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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Equine Feed & Supplies 2022

Sustenance Herbs, dedicated to unsurpassed quality

sustenanceOver 13 years ago, Joyce Belcher decided it was high time to turn her passion for holistic health into a business.

Sustenance herbsShe expanded her studies to focus on herbs, and launched Herbs for Life, Inc. in 2008 and worked with several holistic and integrative veterinarians, establishing custom formulas creating a unique line of organic pet supplements as well as a line of herbal medicinals, Joyce’s new company quickly began to thrive…and so did her customers

From the start, Herbs for Life, Inc has been dedicated to unsurpassed quality.

Each one of their products is made using 100% non-GMO, certified organic and/or wild harvested ingredients, and no chemicals are added or used, ever, in the manufacturing process.

The company prides themselves on safety and efficacy and plans to continue growing without losing focus of her mission.

Sustenance 3“Our mission and passion is and has always been to help pets get healthy and stay healthy as nature intended,” she says. Whether an animal needs a daily supplement to balance their immune system or a botanical medicinal to address a more serious issue.

Her Detox Liver Cleanse, for instance, has been a game changer for the health of many animals.

It works to remove heavy metals, restore normal healthy function of the eliminatory organs (Liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, blood and neurological systems) and, like all her products, contains NO inactive ingredients.

Joyce felt the name of her supplement line, Pet Wellness Blends, didn’t fully encompass the values she so strongly upholds.

Sustenance 2So what did she do?

She rebranded!

This product line can now be found under the name “Sustenance Herbs”, a title that better reflects its ability to support and maintain health.

“Sustenance refers to something that is consumed that sustains life or health,” says Joyce. “And the happiness that pet owners have when their dog, cat or horse is healthy, happy and feeling great is what keeps me going!”

For more information call 1-800-510-9597 or visit www.sustenanceherbsforpets.com





Rohrer Seeds and Supplies, offering high quality seed for 103 years!

Located in historic Lancaster County PA, Rohrer Seeds and Supplies has been in business for 103 years.

Rorhrer leftStarting off primarily as a farm seed dealer, we have transformed to meet the needs of customers today, focusing on garden, cover crop, turf, and pasture seed.

We are committed to offering high quality seeds at affordable prices, while continuing to provide helpful advice and support to customers.

Offering a wide selection of pasture mixes, we are confident that we can find a mix that will fit your equine and livestock needs.

Healthy pastures make healthy animals, which is why we strive to offer all the necessary tools you may need for managing your pastures!

Rohrer 1In addition to high quality seed, we also offer herbicides, fertilizers, lime, and other important tools.

Managing a healthy pasture can be challenging but is worth the added benefits to your animals.

Stop by or give us a call and learn how to have your soils tested, or for advice on overseeding an existing pasture!

Visit our retail store at 2472 Old Philadelphia Pike Lancaster, PA 17602, or check out our website www.rohrerseeds.com!

Hay Pillows®- The Most Natural & Logical Slow Feed Solution

Heads down; the best slow feed choice....The Standard® and Mini Hay Pillow® are the only slow feed hay bags designed for use on the ground with a solid back; allowing your horse to eat in a natural grazing position, drastically reduces wasted hay and easily encourage movement with multiple locations.

Hay pillow 1 rightHay Pillow is available in four mesh sizes, easy fill, durable, effective and proudly made in the USA.

Why is feeding your horse from ground level best?

There is less strain on the skeletal system and optimum mastication, the nasal passages drain effectively, the horse is in a relaxed emotional state, this eliminates particles falling into eyes and does not impair peripheral vision.

hay pillow 2Hanging and horse trailer manger bags are also available to accommodate all of your slow feed needs whether you’re at home or on the road.

These innovative slow feed solutions are popular for all of your barnyard buddies.

Slow fed free choice forage is beneficial for all herbivores including goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, camels, horses, donkeys and mules.

hay pillow3Our website supports a natural lifestyle for happier, healthier herds by also offering enrichment toys, slow feed hay nets, grazing muzzles, safety and emergency ID tags and more.

Visit www.thehaypillow.com to learn more or call 888.489.0022 to take advantage of their expertise.

The Mill – Serving Farms and Communities for over 50 years.

The Mill is a family-owned ag retail company that has seven locations in the Mid-Atlantic offering farm and home deliveries in Md., Pa., Del., and surrounding areas as well as curbside pickup and online shopping.

The Mill 1Expert staff consists of nutritionists, nutrient management planners, certified crop and turf advisors, certified professional horticulturists, master gardeners and years of hands-on experience in equine, pet, livestock, turf, pasture, and crop management to help troubleshoot challenges and recommend products to meet your goals.

The Mill rewards our loyal customers.

Frequent buyer programs offer a free bag for every 10 or 12 bought for some products.

The Mill has an exclusive reward program for all its patrons in addition to the frequent buyer program.

There are points for every retail purchase that triggers a mailed coupon once the target is received.

The equine department offers 6 major brands and our own line of Mill equine feeds, supplements, horse health, fencing and barn supplies too.

The Mill 2They offer soil testing and pasture management advice as well as providing area farms lime and fertilizer field applications and a post pounder rental for DIY fencing projects.

Equine specialists provide track and farm feed service in addition to hay and fecal testing services.

Michelle Jenkins, The Mill’s Equine Nutritionist provides consultations from on-line to on-farm assessments.

Equipped with a portable scale, she provids feed rations based on topline and body condition scoring and physiological requirements to help horse owners meet their goals and budget.

Mill-fed champions cross all facets of equine and livestock events.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn how they can help you achieve greater health, performance, savings, or convenience from your feeding program.

The Mill can also deliver many other products for your home, farm or wildlife.

From solar salt, pet food, bird seed and wood heat pellets to stall mats or grass seed, tools, and mulch,

The Mill has you covered!

Forage First GS: Support for optimal gastric health

James Lattimer Ph.D, PAS

Forage 1Gastric ulcers affect an estimated 50 to 90 percent of all performance and racehorses. 

Common symptoms include decreased appetite, colic, behavioral changes, weight loss and reduced performance.

This man-made condition is a product of stress, reduced forage intake, meal feeding and/or high starch diets.

But, through dietary modifications, horse owners can decrease the risk of ulcers in their horses.

Most dietary interventions help buffer stomach contents and include continual access to pasture, providing a free-choice forage, replacing grass hay with alfalfa, substituting starch with fat, and minimizing stress.

Forage 2Unfortunately, even when owners do things correctly their horses can still suffer from gastric discomfort.

This is why we at ADM Animal Nutrition developed Forage First® GS, a unique supplement with a triple action formula designed specifically to help support a healthy stomach.

The proprietary mineral complex provides marine derived calcium and magnesium in a unique honeycomb structure which acts as a strong buffer, helping neutralize gastric acid.

Lecithin, a natural phospholipid, can interact with the gastric mucosa, providing an additional layer of protection for the stomach lining.

Pectin, a water-soluble fiber, can help increase the viscosity of the stomach contents which may help further protect gastric mucosa.

Forage 3In a field study conducted at a commercial equine hospital, six mature performance horses presented signs of gastric discomfort and underwent gastroscopy to evaluate gastric mucosa health.

Each horse was diagnosed with grade 2 ulcers of the lesser curvature.

Owners were given Forage First® GS and instructions to not begin any other possible interventions including nutritional/management practices, housing, exercise and/or pharmaceutical.

After 30 days, a second gastroscopy revealed a 75 percent reduction in ulcer scores.

This data supports the use of Forage First® GS to help support a healthy gastric environment.

Forage First® GS is available locally at Sensenig's Feed Mill in New Holland, Pa.

For information on this product specifically from Sensenig's or for any of your equine nutrition needs please call Ashley, Sensenig's Equine Consultant at (717)354-4756.
Video link of product research and feed trial information: https://vimeo.com/641273079

Free Dinner and Educational Opportunity with Dr. James Lattimer, Equine Nutritionist for Farmers Coop

FREDERICK, Md.--The Team at FCA is dedicated to not only supplying your equine friends with fresh quality feeds, but also assisting you in making the right choice because we know every horse has unique needs.

Coop 1That is why we are inviting you to join us on Sept. 29 to listen and to learn from ADM Equine Nutritionist, Dr. James Lattimer.

Dr. Lattimer has worn many hats throughout his life but none more fitting than his cowboy hat.

In addition to being experienced and highly educated in the field of equine nutrition, Dr. Lattimer was also a “horseperson” himself who understands firsthand the challenges horse owners face.

Dr. Lattimer will provide you with knowledge you can easily understand.

If you are expecting to sit and copy information off a slide show you will be in for a surprise because he will have you at the edge of your seat engaged in his presentation and a conversation.

Coop 2So please join us for a free dinner, door prizes, and a night of education on Thursday, Sept. 29 at the Frederick Fairgrounds in Frederick, Md!

Registration and dinner will be from 6:00-6:30 p.m. with the interactive educational presentation from 6:30-8:30.

Do not pass up this opportunity to learn from one of the leading experts in the field of Equine Nutrition!

Some background on Dr. James Lattimer:

Coop 3Dr. James Lattimer, equine nutritionist with ADM Animal Nutrition, earned his Ph.D. in comparative nutrition from Kansas State University and later returned there as a faculty member in the Animal Sciences and Industry Department where he conducted extensive equine and comparative nutrition research focusing on digestive physiology of the horse with specific areas in the gut micro biome and the effect of feedstuffs on gut health.

In addition to his vast expertise researching and teaching equine nutrition, Dr. Lattimer has a lifetime of hands-on horse knowledge including team roping, calf roping and intercollegiate horse judging.

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