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Monday, November 29, 2021
Holiday Gift Guide Header Banner

Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Devon has some special gifts for this holiday season


I11 s B coastersIDevon coastersIt's official, Devon is celebrating its 125th Anniversary!

Founded in 1896, the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair is the oldest and largest outdoor multi-breed show in the country, which draws fans and competitors from around the world.

Devon pillowDevon pillowWhat is unique about Devon is that over 2000 hardworking volunteers come together each year to bring Devon to life, without their help and patronage, Devon could simply not exist.

Bit trayBit trayAfter two years of challenging times, Devon is ready to welcome one and all this year May 26- June 5th!

The Devon Souvenir committee has put together some very special gifts for 2021.

Don’t forget to check out our ad or website for Devon Souvenirs gift cards and more great gifts ideas (and don't forget to pick up a little something for yourself!)

See you at the show!

So many great choices for the holidays (or any day) at The Engraver

WEST CHESTER, Pa.-- It felt good to be back at some horse shows in 2021.

Enraver 4With Devon Horse Show being cancelled this year, our first gig was 19 days straight at Brandywine.

That got us up to speed fast!

For the first time in 20 years ( we can't believe that), we did a show that was not at Devon, we went to the inaugural Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill.

It was a great success, and it was very cool to be there, they did a fabulous job for a first year show.

We swore we'd never do another show that had porta-potties, but these were the nicest we had ever seen so made an exception.

Engraver 2We were honored to be asked to produce the plaques that were given to each horse that participated in the 5 Star.

We made some special items for the 5 Star, in their colors.

We have a few items left over, contact us if you are interested.

Engraver 3Most of our items are still the same as last year, and are pictured on our web site:

The site is not yet finished, because we’ve been lucky enough to have been too busy to work on it.

It’s a work in progress.

Many of our Green Hill Collection products are pictured on the Gallery pages.

Please enjoy scrolling all way through (be sure to hit “+ Show More” at the end of each section).

There are a lot of pictures.

The Nameplate section is largely complete.

Nameplates cannot be ordered online.

Because we have so many choices, there’s no form available to check off all the boxes.

Engraver 1So, please call us at 610-430-0123, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to place an order.

If you find the perfect gift, please, give us a call, or send us an email.

We’re usually in the office from 10 to 5 (Eastern Time) on weekdays, or leave us a message, with your phone number, for the best time to call you.

Don’t forget, you might need something special for yourself!


The Fox's Kitchen: Cherished recipes from Philiadelphia's historic Radnor Hunt

MALVERN, Pa.--From the Radnor Hunt, the oldest continuous foxhunting organization in the US—steeped in tradition and promoting sustainable hunting practices—comes The Fox’s Kitchen, a beautiful cookbook reflecting the intersection between a beloved sport and the country living and entertaining that Radnor Hunt fully embraces.

thefoxskitchen websiteRadnor Hunt has always epitomized the best of eating, drinking, and making merry; whether it’s contained in a pewter flask or in a crystal port glass; whether it’s served on a paper plate or on Wedgwood porcelain; whether it’s a post-hunting tailgate, hunt breakfast, or dinner for 12!

Foxs Kitchen 1To celebrate this long devotion to food and drink, members and friends of the hunt have come together to create this beautiful collection of recipes borrowed from the kitchens around hunt country.

Radnor Hunt is pleased to share this collection of 15 full menus and nearly 100 recipes—everything from cocktails and appetizers to main courses and desserts.

Foxs Kitchen 2To purchase the book, please visit our website –

Eileen Johnson of Tempi Design went from dentistry to design

Eileen’s original career began in a dental laboratory. 

Tempi 1Working under a microscope allowed custom fit and design for each dental prosthetic, the tools and equipment from the dental business made the conversion to jewelry designs simple.

She retired from dentistry and launched Tempi Design Studio, artisan created jewelry and accessories.

Her unique skill sets in metallurgy allows her to imagine, design, create, and manufacture on site in her private studio.

Equestrian Designs was the focus.

Her signature medallion line is a family heirloom piece, reworked to allow copyrights, featuring the ‘Pharaoh’s Horses’.

From there, customers requests guided her direction to all the riding disciplines featuring specific breeds, proper tack and position of the horse.

Tempi 2And she is being well noticed!

EQ AM magazine did a five page story about her work in the summer of 2019.

Tempi Designs have a very unique near 3D raised relief with fine detail of bridles, bits, tack and saddlery.

New designs are constantly being added for him and her.

Custom work is her specialty, using your photo of logo!

Eileen has taught classes at the Center for the Arts in Centreville, Md.

Tempi has work available in several art galleries, tack shops and catalogues around the USA and internationally.

Tempi 3Check out her extensive online store at

See Eileen Johnson, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 855-KEEPSKE (855-533-7753).

FB or

The Toll Booth Saddle Shop is the fun place to shop for horse supplies!

MOUNT HOLLY, N.J.--We carry many unique and different gift items as well as all the brands you know and love.

Toll Booth 1We have such brands as Ovation, Kerrits, Camelot, KL Select, Charles Owen, One K, Ariat, RHC, Tailored Sportsman, Tattini and many more!

Visit our website to see some of the great products we carry.

Some of our unique gift items include "carved" horse mugs, clocks, unicorn slime, mood rings, toy horse building sets, "heated" gloves and many others!

We also carry Chef Marla's Spices.

They are delicious and have very creative names.

Toll Booth 2Look them up in our website.

They come in horse radish flavor, onion, all-purpose spice and more! YUM!!!

Don't forget your horse!

Plenty of horse treats in stock.

We carry Pony Pantry, Canterbury Cookies, Manna Pro treats and more.

And of course we have tack, horse blankets, grooming supplies too.

Toll Booth 3aNeed to rent a truck?

We are also a U-Haul dealer!

We can help with your moving needs as well as your horse needs.

For more information, call 888-615-3473 or go to

Athletic outerwear for your animals from Equivest

HONEYBROOK, Pa.--The creators at Design Equine had become frustrated with the selection of current cold weather protection for horses and livestock.

equivest 3The livestock garment, by request became a large dog coat.

Mostly all selections on the market are imported and we felt there was a way to create American manufactured equine apparel with new design features.

We saw horses wearing “blankets”, with many straps to secure.

Why not offer athletic wear for your horse, providing a safer fit and a higher level of comfort.

Equivest was created.

The EQ100 offers 1000 denier outer layer.

The EQ40 is lighter weight 400 denier which can be quilted depending on color. Insulation layer in both garments is the higher weight 3M Thinsulate.

Design Equine also provides this design for warm weather fly / insect protection incorporating a longer hind end.

equivest 2We selected Deniers as outer shells, with an insulation layer of 3M Company Thinsulate, to provide for more warmth at a lighter weight.

Inside denier liners are ripstop.

Center closure is neoprene, offering weather protecting fabric, for coverage of chest and abdominal areas.

Patent pending tail flaps offer more hind end coverage.

They lift and separate to keep garment cleaner at just the right moment.

Seams on garment are waterproofed with a fabric sealer for extra level of protection on non- quilted outer layer shells.

Winter garments are packaged in a reusable Denier carry bag.

This can be used for grooming supplies, etc. and eliminates the need to throw plastic packaging in landfill.

Equivest 1We are currently producing garments sized for Foals to Draft Horses.

In addition, a large size for your Labrador or shepherd and newborn calves / small livestock.

We can provide custom color and size selections with a 5 horse minimum order.

Our product line is sewn in Honey Brook, Pa.

Quilting of our fabrics for stable garments is completed in Kansas City, MO.

Contact: Design Equine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 610-247-0829.

Avoid Heartbreak. Get Equine Colic Relief

“It’s colic.”

Colic 1The words no horse owner ever wants to hear their vet say.

Colic is the number one killer of horses – a painful emergency that can result in major vet bills, surgery…or worse.

Horses become more susceptible to colic in winter, as they tend to drink less when the weather and their water is colder.

A compounding factor is limited turnout due to foul weather, which affects gut motility and increases the risk of colic.

Equine Colic Relief is the number ONE product that stops a bout of colic in progress.

Colic 2It’s easy to keep on hand—just in case—as it has a shelf life of 14 years.

Equine Colic Relief restores motility to the intestines and restores gut sounds within 10 to 45 minutes.

It can dissolve impactions, rehydrate the intestines, rebalance electrolytes, and restore the whole GI tract to a normal state.

Temperature does not affect the efficacy of the product, so have it with you when you are traveling, showing, eventing, trail riding, whatever you do with your horse.

It’s easy to administer as horses like the taste of Equine Colic Relief.

It’s safe for all ages and all size of horses, mules, donkeys or any animal of the equine family.

Colic 3Having a bottle or two on hand when the weather makes it difficult for the vet to get to you quickly is very worthwhile, saving you possibly long waiting times or trying to haul your horse in bad weather.

Don’t spend your holidays in the barn any longer than you have to.

A truly practical Christmas Gift....."Peace of Mind" in a Bottle

Find Equine Colic Relief at your local tack shop or order online at or by phone at 888-675-5866.

Give The Gift That Keeps on Giving… Hay! From Hay Pillow product line includes Hay Pillow® slow feed hay bags for use on the ground, hanging and horse trailer mangers in addition to toys with a purpose, bale nets, emergency ID tags and more!

Hay Pillow 1What makes Hay Pillows so unique?

• Available in 4 mesh sizes (3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4” and 1 3/4”) depending on your horse’s patience level and the 4” X 6” mesh size in the Manger Hay Pillow for horses not accustomed to slow feeding.

• Hay Pillows® are easy to load; their closures do not allow ANY access to hay other than the netting.

Hay Pillow 2Perfect for at home use and travel.

• The netting is custom made and mounted on the square so the opening size stays consistent regardless of how full the bag is.

• Featuring a solid back; minimizing wasted hay and prevents it from blowing away.

Hay Pillow 3Recommended by veterinarians, dentists and nutritionists.

Hay Pillows are a popular slow feed choice for horses, donkeys, mules, goats, sheep, llamas and alpacas!

Proudly made in the USA.

Unique Slow Feed Hay Net Bags with solid canvas back.

Mini, Ground, Hanging, Manger & Bale Net styles.

Easy fill, heavy duty, durable.

Waste less hay & have happy, healthy horses.

View our entire product line, see our galleries and explore our blog Enhancing Equine Health at

Find out why readers are saying they can't put The Dancing with Horses Trilogy down.

The story is about a teen dressage rider and her developing career in equestrian competition.

Danced 2Jane is an ordinary girl who dreams a big dream: to compete and win a national championship.

She learns that it takes guts and persistence and support from some very special people to make it to the top.

This series is for horse-crazy teens, sporty young adults and women who like chick-lit.

It is a cowboy romance, a coming-of-age story, and an action adventure page turner.

Danced 1“The characters are so real and sometimes I felt like I was at the horse show or standing beside Windsong, well maybe not too close! LOL!”

“Well all I want to say is purchase this book and the rest of the trilogy and you won't be disappointed. I was so enthralled I was awake till 3.30am finishing the book like a teenager.”

Jane moves up from her reliable and trustworthy mount to a fancy new horse with the talent to win.

But before she can start stuffing blue ribbons into her tack trunk, she has to learn to ride him.

When her long time trainer, Kate, orders Jane to partner with the barn help to take care of Windsong, Jane can’t believe she has to work with a cowboy.

Danced 3Read about Jane’s adventures as she tangles with the cowboy, wrangles with her horse and puts her heart on the line in this captivating series.

Buy it on Amazon:

Visit Toni Mari at

Bitless Bridle could be the answer to your problems

The Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle was developed after years of research.

The design allows gentle, effective control with pressure that is distributed evenly around the horse's head.

Sometimes when you just can't find a bit that works, trying Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle could be the answer to your problems.

Bitless1Going Bitless, no matter what discipline you are in (English or Western) even or a short period of time can be like hitting the refresh button on your computer.

It is also great to have a Bitless Bridle on hand for situations such as being to ride after having your horse's dental work done, or on long trail rides where they can graze and drink without the nuisance of having a bit in their mouth.

And being able to take the bit away making sure your horse's bad behavior is not related to the bit you are using.

bitless 2Older horses with severe tooth loss will be much more comfortable Bitless.

Going Bitless is great for lessons and therapeutic riding programs where the rider has not yet developed the skills necessary to ride in a bit.

Transitioning to Bitless requires a surprisingly small amount of effort and time, sometimes even in the first ride.

We suggest you start in a small, enclosed area lie a round pen or indoor arena.

bitless 3The Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle is marketed all over the world and used in all disciplines.

Available in English and Western styles starting at $69.95, it''s easier than ever to go Bitless.

Made in the USA out of premium American materials.To order go to or call 877-942-4277.

Bucks County Saddlery features a November sale of Eastern & Western saddles & bridles

Bucks County Saddlery carries a full line of english tack and apparel and western equipment and boots.

Bucks gift 3All throughout the month of November, shop the fantastic sale on new english and western saddles and bridles.

We have Saddles for all levels of riders including lots of used saddles on consignment.

Our new English saddles include Antares, Toulouse, Pessoa, Prestige, HDR, Wintec, Ovation & Bates. For Western Shopper we have Circle Y, Martin, High Horse, Wintec and Silver Royal.

Bucks gift 1If you have started to shop for the Holidays, we have great gifts include leather purses, belts, winter schooling tights, gloves, jewelry, helmet, winter vests and jackets as well as Breyer Horse Christmas Ornaments and Breyer Collectible models.

We will also be running in store specials through out the holiday season.

Shop early for lay away convenience

Bucks gift 2Our Hours: Tuesday to Friday 12-6 and Saturday 10-5 .

Visit our website,

For more information, call 215-794-5411 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Shop Eleanor Russell for Exceptional Gifts & Décor with Chester County Flair!

This holiday season, experience shopping like it should be at Eleanor Russell, where you’ll find exceptional gifts and décor for everyone on your list, including your favorite fox lover!

Russell 1In addition to offering the area’s most vast and handsome selection of equestrian-themed gifts & décor, you’ll find exceptional items for entertaining, accents for the home, and more, all with Chester County flair!

Russell 2Whimsical fox creamer pitchers from England, Jack Russell bookends, equestrian-themed pillows, satchels adorned with foxes, and standout hunt-themed barware are just a sliver of the great holiday gifts you’ll find at Eleanor Russell.

Our shop is also a-glow with other great gift-giving items such as Frasier Fir candles, Scottish fudge, artisan teas and bourbon honey, Caswell-Massey artisan soaps & colognes, and a plethora of unique gifts for dog lovers.

This holiday season, shop small, shop extraordinary, shop Eleanor Russell.

Russell 3Visit us online at or stop by our shop, which is nestled in the quaint shopping village located immediately behind Ludwig’s Inn at the intersection of PA Routes 100 and 401.

Complimentary gift wrapping is provided with any purchase.

November/December hours: Mon–Fri, 10-6, Sat, 10-5:30, Sun 12-4. Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

For more information, call 610-321-2777, or go to


Pughtown Agway has it all for the Holidays and every day

SPRING CITY, Pa.--Pughtown Agway is a farm, feed, and garden center, located in Spring City, Pa.

Pughtown 1Our farm store and garden center covers all of your holiday needs.

We carry all of the essentials including wreaths, roping, poinsettias, as well as Christmas trees in over 10 different varieties including Frazier-Douglas firs.

Pughtown 3aWe also offer a large assortment of holiday gifts including many handcrafted pieces by local artisans right here in Chester County.

There is something unique for everyone from your equine, bird, and pet enthusiasts to your avid gardeners.

In addition to our gift selection, we carry a vast assortment of locally sourced food, perfect for the holidays.

All of the food products sold in our store are supplied by local businesses, all within half an hour of our store’s location.

We stock products from the following local businesses; Conebella Farm Cheese, Why Not Farm’s beef, Eden Valley Farm’s beef, Kolbs Dairy, San Marco’s Pasta, Nancy’s Heavenly Treat’s nut rolls, Julia’s Tamales, and more!

Pughtown 2aPughtown Agway has deep roots in its community being the local feed mill and general store for over 100 years.

We are proud to support our local farms and businesses through our store and look forward to serving you and your family through this holiday season.

Pughtown 4aFor more information, call 610-469-9238 or check us out online at:

Give a Gift of PonyLocks This Holiday Season

Remember that wonderful horse you had growing up that taught you basically everything there is to know about horses and was responsible for making you into the horse person you are today?

Pony Locks 1Do you currently own the best unicorn of a horse and are always wanting to be at the barn with him or her?

What better way than to have a keepsake made from that once in a lifetime horses’ tail?

Pony Locks rightPonyLocks Custom Horsehair Jewelry and Leather can take a piece of your horse's tail and make it into something beautiful that can be worn every day.

They can be very versatile to be worn with formal wear or your everyday gear.

Silver tubing pieces are able to be engraved with the horses’ name and nameplates and hang tags are able to be added to belts and jewelry for that personalized touch.

pony locks 2Each piece is completely unique so there will never be two of the same.

Just like your once in a lifetime horse!

For all the styles and options available, please refer to the website at

You can call or email for a free brochure at 919-961-1841.

Placing your order is easy.

Print the order form from the website and send it in with your hair.

Gift certificates are also available.

Avilord, a charming book about a young racehorse

WEST CHESTER, Pa.--This delightful book written for children of all ages tells the story, in his own words, of a racehorse from his birth.

PUNCH 3Avilord tells how he was raised from a foal to a racehorse.

Born on a farm in southern Chester County, Avilord tells of how much he loved his mother and how nervous he was when he was separated from her when he was a weanling.

Avilord says he soon learns to love the man that feeds him and begins to teach him to lead, breaks him to a saddle and first gets on him.

Avilord 2The he is suddenly torn from all he knows and finds himself at a big barn with lots of other horses.

But the man he knows and has learned to trust is still there, so he settles in to learn his new job.

The book carries him through training to his first race.

PUNCH 4Avilord is available on Amazon as a Kindle and will soon be available in paperback.

A great stocking stuffer and something for kids to read after all the toys are ripped open.


A great stocking stuffer: HORSES NATURALLY by Ginny Jenkins

Here is a wonderful book to gift to any horse lover on your list, available from in Paperback or as a Kindle ebook.

Ginny 1The book is filled with many natural images of horses doing what they do best that were photographed by Ginny in and around Chester County, Pa., as well as from around the US and UK.

Many of you know her from her visiting your farms for the photographs for this project as well as her previous HORSES OF CHESTER COUNTY Calendars and other private photo sessions.

Ginny 2Setting glamour aside, the everyday sights and emotions of life around horses are yours to relive through this inspired photographic journey.

The book showcases more of the intimate moments that so often go unnoticed that so many of us take for granted.

Ginny captures the grace and compassion of these incredible animals in a style all her own. Inspirational words lend further depth and meaning, making this book a must-have for anyone who admires these beautiful and intelligent creatures.

See HORSES NATURALLY by Ginny Jenkins on to order your copy today.

The Horse of Delaware Valley

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