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Wednesday, June 07, 2023
Equine Vets & Caregivers Page Topper

Equine Vets & Caregivers 2023

The Equine Medical Center to add a new indoor arena

By Sharon Peart

LEESBURG, Va.--The Equine Medical Center sports medicine complex will be complete in late fall with the addition of a new indoor arena.

Scott med1Demonstrating the power of philanthropy, the newest addition to the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center (EMC) hospital complex in Leesburg, Va., is finally underway.

Linked to the Youngkin Equine Soundness Clinic and the Equine Podiatry Center by covered walkways, The Jane and Stephen Hale Equine Performance Evaluation Center will become an integral part of the equine athletic evaluation and treatment complex at the hospital.

The new indoor arena will enhance the center’s sports medicine capabilities that are already available to equine athletes by integrating lameness evaluations, the center’s impressive imaging modalities, therapeutic podiatry, and heart and lung evaluations.

ScottMed2“The addition of a covered arena with hard, medium, and soft surfaces for the dynamic portion of soundness exams, and a safe enclosed riding area for under saddle lameness examinations and upper airway dynamic endoscopy will expand and enhance our performance evaluations,” said Jennifer Barrett, Theodora Ayer Randolph Professor of Equine Surgery.

These interconnected facilities will promote a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment, with specialists from different fields working together to solve sometimes complex athletic limiting issues in the horse.

Scottmed3Aimee and Frank Batten, Jr., provided the generous initial challenge gift to encourage and inspire others to support and fund the project, which was followed by several significant donations.

Joe May ’62 and Bobby May were inspired by the Battens and the generosity of others to work with EMC to designate a gift from the estate of Stephen and Jane Hale to fulfill the match goal.

The Battens had no desire to name the new facility and were delighted to have their match challenge met and supported naming the new facility after the Hales.

The project, which will be completed in late fall 2023, was made possible by generous philanthropic support from visionary individuals who value the availability of top-notch equine clinical care in the region.

For more information,go to

RevitaVet for small animals provides a combination of red light and infrared

Providing a combination of red light and infrared, RevitaVet addresses a variety of common issues frequently found in canine and feline pets and performance animals.

Revita 1With seven frequency patterns to choose from, light therapy is often used for inflammation, bone injury, soft tissue disruption and pain.

It can be used before and after traditional health treatments as well as massage, acupuncture and chiropractic.

Providers will often recommend application of RevitaVet pads on the neck or back to facilitate the efficacy of their therapeutic interventions.

Reduction of inflammation may also prevent future damage.

While providing a specific frequency, applications pads can be applied to head, neck, body and limbs to focus on acute or chronic issues.

Sequencing of frequencies is extremely helpful for complex healing.

Revita 2Fresh wounds and older adhesions respond well as healing is accelerated.

It is very well tolerated by all animals and can even help them accept hands on the treatment through the promotion of the relaxation response

The battery operated red light therapy can be applied easily throughout the day to reduce pain and anxiety.

The self-timing aspect makes it a simple and convenient follow up to professional care.

It makes road trips comfortable.

Revita 3Rather than simply be still on a seat or in a crate, dogs and cats can receive care multiple times on a long journey.

The battery attachment to the IR system lasts hours providing a mobile therapeutic environment.

Elderly dogs and cats move more easily after a 20 minute session, allowing more time enjoy activities.

The science of photobiomodulation stimulates the production of ATP in the cell improving function on a cellular level. 

The RevitaVet systems make it easy.

For more information, please call: 602-513-1223 or go to :

Sports Medicine Associates of Chester County is under new management

Sports Medicine Associates of Chester County is pleased to announce it is under the new ownership of Dr Ashley Taylor and Dr Taryn Gassert

Dr Ashely Taylor Dr Kevin Keane Dr Taryn GassertDr Ashely Taylor Dr Kevin Keane Dr Taryn GassertDr. Kevin Keane started Sports Medicine Associates in 2005.

He was joined in 2015 by Dr. Ashley Taylor followed shortly thereafter by Dr. Taryn Gassert.

Both Drs Taylor and Gassert have upheld the same practice philosophy as Dr. Keane, and will continue to provide the same high-quality care and state of the art treatments for sport and racehorses, as well as, superior service to their owners, trainers, and riders.

Dr. Ashley TaylorDr. Ashley TaylorAssociate veterinarian, Dr Allison Haspel, joined the practice in July 2022.

Dr. Keane will stay with the practice in a new role and continue to see cases as normal.

All of the veterinarians are certified by the FEI and are current in regulations set by the USEF (United States Equestrian Federation), NSA (National Steeplechase Association), and state racing regulations.

Dr. Taryn GassertDr. Taryn GassertDr Taylor and Dr Gassert are excited to enter this new chapter with you and appreciate your support and business!

The office can be reached at 610-869-4000 and read more on their services at the website

A diagnosis is closer than you think from Dr. Stacey Kent at Equigen

At Equigen LLC, the equine veterinary practice of Dr. Stacey Kent, we focus on performance.

Kent 1Whether you are gearing up for the next World Equestrian Games or you enjoy riding your favorite horse out in the beautiful Chester County countryside, when your horse isn’t quite right, you want answers.

Answers are what we are all about at Equigen.

In addition to offering sports medicine focused ambulatory services including lameness evaluations, purchase evaluations, digital radiography, digital ultrasonography and acupuncture, Equigen is the only facility locally to offer standing magnetic resonance imaging (sMRI) services at our lovely clinic conveniently located in Cochranville, Pa.

Kent 2Standing MRI means no general anesthesia.

Your horse is in and out in usually under three hours and the images are read by one of the top veterinary radiologists in the world.

Dr. Kent has been involved with the care and support of sport horses since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 1999 and has enjoyed traveling to some great places as a USEF Team Veterinarian and as an FEI Private Treating Veterinarian.

Dr. Stacey Kent VMDDr. Stacey Kent VMDMore recently, Dr. Kent has been focused on working through the many challenging and interesting cases that she is presented with and working collaboratively with the referring veterinarians that send in cases for standing MR imaging.

Call today for more information at (610) 869-4366 or visit

Always Helpful Veterinary Services offers integrative veterinary medicine and therapy for all animals

Integrative medicine and therapies can provide alternative outcomes, including the avoidance of surgery, the reduction in medications needed, and the avoidance of complications in treatment or recovery.

Always 1It can enhance the quality of care that we provide and more importantly, it can enhance the quality of life for all animals and their human caretakers.


The goal of acupuncture is to help the body to heal itself.

Veterinary acupuncture encourages healing by correcting energy imbalances in the body and enhancing blood circulation, nervous system stimulation, and the release of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving hormones.

Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific receptors by needles, laser, and other means that modify the input to the nervous system and fascia, and therefore change function.

The integration of information from the body with acupuncture stimulation results in the balancing of Qi, or energy flow.

Always 2Acupuncture can benefit all life stages of your pets with a wide variety of conditions

Acupuncture is indicated for functional problems such as those that involve paralysis, noninfectious inflammation (such as allergies), pain, as well as behavioral problems, and cancer.
• Musculoskeletal problems, such as arthritis, intervertebral disk disease, or traumatic nerve injury
• Respiratory problems, such as feline asthma, equine heaves, and “bleeders”
• Skin problems such as lick granulomas and allergic dermatitis
• Gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea and non-surgical colic
• Selected reproductive problems
• Neurological problems such as facial paralysis

Acupuncture effects can be long-lasting - especially when used to address underlying problems rather than just the signs of the problems.

Lameness caused by joint instability, overuse, or chronic spinal reflex withdrawal can often be reduced or eliminated.

Always 3Acupuncture can be useful when drug sensitivities or regulations preclude treatment with conventional medication.

For additional information on veterinary acupuncture visit:

Dr. Shoemaker performing equine acupuncture:

For more information about Always Helpful Veterinary Services or to schedule an appointment, visit: 

Always Helpful Veterinary Services offers integrative veterinary medicine and therapy for all animals.

RevitaVet delivers powerful therapeutic benefits

With over 50 years of independent research worldwide, Infrared therapy, also known as photo and lighttherapy, has been shown to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms.

Vet 1As an industry leader of equestrian preventative maintenance and rehabilitation devices, our mission at RevitaVet is to educate competitors and horse owners of all disciplines on the benefits infrared/photo therapy, and advantages of addressing costly issues as, or even before they arise.

RevitaVet is non-invasive, safe, portable and easy to use.

The RevitaVet IR2C Systems offers not only the leading technology in non-invasive care for conditions from abscesses to torn suspensories and anything in between, including saddle sores and various musculoskeletal injuries.

Vet 2You can apply RevitaVet on virtually any part of the horse, but it has set the precedent for preventive maintenance.

The IR2C is easily applied to the horse, or other animal large or small, and delivers safe and effective pulsed infrared light therapy which stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal, but at an accelerated pace.

The application can be five to15 minutes and the system offers seven selectable frequencies, thus allowing for a customized therapy.

Treatment will not harm healthy tissue and has no known negative side effects.

Vet 3RevitaVet also has wireless devices that address ankles, back, hocks, hooves, knees, tendons and the poll.

As of late, numerous PEMF therapists are now embracing RevitaVet as a companion therapy.

Several of our sponsored riders are Olympic gold and silver medalists and World Champions for various disciplines.

RevitaVet® is manufactured in the USA to the highest quality, and guarantees professional results.

For more information call 602-513-1223 or visit our website at .

Helping tummy troubles more naturally with Tummy Tamer

We have been in the business of improving horse health since 1998.

Tummy 1As a lifelong equestrian and passionate horse lover, I hated that so many horses were getting ulcers, including a friend’s horse who had the worst scope the vet hospital had done, horrible ulcers all the way that the scope could go!

So for Akid I came up with a blend which is now called “Tummy Tamer,” and we coupled that with Equine Zyme Plus, which contains high CFU’s of horse friendly added probiotics and colostrum.

It took a bit of time, but he has stayed ulcer free now for several years.

Tummy 2We offer all that in our Ulcer 911 Kit along with a magnesium buffer which is all you need to help your horse naturally if you suspect ulcers – we have a 911 kit for Show Horses too without valarian.

Jessica Lynn, at age 71, has decades of experience using herbs, homeopathy and nutrition for horse and mini health, still owning an Arabian who was a 2015 Tevis Finisher and a herd of mini mares.

Jessica Lynn has had more than 25 articles published on horse health topics in various national and international horse publications, many of which can be found on her website.

Tummy 3She has been a contributor on NBC Sports Radio FM & Fox Horse Talk out of Ocala, Fla., with Louisa Barton, you can listen to the some of the pod casts on her website at the same link :

Fastrack, leading the industry for over 35 years!

If you own horses, you understand that keeping them healthy and performing at their best requires effort on your part.

Fastrack 1Quality feed is the foundation of their health, but adding a quality, proven, direct-fed microbial product like FASTRACK allows them to convert everything in your feeding program into stamina, energy to perform, hair and hoof quality.

FASTRACK® products provide a unique formulation of lactic acid-producing bacteria, yeast culture or active dry yeast, enzymes, dried chicory root, vitamins, and other components for use in every part of your horse operation, feeding or training program.

The FASTRACK® products come in feed supplement and gel forms for easy administration on a daily basis or as needed.

Why use direct-fed microbials?

Under challenging conditions such as stress, traveling, and antibiotic therapy, the natural balance of an animal's digestive tract's bacteria can be altered.

Fastrack 2The number of pathogenic organisms may increase, while the beneficial organisms decrease, leading to digestive challenges.

Direct-fed microbials help restore microflora balance in the gut to appropriate levels and support the overall health of the animal.

Here's what equine vets and nutritionists have to say about FASTRACK :

"We feed FASTRACK® daily to all 35 of our horses for two reasons: First to enhance overall digestive tract health in our horses. Second, to enhance our feed utilization so we get more out of our feed. We see the benefits of reduced incidence of colic as well as better hoof and hair growth for a nominal cost," siad Dr. Clinton Van Winkle, DVM, Nebraska.

"There are two or three probiotic products that are good, but I think the best one out there is FASTRACK. It definitely improves hoof quality. I saw a broodmare that had deep, vertical cracks in the toe when she was in foal, and she got lame from it. We put her on FASTRACK, and they disappeared when the hoof started to grow out," said Dr. Oscar Swanstrom (1940-2020), Member of the International Equestrian Veterinary Hall of Fame, Kentucky.

“A primary benefit of probiotics is to control intestinal infections in livestock. Some probiotic bacteria can increase nutrient utilization converting certain components of the diet into more digestible nutrients for the host animal. Probiotics have been shown to enhance feed efficiency, improve hair and hoof quality and appearance in horses and reduce digestive related problems such as foal-heat scours and colic,” said Dr. Stanley Gilliland, Oklahoma State University.

We offer a Preferred Customer Program that allows you to buy factory-direct at a significant discount with next-day shipment to your door any of the FASTRACK Products you need. To learn more at:

Find out more at or check out our Facebook HEALTHY HORSES Page:

Mike Mullen, the Horseman’s Dentist

It is a brisk winter day in late February, and Mike Mullin is up at 4 a.m. to prepare for galloping at Fair Hill.

Mike 1Always prepared, Mike’s routine dictates how early he must rise, as at 58 he must stick to a strict regime to stay limber to gallop.

He does yoga every morning to be ready to ride the fresh young thoroughbreds with expert hands.

Mike Mullin has been in the horse industry since before he could walk.

His father was a racehorse trainer, and Mike was rider at a very early age and had jockey goals as a young man.

He has been a jockey, trainer and horse dentist and is well known all over the mid Atlantic for his skill and expertise in starting young horses.

He has a knack for developing the ones that no one else had luck with and against all odds getting them to run successfully.

These days he is focusing only on training his own barn with Elisabeth Copeland, his partner.

Together they have few young racing prospects.

Mike 2Their barn is centered on the total horse, from breeding to racing to ultimately retraining and offering their horses to second careers.

They take a more conservative approach, sometimes waiting to bring horses along to give them more time to develop and grow.

It is a labor of love.

Mike and Elisabeth are both New Jersey transplants and now have made Maryland their home base.

The allure of Fair Hill spoke to both of them with tits unlimited training options to develop versatile and athletic horses.

They work as a team, with Elisabeth handling the day to day care on the farm, Mike's very busy dental schedule and Mike being the Trainer/ exercise rider/horse dentist.

The roles shift a bit when it comes to rehab and retraining where Elisabeth takes over.

Mike 3Their partnership has allowed both to develop their skill set and work together to champion each other's strengths.

As far as dentistry, Mike is a wizard.

He uses hand tools and uses his wonderful horsemanship to work with even the most challenging horses.

He is a soft spoken easy going man, and horses tend to melt like butter when he handles them.

Feel free to reach out if you are interested in equine dentistry.

Elisabeth handles the bookings 908-461-1492.

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