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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Equine Law/Insurance/Accounting

Blue Bridle offers a variety of equine liability insurance

Blue Bridle offers Equine Liability insurance for a large variety of risks, for example:

blue bridle 4- Private Horse Owners
- Boarding, Training, Lessons
- Riding Clubs
- Horse Shows & Clinics

Liability coverage is also available for independent or “free lance” instructors or trainers.

Blue Bridle 3The independent instructor or trainer generally does not own or lease a stable, instead travels to other facilities.

This insurance will provide third party bodily injury and property damage for which you become legally liable due to your equine operations such as riding lessons, training or clinics.

The independent instructor or trainer may be asked to provide proof of liability insurance for their equine activities.

Property owners often request that they be named as Additional Insured on the policy.

blue bridle 5This can provide some protection for the owner with respect to your equine activities while you are operating on their property.

It is very important that you have the proper coverage in place, before a claim arises.

Even if a claim against you is unfounded, the legal cost of your defense can be devasting.

Legal Defense is an important part of your equine liability policy.

Call Blue Bridle Insurance today to talk to an agent about Liability insurance.

Call 800 -526-1711 or 908-735- 6362 or go to www.blluebride.com.


Does your insurance offer you peace of mind? Fry's does

Equine insurance is not a topic of conversation that comes up often but it is important to consider.

Fry 1Whether you are a horse owner or you run an equine business and own your property or lease a farm, or you are an independent instructor or trainer, liability insurance is imperative for protecting yourself and your clients.

Fry 2If you own a horse and board him at another barn your homeowners policy most likely doesn’t provide coverage if your horse hurts someone or damages their property.

Your boarding barn probably carries insurance but that covers them – not you.

If you are running an equine operation such as boarding or lessons, your homeowners policy may exclude coverage on your barn or it may not be valued properly.

Fry 3Fry’s Equine Insurance offers equine-specific policies for your home, buildings, machinery, tack, and equine business.

You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your policy is designed specifically for you.

Another valuable policy to consider is life and health insurance for your horse in the event he gets sick or is injured.

Vet bills can add up quickly and this policy can help relieve some of the stress during this time.

As a horse owner or a horse business person, you have a lot of responsibility.

Fry’s Equine Insurance is here to help you get the right coverage at the right price, giving you peace of mind.

Susan Strawser, owner of Fry’s Equine Insurance Agency, www.FrysEquineInsurance.com, 614-875-3711 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jeffers insurance, a full service agency specializing in equine insurance serving Pa., N.Y., Md. and Va.

RED LION, Pa.--Jeffers Insurance is a full service Independent Insurance Agency, in Red Lion built on trust, knowledge, and commitment.

Group photo 2We bundle your insurance needs within our agency to eliminate potential gaps in coverage, allowing discounted pricing for multiple lines.

Specializing in Agricultural/Equine Insurance, we offer comprehensive farm and equine package policies in addition to farm auto packages.

walt and Teresa and Amys horseJeffer’s staff has combined 90+ years insurance experience providing clients with professional advice and recognizing individual farming exposures for customized insurance packages.

Equine Commercial Liability includes  Lessons, Boarding, Care Custody Control, Training, Shows, Independent Instructors Insurance and Leased Farms.

The Farm Package includes Equine & other livestock, Crop (Hay, Grain, Hemp, etc), Hobby, Tenants and Homeowners- non-farm includes personal horse boarded and tenant.

Auto includes Farm Pickups, Trailers and Personal

Group Photo 6Equine Mortality and Major Medical has Competitive pricing, expanded coverage.

We are committed to serving the farm community.

Mr. Jeffers served as past President of the PA Equine Council.

During his term he was actively involved in passing the PA Equine Liability law.

This was an important movement in Pa.

The Jeffers own a livestock/crop farm and understand what it takes to protect your farm today.

Give Jeffers Insurance a call at 800-304-0739 or click on the Ad “We got your Back” for a link to our website and request a free quote.

Hare, Chase & Heckman insures all types of equine industry

Through recent years, Hare, Chase and Heckman’s Equine Insurance Program insures horses, owners, trainers/riding instructors, and equestrian facilities for-profit and non-profit.

HAreChase 1We believe that creative risk management is the key to affordable insurance planning.

As an agency, we provide a fresh look at your particular coverage situation, often seeking where a simple change can significantly lower or eliminate risk.

Harechase 2Homeowner and standard farm-owner insurance policies completely exclude your equine business pursuits in many ways.

Our equine commercial liability policy is designed to ensure any type of horse-related business including below.
- Equine TrainerHorse Trainer Liability Insurance
- Riding Instructor Liability Insurance
- Boarding Stable Liability Insurance
- Horse Show Liability Insurance
- Horse Care Custody & Control Liability Insurance.

We are proud to be one of the oldest, privately owned Independent Insurance Agencies and we continue to do business the old-fashioned way - with Consideration, Integrity, and Honesty.

For more information, call 610-640-4400 or go to http://www.harechaseandheckman.com/equine-insurance/

Story written by Ashley Cichon.


Duke Accounting offers a variety of services

Duke Accounting & Consulting LLC, offers a variety of tax, accounting and small business consulting services.

Duke account 2 SonnySonnyOwned and operated by Jenn Wilson, EA, MBA since 2009, Jenn prides herself on customer service and attention to detail with her clients.

Focused primarily on Tax services, Jenn, with experience in a variety of industries, both for-profit and non-profit, has a magnitude of clients ranging from individuals to professional businesses and horse farms.

Duke accout 1Duke Accounting offers personal and professional service without the high costs associated with most firms.

Jenn received her EA credentials in 2011.

EA's (Enrolled Agents) are America's Tax Experts, regulated by the IRS's, Office of Professional Responsibility, EA's have the authority to represent their clients in front of the IRS.

For more information, contact 610-780-9011; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; www.dukeaccounting.com

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