Supports overall health and well being, * Heals emotional traumas such as abuse, loss, and neglect, and can aid in transition at end of life.

Healing sessions generally last 20 – 30 minutes.

Reiki training for adults usually takes 3 – 4 hours in one day.

For additional information, please feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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