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Monday, October 25, 2021

Equine Feed & Supplies 2021

Pughtown Agway, a farm, feed and garden center, has all the essentials for farm and barn

SPRING CITY, Pa.--Pughtown Agway is a Farm, Feed and Garden center located in Spring City, Pa.

Pughtown 1We have all the essentials for your farm and barn! You name it, we've got it!

We carry a complete line of products for all of your animals, large or small including; Horse, Poultry, Livestock, Dog, Cat, Rabbit, and more!

In each of our pet categories, we pride ourselves in offering great quality products at competitive pricing to meet every pet and owner’s needs.

Pughtown 23In our Equine section we offer top quality horse feed in over seven different brands with more than 50 individual feed options to find the perfect match for your equine friend. This includes a vast line of organic horse feed.

In addition, we have one of the largest selections of forages available in the area including several options of hay in Dengi, cubed, and pellet form.

We also carry a full line of fly spray, supplements, first aid, and grooming products.

Pughtown 32Please stop by and take a look at all we have to offer you and your animal friends here at Pughtown Agway.

And don't forget to check out our big beautiful Garden Center now too. We look forward to meeting you!

Please drop by soon! 610-469-9238



Come to Stoltzfus Feed for all your equine feed and supply needs!

Stoltzfus 1We are loaded with all kinds of great brands and products that will make your horse happy.

Visit our friendly "country store" to find quality products at a fair price.

We carry Buckeye, Blue Seal, Nutrena, Kalmbach, Triple Crown and our own private label feeds to name a few great brands.

And now that the shows are in full swing again, we have the feeds and supplements to fuel your equine athlete and some helpful tips to keep them performing at their best.

Many horses are subjected to the stress of traveling so you may need additional requirements for managing their feeding programs.

Horses like consistency.

Changes can cause emotional and physical stress.

The following are some suggestions that may be useful to help maintain body condition, appearance, and performance.

Stoltzfus 2FIRST and foremost, it is critical to maintaining water intake while traveling and while stabled away from home.

Your horses will need fresh clean water available at all times and even offered as needed between classes.

If horses get dehydrated during a show, the risk of impaction colic may increase, particularly during hot weather.

The horses may also not perform up to expectations, particularly in multiple day or multiple event competitions.

SECOND, maintain your feeding schedule as close as possible to the routine followed at home.

Stoltzfus 4You may have to adjust slightly to accommodate classes.

If you miss a feeding, do not double up at the next one!

Use the same forage as you feed at home.

Salt should be offered free choice white traveling.

Additional electrolytes may be used prior to, during, and following a competition, but should not be added to the water as this may impact water intake.

THIRD, monitor body condition carefully and adjust feeding rates to avoid excess weight loss while traveling.

FOURTH, select a horse feed that will help reduce the risk of metabolic issues and will help maintain intake to maintain body condition and bloom.

Added fat, controlled starch and sugar products with balanced amino acids and added key vitamins work well for virtually all classes of show horses.

For additional product information please stop by Stoltzfus Feed and Supply in Gap or call 717-442-8280.

Slow feeding success with Hay Pillow - Avoiding frustration key

The key to a successful transition to slow feeding or introducing a smaller mesh size is to make it a positive experience for your horse and avoid causing frustration, which defeats the purpose of happier, healthier horses.

Hay Pillow 1Frustration elevates stress levels and increases gastric acid production.

Two important factors within your control that influence your horse's frustration level are:
• How you introduce slow feeding.
• Your choice of mesh size.

Hay Pillow 2If slow feeding is introduced thoughtfully, the vast majority of individuals adapt quickly, typically the first day!

Tips for Introducing a New Slow Feeder
• Don't overfill. If it's filled too tightly, it will force your equine to scrape their teeth across the netting to extract hay and cause frustration.
• Do pull hay through the openings. This gives your horse an easy start.
• Do place loose hay on top if using a Bale Net, Standard, Mini or Manger Hay Pillow.
• Do choose a slow feed solution appropriate for your horse's unique environment and weather conditions.
• Do monitor your horse and adjust accordingly.

Hay Pillow 3When choosing a mesh size for your slow feed hay bags or nets, it is prudent to err on the side of caution.

Small mesh sizes do not necessarily equate to your horse eating slower - he may not be able to extract hay and experience frustration.

Visit our blog to learn more:

The Mill – serving farms and communities for over 50 years

The Mill is a family-owned ag retail and crop services company that has 7 locations in the Mid-Atlantic offering farm and home deliveries in Md., southeast Pa., Del., and areas of N.J. and Va., as well as curbside pickup and online shopping.

Mill 1Expert staff consists of animal nutritionists, nutrient management planners, certified crop and turf advisors, certified professional horticulturist, master gardeners and years of hands-on experience in equine, pet, livestock, turf and crop management to help trouble shoot challenges and recommend products to meet your goals.

The Mill rewards our loyal customers.

Frequent buyer programs offer a free bag for every 10 or 12 bought for some products.

The Mill has an exclusive reward program for all its patrons in addition to the frequent buyer program.

There are points for every retail purchase that triggers a mailed coupon once the target is received.

The Mill has feed and supplies for farm and companion animals as well as wildlife.

Mill 2Our pet department offers kibble, can, freeze dry, raw and frozen foods from Taste of the Wild, Fromm, VeRus, Pro Plan, Victor, Loyall Life, Merrick, River Run, Primal, Natural Balance, Exclusive, Southern States and more.

There is a full line of treats, toys, collars, leashes, grooming needs, and other supplies for your pets.

The equine department offers Nutrena, Purina, Triple Crown, McCauleys, Buckeye, Southern States and our own line of Mill feeds and supplements.

The Mill has horse health and barn supplies.

Equine specialists provide track and farm feed consultations, hay testing services and pasture management advice.

Livestock feeds and supplies include Nutrena, Southern States, Sunglo and our own lineup of Mill Feeds for poultry, cattle, pigs and small ruminants.

Basic health and show supplies are available.

Mill 3Our livestock nutritionist offers farm consultations and assists youth raising livestock for show with a portable scale and feed programs for health and success.

The Mill has garden centers and turf specialists to get your lawn and garden looking its best.

Mill grass seed is blended for the MidAtlantic region with varieites from the Md., state approved list.

Fertilizer is blended to meet the most common needs seen on our homeowners soil test results and our trained staff can provide recommendations for sustainable lawn care.

We have stone, mulch, topsoil and amendments bagged or bulk.

The Mill has a full selection of food, feeders and supplies for wild birds with the most competitive prices.

Our Mill bird seed and suet blends are high quality formulations made in consultation with Washington College’s Field Ecologist from the Foreman’s Branch Bird Observatory to ensure the seed selections will be appropriate and desirable to our region’s song birds.

The Mill also carries items for the home including heat pellets, grilling pellets, solar and pool sat, charcoal and propane, tools for the yard and farm, candles, flags and décor as well as great gifts.

Visit to learn more!

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