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Friday, December 09, 2022
Holiday Gift Guider Page Header

Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Giving the gift of health to your horses all year long with Earth Song Ranch Supplements and Kits!

Earth Song Ranch has been in the business of restoring and improving horse health naturally since 1998.

Earth 1We are not a “gift” store but offer the gift of health for your horses all year long, we do offer a great stocking stuffer by way of out Winter Herbal Stable Blend that is cut and sifter herbs to warm your horse from the inside out and also includes anti- inflammatory herbs and pain reducing herbs too especially for those cold winter nights, can be a topper or made in to a warming tea!

Being a life long equestrian and in the equine industry for 25 + years Jessica Lynn’s passion is about horses and horse health, as she also realize the frustrating challenges of finding health enhancing and beneficial equine supplements that do support horse health.

Earth 2Using Natures gifts as my inspiration over the years, I thoughtfully formulated and crafted a line of herbal products and also a line of probiotic and digestive enzyme formulas for horses and dogs as well.

There are no fillers, no GMO's nor sugars in our products only the good stuff!

Earth Song Ranch works with world champions in Eventing, Tevis Horses, Dressage & Cowboy Dressage, at all levels, including Olympic horses but we also love helping all of our back yard horses, ponies and mini’s too just as much! We have a special Mini Section in our web store as well.

Over the past 25 years Jessica Lynn, owner and creatrix of Earth Song Ranch, has had more than 25 articles on horse health topics for various national and international horse publications, many of which can be found on her website.

Earth 3She has been a contributor on NBC Sports Radio FM & Fox Horse Talk in Ocala, Fla., most recently on pod casts with Confessions of and Equine Body Worker found on Spotify.

Jessica Lynn is a life-long equestrian (at 70 years young still has her Tevis horse Jeep and her mini’s), is an equine nutritionist, a homeopath, as well as an herbalist working with herbs as part of her kits/programs for horses for ulcers and for various stages of Cushing’s including Sunny’s Kit.

Earth 4Earth Song Ranch along with her manufacturer Horse Tech is also a formulator of high-quality probiotics & digestive enzyme formulas for horses and dogs.

Jessica can be contacted via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Or visit her new and improved web site at, nutritional consultation & reviews are also available for your horse. at 951-514-9700.




Bitless Bridle could be the answer to your problems

The Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle was developed after years of research.

The design allows gentle, effective control with pressure that is distributed evenly around the horse's head.

Sometimes when you just can't find a bit that works, trying Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle could be the answer to your problems.

Bitless1Going Bitless, no matter what discipline you are in (English or Western) even or a short period of time can be like hitting the refresh button on your computer.

It is also great to have a Bitless Bridle on hand for situations such as being to ride after having your horse's dental work done, or on long trail rides where they can graze and drink without the nuisance of having a bit in their mouth.

And being able to take the bit away making sure your horse's bad behavior is not related to the bit you are using.

bitless 2Older horses with severe tooth loss will be much more comfortable Bitless.

Going Bitless is great for lessons and therapeutic riding programs where the rider has not yet developed the skills necessary to ride in a bit.

Transitioning to Bitless requires a surprisingly small amount of effort and time, sometimes even in the first ride.

We suggest you start in a small, enclosed area lie a round pen or indoor arena.

bitless 3The Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle is marketed all over the world and used in all disciplines.

Available in English and Western styles starting at $69.95, it''s easier than ever to go Bitless.

Made in the USA out of premium American materials.To order go to or call 877-942-4277.

Sustenance Herbs, dedicated to unsurpassed quality

sustenanceOver 13 years ago, Joyce Belcher decided it was high time to turn her passion for holistic health into a business.

Sustenance herbsShe expanded her studies to focus on herbs, and launched Herbs for Life, Inc. in 2008 and worked with several holistic and integrative veterinarians, establishing custom formulas creating a unique line of organic pet supplements as well as a line of herbal medicinals, Joyce’s new company quickly began to thrive…and so did her customers

From the start, Herbs for Life, Inc has been dedicated to unsurpassed quality.

Each one of their products is made using 100% non-GMO, certified organic and/or wild harvested ingredients, and no chemicals are added or used, ever, in the manufacturing process.

The company prides themselves on safety and efficacy and plans to continue growing without losing focus of her mission.

Sustenance 3“Our mission and passion is and has always been to help pets get healthy and stay healthy as nature intended,” she says. Whether an animal needs a daily supplement to balance their immune system or a botanical medicinal to address a more serious issue.

Her Detox Liver Cleanse, for instance, has been a game changer for the health of many animals.

It works to remove heavy metals, restore normal healthy function of the eliminatory organs (Liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, blood and neurological systems) and, like all her products, contains NO inactive ingredients.

Joyce felt the name of her supplement line, Pet Wellness Blends, didn’t fully encompass the values she so strongly upholds.

Sustenance 2So what did she do?

She rebranded!

This product line can now be found under the name “Sustenance Herbs”, a title that better reflects its ability to support and maintain health.

“Sustenance refers to something that is consumed that sustains life or health,” says Joyce. “And the happiness that pet owners have when their dog, cat or horse is healthy, happy and feeling great is what keeps me going!”

For more information call 1-800-510-9597 or visit



The Source for Equestrian Decor and Gifts - The Horse and Hound Gallery

For over 35 years Horse and Hound Gallery has been offering the finest and most unique selection of equestrian home decor and fine gifts.

Gallery 1You will find our home accents in the best of country living homes.

We have gorgeous tapestry and hooked pillows featuring equestrian, fox and dog themes.

Our wide selection of products adds inspiration and classic style to the equestrian lifestyle.

Our collection of china patterns and etched crystal glassware will create the ultimate equestrian tablescape… a favorite collection for those seeking perfect wedding gifts!

Feel free to use our gift registry for that special person too!

Gallery 2Based in Kentucky, we are proud to offer Thoroughbred themed home accessories and collectibles too.

We have something for every race fan and wonderful selection of Kentucky Derby items to delight all fans.

We provide all you need for the ultimate Derby Party!

Let us help you get ready for Christmas gift giving!

Gallery 3Our collection of exquisite Christmas ornaments will bring cheer to fiends and family… along with a truly unique collection of Christmas cards.

Once you find us, we guarantee you will be back for more all year round.

You are most welcome to visit our website soon at

The Fox's Kitchen: a beautiful cookbook and a perfect gift

MALVERN, Pa.--From the Radnor Hunt, the oldest continuous foxhunting organization in the US—steeped in tradition and promoting sustainable hunting practices—comes The Fox’s Kitchen, a beautiful cookbook reflecting the intersection between a beloved sport and the country living and entertaining that Radnor Hunt fully embraces.

Foxs 1Radnor Hunt has always epitomized the best of eating, drinking, and making merry; whether it’s contained in a pewter flask or in a crystal port glass; whether it’s served on a paper plate or on Wedgwood porcelain; whether it’s a post-hunting tailgate, hunt breakfast, or dinner for 12!

Foxs Kitchen 1To celebrate this long devotion to food and drink, members and friends of the hunt have come together to create this beautiful collection of recipes borrowed from the kitchens around hunt country.

Radnor Hunt is pleased to share this collection of 15 full menus and nearly 100 recipes—everything from cocktails and appetizers to main courses and desserts.

Foxs Kitchen 2To purchase the book, please visit our website –

Give The Gift That Keeps on Giving… Hay! From Hay Pillow product line includes Hay Pillow® slow feed hay bags for use on the ground, hanging and horse trailer mangers in addition to toys with a purpose, bale nets, emergency ID tags and more!

hay pillow 1What makes Hay Pillows so unique?

• Available in 4 mesh sizes (3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4” and 1 3/4”) depending on your horse’s patience level and the 4” X 6” mesh size in the Manger Hay Pillow for horses not accustomed to slow feeding.

hay pillow 2• Hay Pillows® are easy to load; their closures do not allow ANY access to hay other than the netting.

Perfect for at home use and travel.

• The netting is custom made and mounted on the square so the opening size stays consistent regardless of how full the bag is.

hay pillow 3• Featuring a solid back; minimizing wasted hay and prevents it from blowing away.

Recommended by veterinarians, dentists and nutritionists.

Hay Pillows are a popular slow feed choice for horses, donkeys, mules, goats, sheep, llamas and alpacas!

Proudly made in the USA.

View our entire product line, see our galleries and explore our blog Enhancing Equine Health at

For Christmas, the best gift is personalized from Windmill Monogrammed Halters

If you are looking for the perfect gift, is the place to go for your Personalized Gifts for trainers, barn staff, boarders, friends and family.

Monagram 1There are director chairs, ring-side totes, bridle bags, bucket straps, halters with matching lead ropes, box fan “hangers”, blanket tags, Christmas Halters and Christmas Stockings to mention a few of the items they personalize.

Got a Logo? Not a problem.

Windmill Monogrammed Halters manufactures their halters and dog collars and is proud to say “Made in the USA”.

Their halters are fully adjustable and made with premium quality nylon and solid brass hardware.

Monagram 2Their reputation is built on quality products, exceptional customer service, and FAST delivery!

They have an awesome “interactive” website with a “color visualizer”.

Just go to their Home page with the picture of Rusty and click on a color square to watch the magic!

You can design a sample of your halter right before your eyes.

Monagram 3Don’t forget Awards!

Riders love personalized awards.

Windmill offers discounts for quantity orders.

You can contact Windmill by phone at 440-298-3018 (you call - they answer) Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm or by Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eileen Johnson of Tempi Design went from dentistry to design

Eileen’s original career began in a dental laboratory. 

Tempi 11Working under a microscope allowed custom fit and design for each dental prosthetic, the tools and equipment from the dental business made the conversion to jewelry designs simple.

She retired from dentistry and launched Tempi Design Studio, artisan created jewelry and accessories.

Her unique skill sets in metallurgy allows her to imagine, design, create, and manufacture on site in her private studio.

Equestrian Designs was the focus.

Her signature medallion line is a family heirloom piece, reworked to allow copyrights, featuring the ‘Pharaoh’s Horses’.

From there, customers requests guided her direction to all the riding disciplines featuring specific breeds, proper tack and position of the horse.

And she is being well noticed!

Tempi 21EQ AM magazine did a five page story about her work in the summer of 2019.

Tempi Designs have a very unique near 3D raised relief with fine detail of bridles, bits, tack and saddlery.

New designs are constantly being added for him and her.

Custom work is her specialty, using your photo of logo!

Eileen has taught classes at the Center for the Arts in Centreville, Md.

Tempi 31Tempi has work available in several art galleries, tack shops and catalogues around the USA and internationally.

Check out her extensive online store at

See Eileen Johnson, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 855-KEEPSKE (855-533-7753).


The Toll Booth Saddle Shop has been serving the Equestrian community since 1974.

EASTHAMPTON, N.J.--​My mother, Rose Hunter, started the Toll Booth Saddle Shop on Short Hills Farm in Evesham, N.J.

Toll 1There used to be a riding stable on the farm.

The store outgrew the space there and was moved to Medford, N.J.

When it outgrew that location, we ended up in Easthampton, N.J., where we remain to this day.

Toll 2You can find your favorite brands such as Ariat, Kerrits, Ovation, One K, Smoky Mountain, and Mountain Horse here, along with Tipperary, Royal Highness and so much more!

Find unique gift items too, like horse print hooded throws, horse themed Christmas mugs and decorations.

Check out our large selection of riding clothes, sweatshirts and jackets too!

Like to cook?

We have Chef Marla's Super Shit spices as well as kitchen towels and pot holders.

Please - don't forget your horse!

We have loads of horse treats, horse blankets and tack.

Toll 3Stop by our store or visit our website!

We're located at 2441 Route 206, Eastampton, N.J. 08060.

For more information, call 888-615-3473 orgoto

Mare Goods offers modern equestrian design

Mare Modern Goods is a destination for modern equestrian design and gifts for horse lovers, but it’s a lot bigger than t-shirts and tumblers.

Mare 1Mare Goods founder Mary Campbell believes that everyone who wants to be a part of the equestrian world has a place in it – regardless of body type, race, age, background, etc.–  so she and her team are committed to featuring every kind of rider and horse.

They work to uplift the community with well-designed products inspired by horses and riders in the community.

Each design tells the story of the human-horse connection, with a side of sass and badass.

One of the signature Mare designs is The Badass Collection.

Not long after getting back into riding and eventing, Mary realized around 90 percent of the competitors were women, showing up with incredible skill and courage to take risks most sane people wouldn’t.

Mare 2Getting over your fear, doing something even when you’re scared, is truly badass.

It’s not the absence of fear but the acknowledgment of it.

It’s respect for the risk and, ultimately, for riding through it.

This sport takes guts!

So she created a collection for all the badasses out there.

Spoiler: if you ride horses,you are a badass.

Because the equestrian community inspires every Mare design, giving back to that community is an essential part of the business.

Mare 3They support several non-profit organizations whose offerings include caring for neglected horses, providing therapeutic riding programs for children and adults in need and other similar missions.

Learn more at

Avoid Heartbreak. Get Equine Colic Relief

“It’s colic.”

Colic 1The words no horse owner ever wants to hear their vet say.

Colic is the number one killer of horses – a painful emergency that can result in major vet bills, surgery…or worse.

Horses become more susceptible to colic in winter, as they tend to drink less when the weather and their water is colder.

A compounding factor is limited turnout due to foul weather, which affects gut motility and increases the risk of colic.

Equine Colic Relief is the number ONE product that stops a bout of colic in progress.

Colic 2It’s easy to keep on hand—just in case—as it has a shelf life of 14 years.

Equine Colic Relief restores motility to the intestines and restores gut sounds within 10 to 45 minutes.

It can dissolve impactions, rehydrate the intestines, rebalance electrolytes, and restore the whole GI tract to a normal state.

Temperature does not affect the efficacy of the product, so have it with you when you are traveling, showing, eventing, trail riding, whatever you do with your horse.

It’s easy to administer as horses like the taste of Equine Colic Relief.

It’s safe for all ages and all size of horses, mules, donkeys or any animal of the equine family.

Colic 3Having a bottle or two on hand when the weather makes it difficult for the vet to get to you quickly is very worthwhile, saving you possibly long waiting times or trying to haul your horse in bad weather.

Don’t spend your holidays in the barn any longer than you have to.

A truly practical Christmas Gift....."Peace of Mind" in a Bottle

Find Equine Colic Relief at your local tack shop or order online at or by phone at 888-675-5866.

Pughtown Agway has it all for the Holidays and every day

SPRING CITY, Pa.--Pughtown Agway is a farm, feed, and garden center, located in Spring City, Pa.

Pughtown 1Our farm store and garden center covers all of your holiday needs.

We carry all of the essentials including wreaths, roping, poinsettias, as well as Christmas trees in over 10 different varieties including Frazier-Douglas firs.

Pughtown 3aWe also offer a large assortment of holiday gifts including many handcrafted pieces by local artisans right here in Chester County.

There is something unique for everyone from your equine, bird, and pet enthusiasts to your avid gardeners.

In addition to our gift selection, we carry a vast assortment of locally sourced food, perfect for the holidays.

All of the food products sold in our store are supplied by local businesses, all within half an hour of our store’s location.

We stock products from the following local businesses; Conebella Farm Cheese, Why Not Farm’s beef, Eden Valley Farm’s beef, Kolbs Dairy, San Marco’s Pasta, Nancy’s Heavenly Treat’s nut rolls, Julia’s Tamales, and more!

Pughtown 2aPughtown Agway has deep roots in its community being the local feed mill and general store for over 100 years.

We are proud to support our local farms and businesses through our store and look forward to serving you and your family through this holiday season.

Pughtown 4aFor more information, call 610-469-9238 or check us out online at:

Equine Exchange offers the latest in tack and equestrian apparel

POTTSTOWN, Pa.--Equine Exchange is a small business deeply rooted in the local community that has been open at its current location since 2008.

Eqine Exch 1"EE" is owned and managed by Michelle Thomas; who in her spare time is the VP of French Creek Equestrian Association, which focuses on education for horsemanship/riding, shows and dressage.

“EE” is one of a few tack stores that offers not only the latest in tack and equestrian apparel trends but also consignment items.

From clothes, tack, toys and books, anything horse (and dog!) related is available.

Keep an eye out for clearance items new and used as well to find even better deals in store!

Equine Exch 2Sign up in store to the VIP program to gain access to exclusive VIP benefits; such as coupons and sales.

If a new item isn’t in stock we can put in a special order for our customers to any of the brands we carry in store or on our website to make sure you get what you need.

Aside from new and consignment items “EE” also offers outside services to the Equestrian community in Montgomery county through our store .

Equine Exch 3We do horse blanket wash and repair, leather repairs, as well as clipper repairs and blade sharpening.

Not only that, but we sell McCauley’s brand horse feed as well as some forage replacement products.

The Equine Exchange Tack Shop is located at 1251 Ridge Road, Pottstown, Pa.

For more information,  call 610-469-0111 or go to

Perfect personalized gifts from The Engraver

WEST CHESTER, Pa.--Do you need the perfect personalized gift for the holidays, or are you looking to identify and organize your tack and equipment?

Engraver 1Either way, The Engraver and their Green Hill Collection can help.

You can look at our web site for a complete listing of our nameplates and scroll through our gallery pages to see our Green Hill Collection.

We’re excited to announce that we now have a source for a beautiful (heavy weight) burgundy leather that can be made into belts, bracelets, halters, lead shanks, dog collars and leashes.

It’s too new to be on our web site, but there are pictures of it on our social media pages.

Please call or email us to order.

Engraver 2We have too many choices to offer online ordering.

We’re open from 10-5 on weekdays.

Please give us a call at 610-430-0123 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it...

Our fax is 610-430-6670 and you can go to

The Engraver & The Green Hill Collection is located at 1222 Ashbridge Road, West Chester, Pennsylvania 19380-3954

Nunn Finer is the perfect gift for one who understands true quality

It didn't take a rocket scientist to name Nunn Finer.

Nunn 1When your mission is to make better products than what you can currently buy and your last name is Nunn, it's a bit of a no brainer.

Nunn Finer Product has been around for quite a while, but up until 8 to 10 years ago you might have only heard of Nunn Finer if you participated in the sport of Eventing.

“Other than saddles, if you use it in Eventing Nunn Finer produced it” said John Nunn, the owner and guiding force behind the company.

From breastplate to bridles, studs that go in the horseshoes to heavy-duty, long-lasting reins and stirrup leathers, Nunn Finer makes it last for the very “tough on tack “ discipline of Eventing.

When the hunter and jumper disciplines got wind of the quality of Nunn Finer, a new evolution evolved.

Nunn 2We designed and manufactured a whole line up of bridles, breastplates and martingales for that market, and within short order Nunn Finer was the talk of the hunter-jumper circuit from Wellington to Thermal.

Go to Nunn Finer for fine Italian leather and old craftsmen’s workmanship at a price one can afford.

Nunn 3Sold at fine saddlerys nationwide or buy direct at

Nunn Finer is the perfect holiday gift for that hard to buy for person that understands and appreciates true quality.

When it says, “ Nunn Finer” , it truly is Nunn Finer.

For more information, call 610-932-3922 or visit

Avilord, a charming book about a young racehorse

WEST CHESTER, Pa.--This delightful book written for children of all ages tells the story, in his own words, of a racehorse from his birth.

PUNCH 3Avilord tells how he was raised from a foal to a racehorse.

Born on a farm in southern Chester County, Avilord tells of how much he loved his mother and how nervous he was when he was separated from her when he was a weanling.

Avilord says he soon learns to love the man that feeds him and begins to teach him to lead, breaks him to a saddle and first gets on him.

Avilord 2The he is suddenly torn from all he knows and finds himself at a big barn with lots of other horses.

But the man he knows and has learned to trust is still there, so he settles in to learn his new job.

The book carries him through training to his first race.

PUNCH 4Avilord is available on Amazon as a Kindle and will soon be available in paperback.

Author Frank Steall has written a second book about Avilord, this one describing his training leding up to his second race and his second race.

Both will soon be available as two Kindle books and one paperback.

A great stocking stuffer and something for kids to read after all the toys are ripped open.


This HORSES & DONKS COLORING BOOK is a great stocking stuffer!

If you and the kids like to color and enjoy horses and donkeys, you will want to get your HORSES & DONKS COLORING BOOK created by our own talented Ginny Jenkins and Heather Bradway Mullen.

Ginny 1Both ladies hold key positions in management and design work here at THE HORSE.

This will be a hit for people of all ages who like or color just for "the fun of it."

Giiny 2This soft cover coloring book is 8" x 8" in sizing, and perfect to fit in any stocking for that horse and donkey lover on your list.

Enjoyable quotes accompany artwork on every page that will delight you as you begin coloring through the book.

This was a big hit for kids at summer camps and at birthday parties.

Ginny 3But guess what - teens thru adults who enjoy a little coloring and fun will like it too!

The price for this Ltd Ed. is just $10.95 which includes tax and shipping and handling (while supplies last).

Here's another great stocking stuffer idea..........Ginny's latest book, MIRACULOUS SPIRIT, has just become available now for Holiday Gift Giving!

This book is loaded with many inspirational quotes that compliment her own photographs and artwork.

You will find many pieces of horses she met in the US and in England captured within these pages too.

This is a wonderful book to sit down with in a quiet, cozy spot with a warm cup of tea, hot chocolate or a glass of wine.

Ginny 5Ginny sends heartfelt messages to the reader through her creative endeavors in this softcover book, retailed for $15.95.

More information regarding this book is showcased in our HDV BOOK REVIEW SECTION on this site.

You can order either the coloring book or herlatest boo,orbetteryet both, through Ginny's email address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and it will also be promoted on her online Facebook art gallery at: Ginny Jenkins Art - Facebook.

The Horse of Delaware Valley

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