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Friday, September 22, 2023

Equine Law, Insurance & Accounting 2023

Saddling Success: Navigating equestrian business challenges with financial finesse with Saul Bookkeeping

The Equestrian Industry is built with a sturdy stock of business owners.

Saul 1Pam Saul We confront a 1,200 pound chestnut mare and body challenge her to not pin her ears, a scenario that might send most “ordinary” people running for cover.

Nonetheless, despite our courage in the horse world, when it comes to being a business owner, sometimes to make decisions based on solid foundational information for the business owner.

The decisions we make as a business owner are completely different than when we are working with horses and clients.

It is a mindset that takes on a different look.

This certainly includes finances and record keeping requirements.

Saul 2Rolling Acres Show StablesAs owners, we need to satisfy the IRS that we run a business and not a hobby.

We need to satisfy the bank that we are efficient and diligent with our funds.

We need to prove to vendors that we can pay for services and products provided.

How can we do all this while spending time in the barn?

By setting up a bookkeeping process that gives the ability to make decisions based on solid foundational information to for the business owner.

Saul 3Red Horse Mountain RanchYour books can tell you who really is a good client (participates regularly, pays on time) and who needs to be looked after.

They can tell you which profit centers are making you the most revenue (is it lessons, competitions, or sales?)

They can tell you when you might have a cash flow issue (should you change deadlines or hold off on purchases?).

They can show your expenses and tell you if something is off (my hay costs doubled what’s up?)

Using the books as a tool is no different than learning to post to the trot.

Once you get the process in place, it will click and you’ll be able to use the books as a tool.

For more information, www.saulbookkeeping.com  or call 301-520-3937.


Fry's Insurance protects you and your horses

Fry’s Equine Insurance Agency has been working with horsemen since 1984.

fry 1Insuring your horse is a way to protect your finances if there is an accident or sickness.

Mortality insurance provides coverage on the life of the horse and includes theft and some colic surgery.

You can also purchase different medical options such as major medical covering required treatments and surgeries.

Another policy to consider is liability coverage.

If your horse hurts someone or damages their property do you have protection under your homeowners policy?

If you board your horse, you still have a liability exposure.

Your horse could kick another horse or get out on the road.

You will be named in a claim as owner of the horse and you will need to defend yourself.

fry 2For less than a few hours of an attorney’s time you can have a policy with a $1,000,000 limit.

Do you offer boarding at your place or are you giving lessons or training?

If so you should contact Fry’s Equine Insurance to discuss a Commercial Liability policy.

This policy is tailored to your specific needs and can include coverage for boarding, lessons, training, show, clinics, and day camps.

Fry’s Equine Insurance also writes farm policies.

Many homeowner’s policies exclude coverage on any building used in a business.

If you don’t have an equine-specific policy, you could be missing important coverage – such as fire/storm damage to your barn or not enough coverage to replace it if there’s a total loss.

Give Susan Strawser, owner of Fry’s Equine Insurance Agency, or Ron Johnson a call at 614-875-3711 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Stop horsing around, Get a Check Up from Jeffers Insurance

RED LION, Pa.--Jeffers Insurance is a full service Independent Insurance Agency located in Red Lion Pa., built on trust, knowledge, and commitment with over 40 years of specialized equine farm insurance knowledge.

jeffer 1Recently we partnered with Seltzer Group Partners expanding our insurance markets in more states and broader markets for all aspects of farm, personal and business insurance.

Jeffers is a one-stop shop for all your needs.

Today we are able to tap into equine markets with more carrier choices that entertain various equine exposures.

The Equine farm package allows for bundling farm exposures on one policy.

In addition, we offer auto coverage for farm trucks, trailers and personal autos.

jeff2Our commitment by introducing products for all types of equine farmers, gives you the protection you need.

For the homeowner who owns a few personal horses, a Gentlemen farm package product will cover your dwelling, barns , and personal /equine liability on and off premises under one policy.

Jeffers will assist in evaluating your risk and find the best policy for your exposures.

jeffer 2It is suggested you schedule an appointment at renewal with your Agent to review your coverages.

You don’t want to find out during a claim you did not have adequate coverage for your property / liability loss.

With today’s inflation, there has been an increase in building values with dwellings, barns, and some types of machinery.

Take the time to review your policy and make sure your assets and property are covered.

Call us at 717-840-1985 if you are interested in a free quote.

Mr. Tarshis, himself a competitor, understands legal representation

After many years as a member of large law firms, in 2008 Mr. Tarshis established his own law practice concentrating in his areas of his specialty representing entrepreneurial, closely held businesses, commercial real estate developers and commercial financing institutions.

Equilaw 1But Mr. Tarshis also decided to go off on his own so he could devote more time to his passion for horses and competitive riding.

Over the course of the last 25 years, he has competed in combined training (commonly referred to as eventing), show jumping and for the last 10 years in dressage, where he currently competes at the Prix St. George level.

Equilaw 2In addition to his competitive achievements as a rider, several years ago Mr. Tarshis became intrigued by the sport of standardbred harness racing and has become a breeder of standardbred racehorses as well as an owner of both pacing and trotting racehorses.

Mr. Tarshis' unique and complete immersion in both the world or sport horses and racehorses has provided him with an understanding and connection with the horse community that provides his clients a great sense of confidence and comfort that he “gets it” when they come to him for legal representation for a myriad of legal issues and challenges that confront horse owners every day.

Mr. Tarshis generously gives his time to all horse people and invites anyone with a legal issue facing their horses or their horse business to contact him and take advantage of his free consultation policy.

Equilaw 3He can be reached at (844) 737-8452.

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