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Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Equine Law, Insurance & Acctg 2022

Start the conversation with people who understand your languageā€¦. Malvern Bank, Your Go-To Equestrian Bank

MALVERN, Pa.--Malvern bank established an equestrian business focus in 2017, offering horse owners, stables, farms, and those involved in other equestrian-related ventures, services geared toward the horse community such as private banking, lines of credit, investment management, and insurance services.

malvern 3https://www.mymalvernbank.com/private_client/private_equestrian.html

The bank’s Equestrian Division brings years of experience in the equine industry as well as a deep understanding of your business needs.

At Malvern we are impassioned about providing the personal service that is important to your busy equestrian schedule.

Our passion comes from the top and extends to other executives and team members throughout the organization, we are horse people and we “get it.”



Malvern 1Throughout the bank we represent a number of different disciplines and a variety of engagement levels from our CEO who is the owner of Blue Mountain Quarter Horses, to professional show jumper, Hillary Dobbs, the Vice President/ Director of Equestrian, to our weekend riders and many in between…. we understand.




Malvern 2Malvern Bank offers a full range of banking products to serve your needs, tailored with an understanding of your challenges that has been born from experience.

Our insurance specialists understand the complexities of protecting not only your structures, but also the crops, the merchandise, your animals and even your workers.

Whether you are looking to purchase or refinance your farm, build a new facility, obtain a new trailer or equipment, or find out about your properties or animals’ insurance, no matter what your financial goals are; we can help you make it happen!

Start your conversation with, Sally Lawson, Senior Vice President/Senior Investment Advisor at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or 610-695-3651

Who needs insurance? You, most likely! Go to Fry's Insurance

Fry's Equine Insurance has a policy designed for you whether you own your own farm or lease property to run your equine operation, or you are an independent instructor or trainer going to different locations, or you host shows and/or clinics.

Frys 1Fry’s can also help protect your equine club or association and the individual horse owner.

When a property has an equine business (boarding, training, lessons, etc.) most homeowners policies may be lacking important coverage for both property and liability claims.

frys 2An equine insurance agent can help you decide the best way to protect yourself.

As insurance companies are requiring farm owners to get proof of insurance from trainers/instructors, clinicians, and clubs who come to their property, Fry’s Equine Insurance can help there as well by providing long or short-term policies for these business and associations.

frys 3The individual horse owner also needs to think about liability coverage.

If their horse hurts someone or damages property, you could be named in a claim and your boarding facility’s policy will not cover you (and many homeowners' policies will not either).

Whether you need to insure your farm or equine business (boarding, lessons, training, shows, clinics), club or association, or your horse (mortality, medical, loss of use), Fry’s Equine Insurance Agency can help you.

Give Fry's a call at 614-875-3711 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free, no-obligation quote.

Check out the website at www.FrysEquineInsurance.com for more valuable information.

Susan Strawser, Owner/Agent

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ~ Fax 614-875-1549

Hot Hot Hot - Use The Legal Equine, don't get burned on an equine purchase or sale

CLARKSBURG, W. Va.-- Despite all the economic doom and gloom in the news these days, the horse market remains red hot.

Legal Eagle 3Allison Farrell and her Gypsy Vanner mare Madigan resting during a show in Jacksonville, Fla., in MarchPrices are strong, stock is moving fast, and buyers may be tempted to buy without doing their due diligence.

As an equine attorney who gets involved when purchases or sales go sideways, my best general tip to buyers is to insist on performing your due diligence to ensure the horse you are considering is suitable and serviceably sound for your purposes.

Visit the horse, take him for a test ride if applicable, and have a veterinarian perform a pre-purchase exam.

Any professional seller will allow this and will not rush you into purchasing.

A new horse is a big commitment and you want to feel sure he is a good fit for you and your discipline.

Legal Eagle 2Allison Farrell and Madigan trail riding in the Cook Forest outside Clarion, Pa., over the Fourth of JulyAs for sellers, my best general tip is to be totally honest in your description of the horse and offer the potential purchaser a written purchase and sale contract.

A properly drafted purchase and sale agreement will allow you to set forth terms specific to your deal and can help protect you from liability or damages in the event the potential buyer is hurt by the horse or fails to fulfill the agreement.

As a co-owner of Almost Heaven Vanners, LLC, I implement these practices whenever we buy or sell.

Leal Eagle 1Gracie Shingleton riding Madigan at the Central WV Riding Club Fun Show in JulyIf you want specialized legal help from an equine attorney licensed in Pa., Ohio, or W. Va., contact Allison J. Farrell at (304) 399-9763, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

She can be found on the web at www.thelegalequine.com or follow The Legal Equine’s Facebook page.

Mr. Tarshis, himself a competitor, understands legal representation

After many years as a member of large law firms, in 2008 Mr. Tarshis established his own law practice concentrating in his areas of his specialty representing entrepreneurial, closely held businesses, commercial real estate developers and commercial financing institutions.

Equilaw 1But Mr. Tarshis also decided to go off on his own so he could devote more time to his passion for horses and competitive riding.

Over the course of the last 25 years, he has competed in combined training (commonly referred to as eventing), show jumping and for the last 10 years in dressage, where he currently competes at the Prix St. George level.

Equilaw 2In addition to his competitive achievements as a rider, several years ago Mr. Tarshis became intrigued by the sport of standardbred harness racing and has become a breeder of standardbred racehorses as well as an owner of both pacing and trotting racehorses.

Mr. Tarshis' unique and complete immersion in both the world or sport horses and racehorses has provided him with an understanding and connection with the horse community that provides his clients a great sense of confidence and comfort that he “gets it” when they come to him for legal representation for a myriad of legal issues and challenges that confront horse owners every day.

Mr. Tarshis generously gives his time to all horse people and invites anyone with a legal issue facing their horses or their horse business to contact him and take advantage of his free consultation policy.

Equilaw 3He can be reached at (844) 737-8452.

Jeffers Insurance is a full service insurance agency specializing in equine insurance

RED LION, PA.--Jeffers Insurance is a full service Independent Insurance Agency, in Red Lion PA built on Trust, Knowledge, and commitment.

Jeffers Group photo 2 1Jeffers serves Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland and Virginia.

We bundle your insurance needs within our agency to eliminate potential gaps in coverage allowing discounted pricing for multiple lines.

Specializing in Agricultural/Equine Insurance, we offer comprehensive farm and equine package policies in addition to farm auto packages.

Jeffer’s staff has combined 90+ years insurance experience providing clients with professional advice and recognizing individual farming exposures for customized insurance packages.

Those packages include:

Jeffers Walt and Teresa and Amys horse 1Walt and Teresa Jeffers and Amys horse 1Equine Commercial Liability- Lessons, Boarding, Care Custody Control, Training, Shows, Independent Instructors Insurance, Leased Farms.

Farmowners – Gentlemen Farms, Equine & other livestock, Crop, Hobby, Tenants

Homeowners- nonfarm, renters, mobile home,

Auto- Farm Pickups, Trailers, Personal

Boats, ATVs, Golf Carts, Snowmobiles

Equine Mortality and Major Medical - Competitive pricing, expanded coverage

We are committed to serving the farm community.

Jeffers replaceMr. Jeffers served as past President of Pa. Equine Council.

During his term he was actively involved in passing the Pa. Equine Liability law.

This was an important movement in Pennsylvania.

Jeffer’s owns a livestock/crop farm and understands what it takes to protect your farm today.

Give Jeffers Insurance a call at 800-304-0739 or click on the Ad “We got your Back” for a link to our website and request a free quote.

To insure or not to insure. Is your horse covered? Go to Blue Bridle for coverage

Past studies have determined that the leading cause of death among horses, ages 6 months to 19, is colic followed by injury/wounds and trauma.

Blue BridleIt is common now for equine mortality insurance policies to include an emergency colic surgery provision, however there are other medical endorsements available.

Major Medical (which includes surgical) provides the broadest coverage and may be an option for horses at 30 days of age to age 20.

Most policyholders add Major Medical and/or Surgical endorsements to help defray the cost of necessary veterinarian treatment if the horse is injured or becomes ill.

There is also an alternative coverage called Catastrophic Accident and Illness which provides coverage for illness, acute injury or colic and is less expensive then major medical.

This is available regardless of insured value.

These medical coverages are important and easily understood with the guidance of your equine insurance agent.

Without insurance, the decision to treat an illness or euthanize the horse is an emotionally painful one.

Horse insurance can restore you financially and so for many, it is a sound investment.

It is important to explore all the options available to you.

Please call Blue Bridle Insurance at 800-526-1711 today for your free quote or go to www.bluebridle.com.

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