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Friday, September 22, 2023

Dressage at Devon

Enjoy Dressage at Devon

Enjoy World Class Dressage at Dressage at Devon again this year, Sept. 26 to Oct. 1.

Get your online tickets now for a 3-day Package (Thrus, Fri, Sat), for Reserved Seating, or General Admission.

You won't want to miss The Master Class with Cathrine Laudrup-Dufour which is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 28.

Class begins at 6pm.

Here are many HDV advertisers who are offering their full support to this great show:

Think custom stalls from Sunset Valley Metal Craft for ultimate comfort and convenience

LEOLA, Pa.--Your new barn isn’t finished until you build the most important component—the stalls!

Sunset 1Sunset Valley Metal Craft specializes in quality horse stalls and components—Dutch doors, Dutch windows, aisle/sliding doors, hardware and custom metal fabrications.

Since 1975, Sunset Valley Metalcraft has been building quality horse stalls that offer rich beauty and detail combined with safety and durability.

They’ve perfected their standard horse stall designs with practical features and sturdiness in mind.

Their standard horse stalls are available in steel or aluminum construction with over 100 color options.

All stalls feature a quality powder coating and a zinc epoxy undercoat for a longer lifespan and maximum durability.

Stalls are available in a variety of styles, which include feeder doors and v-yoke and drop gates:
• Freestanding Modular Stalls are a modular stall supported by the barn post work to support the fronts.
• Free standing Stalls with Posts are inserted between structural posts in the barn.
• European Style Stalls include hand-polished brass finials, trim strips in the top and bottom, and 2” on center bar spacing so a horse’s hoof cannot slip through between the bars.
• Freestanding Stalls have self-supporting fronts and partitions with custom arch top for a European touch.

Sunset2“Whether you would like to make changes to one of our standard horse stall designs or have an idea that’s all your own, we can make it happen,” said sales manager Mike Rinier. “Show us your design or a picture, and we’ll gladly customize your stalls to your preferences and specifications. Or simply tell us what your needs are, and we will make recommendations based on what we think is best for you and your horses. As always, feel free to visit our shop in Leola, Lancaster County, Pa., for additional inspiration!”

To learn more, call (717) 656-8219 or visit sunsetvalleymetalcraft.com.

We also have portable horse stall rentals.

In need of temporary horse stalls for your next show or exhibit?

Sunset Valley Metal Craft knows that your horse deserves the best and offers portable horse stall rentals—ideal for your next show, clinic, or event.

The free-standing tent system means no poles, no ropes, and no stakes to interfere with the safety of you and your horse.

Sunset 3And, the 6′ overhang will give you plenty of room to work under.

Please call ahead to check availability and be sure to allow enough time for delivery and setup.

The portable stalls are available for rent in Pa., N.Y., Mass., Conn., N.J., Del., Md. Va., W.V., and Ohio.

Call 877-389-0844 for more information or visit sunsetvalleymetalcraft.com.

Sunset Valley Metalcraft Ad

Sunset Valley 900 x 1150DAD

DelVal Equine Program Breeds Success

It is 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning and several students have been working in the stables on Delaware Valley University’s campus for a while.

DelVal 1 aThey have fed the horses and are now cleaning stalls.

This same scene replays every morning at the Equine Center, 365 days a year, regardless of weather.

Students are in the barn by 6 a.m. in the summer to stay ahead of the heat.

Each year, incoming freshmen majoring in equine science or equine management attend a mandatory equine orientation before classes officially start.

This highly focused week is designed to introduce the students to the horses, facilities, faculty, and most importantly – to each other.

This week is the beginning of building a close cohort of students who will spend the majority of their time together over the next four years.

“Our students tell me that they feel like this is home for them, that this is where they should be,” shared Dr. Cory Kieschnick ’07, Ed.D. ’22, chair of the Department of Equine Science and Management and director of Equestrian Teams for the University. “There is a lot of bonding that takes place during orientation week and you see the value of this as they work closely together over the next four years.”

The equine programs at Delval continue with robust in enrollment of more than 100 students.

DelVal2 a“Our programs place major emphasis on the safety and welfare of our horses,” said Dr. Kieschnick. “The concept of a ‘social license to operate’ has become a focus in our industry. This is not new for DelVal, in fact, it is incorporated in everything we do.” In addition, the strong work ethic that our students bring every day, along with daily opportunities for hands-on learning, really set DelVal graduates apart in the field. Employers are looking for specific hands-on skills and the equine faculty integrate these skills with the curriculum. DelVal students don’t just learn about equine nutrition from a book; they are weighing and body condition scoring horses. And they study the impact of utilizing feeding technologies like slow feeder hay nets, which help to regulate hay intake.

Graduates of DelVal’s equine programs find success in many arenas, including careers as managers, riders or breeders, or for other companies that support the equine industry.

Others attend veterinary school to fulfill their dream of being a large animal veterinarian.

Where ever they go, they are always part of the Delval family.

Visit www.delval.edu/equine.

Delaware Valley University Equine Ad

dvu ad

Groffdale Barns will build you a beautiful new barn or shed or will remodel what you have

 Groffdale Barns has been in business for 39 years (since1984)!

Groff 1In 1984 Moses Riehl started building small sheds, row stables, and run-in's at his shop adjacent to his horse barn.

Having been raised in an Amish home, Moses had horses of his own, and saw the need for strong and permanent shelters for horses!

Groff 2New and Updated designs, incorporated with old techniques handed down from Amish Craftsmen, was the beginning of Groffdale Barn's legacy of being the first to design a modular horse barn that stood up the the quality that horse owners demand!

Groffdale Barns will also do on site custom barns, garages, and barn restorations.

Groff 3Now there are three generations involved!

 Groffdale services Pa., N.J., Md, Va, W.V., N.Y. & Conn.

We are the Manufacturer, and we sell directly to you, with no middle man extra costs.

Groff 4Purchase with confidence when you buy a Groffdale Barn, knowing that you are buying a barn that contains value, worth, and decades of experience.

Contact: Jake or Moses 717-687-8350 www.groffdalebarns.com

Groffdale Barns Ad

Groffdale Barn Banner 900x150

RevitaVet delivers powerful therapeutic benefits

With over 50 years of independent research worldwide, Infrared therapy, also known as photo and lighttherapy, has been shown to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms.

Vet 1As an industry leader of equestrian preventative maintenance and rehabilitation devices, our mission at RevitaVet is to educate competitors and horse owners of all disciplines on the benefits infrared/photo therapy, and advantages of addressing costly issues as, or even before they arise.

RevitaVet is non-invasive, safe, portable and easy to use.

The RevitaVet IR2C Systems offers not only the leading technology in non-invasive care for conditions from abscesses to torn suspensories and anything in between, including saddle sores and various musculoskeletal injuries.

Vet 2You can apply RevitaVet on virtually any part of the horse, but it has set the precedent for preventive maintenance.

The IR2C is easily applied to the horse, or other animal large or small, and delivers safe and effective pulsed infrared light therapy which stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal, but at an accelerated pace.

The application can be five to15 minutes and the system offers seven selectable frequencies, thus allowing for a customized therapy.

Treatment will not harm healthy tissue and has no known negative side effects.

Vet 3RevitaVet also has wireless devices that address ankles, back, hocks, hooves, knees, tendons and the poll.

As of late, numerous PEMF therapists are now embracing RevitaVet as a companion therapy.

Several of our sponsored riders are Olympic gold and silver medalists and World Champions for various disciplines.

RevitaVet® is manufactured in the USA to the highest quality, and guarantees professional results.

For more information call 602-513-1223 or visit our website at www.revitavet.com .

Tamarian, home in the horse capital

OCALA, Fla.--Drive up from the glitz and bikini glamour of the Florida coastline, towards the center of the state, and you’ll find yourself in Ocala, almost at the very center of Florida.

Tamarian 1aHere there are rolling green farms and lush forests, sparkling clear springs and rivers, and a love of all things equine.

Called “The Horse Capital of the World™” for a reason, Ocala has become the epicenter of equestrian excellence in the United States – where premier trainers, riders, and professional breeders – including Kentucky Derby contenders.

Some come as snowbirds and see the pastoral landscape and calm, easy energy.

Tamarian 2aAlmost everyone falls in love.

Like so many, Tami Fratis was drawn to the beauty and vibrance of Ocala, as well as the community’s investment in and passion for the equine industry.

She loved it so much that she took a giant leap, leaving Philadelphia to pursue what she dubbed the BHAG – “the Big Hairy Audacious Goal” – of buying a horse farm and training facility here.

Nothing was more appealing than immersing herself in a vibrant community centered around her passion.

Tamarian 3bShe purchased Tamarian Farms, a beautiful 60 acre property, and created a first-rate training facility, welcoming professionals and aspiring hopefuls on equal footing in a judgment-free environment.

Just three miles from the World Equestrian Center, it’s fast becoming a favorite haven for riders and professional competitors to come and work out in one of the areas only indoor 100’ x 200’ arena with GGT footing like riders find at WEC.

Tamarian 4aTamarian also has 25 acres of wooded trails for cooling down horses or bonding with fellow riders.

It’s also a place where people know their horses will be comfortably stabled and treated with the same care as family members.

People new to riding or who want to get back in the saddle again find an atmosphere of encouragement and positivity at Tamarian Farms, with trainers who help them restore their confidence and partnership with the horse.

If you happen to be in Ocala, you should stop by.

You may find home here and fall in love, just like we did.

Formoreinformation, go to www.tamarianfarms.com or call Phone: 215-514-7941.

Arena Works has footing that is more comfortable for horses

No one knows footing better than those who use it every day!

Arena works 1The team at Arena Works, Inc. are horsemen with passion and commitment to the horse, who’ve developed the nation's leading blend of arena footing materials to enhance your ride while allowing more comfort to your horse.

It’s engineered to require little maintenance, enabling you to spend less time caring for the product and more time doing what you love to do most - ride!

We specialize in providing quality dressage and jumping surfaces for the Olympic disciplines that stand up to years of daily training demands.

Arena Works Gold Footing, Silver Footing, and Bronze Footing are available to meet a variety of budgets.

Arena Works Gold, our signature blend of footing, promotes maximum performance for horse and rider.

Arena works 2Carefully selected fibers, custom ground crumb rubber, and meticulously selected sand naturally bind together to produce a stable, long-lasting surface.

With its resiliency and shock absorbing qualities, it promotes confidence, supports soundness and builds better performance.

Combine our footing with Arena Work’s proprietary blend of dust control additive, Evermoist EQ, and you’ve got the winning combination of a dust free footing that requires minimal dragging.

Arena Works 3Our products have been formulated, designed, and tested by horsemen with real expertise.

We know materials, understand how they work together, and can help you select the best product for your needs.

Contact us today to enhance your arena! With facilities on the east coast and in the northwest, we’re available to you!

Call Dan @ 717-629-0576, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website at www.ArenaWorksInc.com

Come give Country Haven Farms cross country course a try

WOODSTOWN, N.J.--Attention: Eventers and anyone else who just loves to jump cross country.

C Haven 1Give your horse a change of scenery.

Country Haven in Pilesgrove (Woodstown) N.J., offers schooling over its cross country course as well as in the 250’ x 150’ ring with special footing, which has a dressage arena (large/small) and stadium jumps.

We’re about 15 min from Commodore Barry Bridge, 10 min from Delaware Memorial Bridge, 45-50 mins from Fair Hill, Md., and Medford, N.J., and 60 mins from Unionville, Pa.

We have over 50 cross country jumps in both woods and open fields including a bank jump, coffin, trekehners, skinnies, snake jump, log piles, coops, roll tops, hogsback, a mound, and a stream.

Many of the jumps are adjustable in height.

C Haven 2They start @ 1’ to over 3’7”. Something for everyone!

Our website countryhavenfarms.com has numerous photos and descriptions of the course.

And you can’t beat the price!

Only $40 for xc course, $20 for schooling in the ring with the dressage arena and the stadium jumps, and only $55 for schooling all 3.

No time limits on riding. Low key atmosphere.

There is a long and a short galloping path with paperwork available to tell you your galloping speed.

The course is open to individual riders as well as instructors who would like to bring their students, pony clubs who may need a place to do a rally, or someone who wants to hold a clinic here.

 C Haven 3Spectators may drive vehicles back to the course. (You can add a picnic if you’d like, as some have.)

We are certainly geared toward eventing, but straight dressage riders (including Western Dressage) are welcome to practice in the dressage arena.

We have even had carriages practice their driving skills here, negotiating turns around the various trees in the woods.

Drivers of minis are also welcome.

Any questions or to schedule, feel free to call Earlen Haven @ 856-769-1916 for quickest response.

OK to schedule on short notice. If I can accommodate, I will be happy to.

Hope to see you all soon!


Shawna Karrasch Equine- Positive Reinforcement Training. Sept 29 lecture at Dressage at Devon.

Shawna Karrasch is a pioneer in the use of Positive Reinforcement Training with horses.

Shawna 1Her powerful and humane behavioral training techniques are an eye-opening experience for equine professionals, competitors, and amateurs alike.

Shawna began her training career far outside the equestrian world, working with large marine mammals.

Animals such as dolphins, sea lions and orcas cannot be coerced.

Shawna 2Only positive reinforcement methods can be used to ask these magnificent creatures to participate voluntarily in activities with human trainers. (You may be able to force a horse onto a trailer, but just try it with a walrus!.)

When introduced to the world of top equestrian competition, Shawna saw immediately how reward-based training could be used to engage the horse’s willingness in equestrian pursuits.

By using Shawna’s Positive Reinforcement Training methods, Olympian Beezie Madden taught her famous show jumper Judgment (now Judgment ISF) to overcome his fear of water and go on to win the $1,000,000 CN International at Spruce Meadows, among many other international show-jumping victories.

Shawna 3Beezie’s spectacular success over decades as a top international competitor on a series of great horses is a testament not only to her extraordinary talent and skill as a rider and trainer, but also in part to the reward-based training system that Shawna first developed on the Madden farm.

Shawna’s infectious enthusiasm, sense of humor, years of training experience and rapport with animals and humans makes her one of the finest positive-reinforcement trainers in North America.

On Sept. 29, Shawna will be speaking at Dressage at Devon from 1-4 pm in the All Devon Club under the main grandstand.

This is a ticketed event and the topic will be: Taking the Science and Theory of Positive Reinforcement to Serious Ridden Work.

Contact: Jessie Hillegas at www.shawnakarrasch.com or 570-337-8347.

Tempi Design, unique equestrian jewelry

Art and technical design have always been a part of Eileen Johnson’s life.

Tempi 1Raised in Connecticut, her father was a naval architect and her mother a gifted artist.

One could say that artistry and technical design was in her blood.

As a young girl, Eileen had an intense passion to create.

At the age of 6, she received her first sewing machine as a Christmas gift, and her little hands became busy with creations of clothes for her dolls.

A few years later she discovered her other love, horses.

The desire to create and her passion for horses has remained a constant throughout her life.

As a teenager she began to dabble in jewelry design, taking classes that ensured the development of her art.

After school one could always find Eileen riding horses or at the stables caring for them.

Tempi 2aAs a young woman she attended the University of Kentucky, where her interest in metal work led her to the field of Dental Technology, and the horse environment kept her content.

Training at UK leaned toward sole proprietorship and later, as a Dental Laboratory business owner, she was able to successfully meet the needs of her clients and continue to dabble in her jewelry creations.

Although dental prosthetics paid the bills, Eileen dreamed of the day when she could become a full time designer for jewelry and accessories with a different twist.

After 25 years of her work in the dental technology field, Eileen decided to retire.

She took the opportunity to travel to England where, as a working student, she trained and studied to earn British Horse Society Certifications in Horse Care and Riding, along with an International Groom’s Certificate.

During that time her aunt and godmother handed down a family heirloom engraved in 1909 and asked her to do something with it.

Tempi 3aShe tucked it away and toiled in her mind’s eye how to re work the piece into a more contemporary design she could use as her signature line for the upcoming venture.

Eileen wanted to present a change she would call ‘Tempi’ in the jewelry and accessory line.

When Eileen returned to the United States she eventually settled in Maryland, all the while developing Tempi Design Studio towards a full time endeavor.

It seems that all exquisite jewelry has a unique signature design, and Tempi’s pieces are no exception.

Eileen has been able to combine her two loves of the Horse and metallurgy to create magnificent, near 3D jewelry.

These have caught the eye of not only equestrian experts, but animal lovers as well.

Now, as business is expanding into more subjects, it is taking on a mind of its own with special requests and custom work.

Temp 4Eileen continues to find inspiration in the beauty of nature she dearly loves, and the magnificent horse.

You will often find her at a trade show or locked away in her studio, molding her next vision, or yours, into life.

See Tempi Designs at Dressage at Devon Sept. 26 to Oct. 1 in Booth/Cottage #8 .

View www.tempidesignstudio.com for the online store

Making big strides: Novella Designs is inspired by real horses and their stories

If you’ve been shopping for equestrian clothing in the last few months, chances are you’ve stumbled across Novella Equestrian – a sunshirt brand who has made huge strides in less than a year.

Novella 1Each design is not only named after a specific horse but is carefully crafted with the horse’s personality and story in mind.

Taryn Young is the Founder of Novella Equestrian.

She also is a well known influencer in the equestrian world and the person behind “Warmbloods + Wine”.

She created the equestrian lifestyle account Warmbloods + Wine in December 2018 and since the creation of her social accounts, Taryn cultivated a hyper-engaged following of over 20,000 equestrian enthusiasts.

Novella 2Her equestrian journey has also caught the attention of brands like Ariat, Purina, Pikeur, PS of Sweden, Kerrits and Goode Rider.

The months during Covid left Taryn Young uncertain about her future in the corporate world.

Taryn found herself continuously working with her favorite equestrian brands to promote their clothing.

"I thought to myself: why wouldn't I do this on my own based on my fabric, fit and design preferences? I had a good grasp of the market and what I would do differently to flatter every rider body," Taryn said.

That's how Novella was born.

Novella 4She named the brand Novella because it means 'new, fresh and YOUNG' (her last name) in Italian.

Coincidentally, it also means short story, and each design is named and designed after a real horse and its story.

“It felt like it was meant to be,” Taryn said.

With features like UPF 30+, forgiving and flattering fabrics that adapt to your body's changes and functional designs, NOVELLA Equestrian caters to all shapes and sizes in & out of the saddle.

Novella 5It has caught the likes of top U.S. dressage riders and retailers in the US and Canada.

 “I love that people love Novella. It’s the first shirt a lot of my friends will choose to wear and that means the world to me.”

Shop Novella Equestrian at shopnovella.com and follow Taryn Young as she shares her horse journey and favorite equestrian finds on @WarmbloodsandWine on Instagram.

The Engraver, 48 years of engraving nameplates at Dressage at Devon

WEST CHESTER, Pa.--Forty-one years of engraving nameplates on site at Dressage at Devon on the iconic Devon Horse Show Grounds.

Engrave1Of all the shops that have been at Dressage at Devon over the past 48 years, we have been there longer than any of them.

If you’ve been down to our booth, #62 at the far end of Barn 1, you’ll find it hard to believe that when we started everything fit into a 1978 Toyota Corolla.

We’ve made countless nameplates for anything and everything equestrian related.

We hope we have helped to create lots of memories.

We’re very grateful to all of you for allowing us to do that and we cherish the friendships we have made.

Did you know we keep track of a lot of things you ask us?

We have to confess, some of them leave us dumbstruck.

Engrave 2“How much is the five dollar plate?” is our favorite. Yes, there are silly questions.

It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been 12 years since we moved down to our little corner of the show grounds from the Fall Festival area and started our Green Hill Collection of leather and Cordura goods.

We’re very excited about the new leather colors we’ve added this year.

We’ll be featuring a very vintage burgundy in everything from halters to our famous pony bracelets.

There is also a new olive green and emerald green.

Engrave 3We can attach our nameplates to your equipment, so come prepared!

Since we do the engraving on site it’s best to make The Engraver your first stop at Dressage at Devon so we’ll be able to have your orders ready later that same day.

For more information, call The Engraver & The Green Hill Collection, phone: 610-430-0123, Fax: 610-430-6670, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or go to www.The-Engraver.us.

At home, we're located at 1222 Ashbridge Road, West Chester, Pa., 19380-3954

Eastern Shore Fencing is all about quality fencing service

COATESVILLE, Pa.--Here at Eastern Shore Fencing we provide complete fencing and gate installation for the Eastern Shore and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.

Easter 1We strive to do nothing less than "the best."

We are located centrally in Coatesville, Chester County, Pa., and are known for delivering professional quality fencing with our 15 years of fencing experience.

With our company, you can always count on professional fencing being done in a timely manner at a competitive price for post and board, post and wire, split rail, slip board, vinyl, Centaur Flex, garden and yard and equestrian fencing, to name but a few options.

We specialize in Equestrian fencing.

Eastern 2We also offer custom-built agricultural run-in sheds to protect your animals from the elements, and residential fencing for around yards and gardens plus for swimming pool privacy, as well as now also offering cross-country jumps.

Please feel free to visit our gallery online to see the many options.

Eastern 3We look forward to working with you!

For more information, call 484-661-3057 - call today for a FREE Quote!

Or visit www.easternshorefencing.com.

Rohrer Seeds provides quality seeds at a fair price

Looking for quality hay and pasture seed?

Rohr 1Trust Rohrer Seeds, a fourth-generation family business that has been providing quality seeds at a fair price since 1919.

We value relationships with our customers and take the time to understand every individual need.

Everyone needs the “Right Forages for a Perfect Pasture” and that’s why Rohrer Seeds offers seven different Pasture Perfect® mixes.

Each Pasture Perfect® mixture includes at least 70 percent improved forage varieties.

rohr 2Improved varieties are those that have been proven to exceed common varieties for species classification in the areas of palatability, feed value, digestibility, yield, and grazing.

Each mix is specifically formulated to meet the grazing or hay needs of a wide range of animals and conditions.

We are equipped with the knowledge and the willingness to take the time to determine what will work best for each customer.

Pasture Perfect® is just one of many seed brands that Rohrer Seeds offers.

rohr 3Turf Perfect is a line of improved grasses for lawns for the homeowner and commercial landscaper.

For hunting enthusiasts, the Tecomate brand offers some great mixes for food plots.

Our quality garden seeds are popular with both the backyard gardener and the larger grower.

Offering a diverse selection of flower, herb, and vegetable seeds, you can find anything you need to grow a garden.

A popular tourist spot, many customers travel to the one-of-a-kind seed store located in the heart of Lancaster County, Pa.

They ship seeds throughout the United States but mainly focus on Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.

For more information, call (717) 299-2571 or visit www.rohrerseeds.com.


Don't let fencing stress you out, install quality fence from ProFence

A quality fence can be a significant investment but is a necessary part of having an animal.

Profence 11Compromising on the quality of materials or proper installation will only lead to stress, disappointment and regret.

Nobody wants to find that their animals are missing or get a phone call that they have strayed to the neighbor’s house or are out on the road.

Repairing an existing fence is a good first option and can buy you some time, but eventually the repairs will cost almost as much as replacing the fence.

Sometimes going through the process of having a fence installed can be just as stressful.

ProFence LLC brings a level of professionalism to the fencing industry that will make the process as stress-free as possible.

ProFence 22Our friendly staff takes your calls, emails, or website inquiries, and our estimators will discuss your needs and provide you with a free estimate.

Prior to your installation, we will work through scheduling and discuss what to expect next.

When the crew arrives on-site, they will review what is to be done and make any necessary adjustments.

You can then relax, sit back and watch how it’s done.

ProFence LLC uses quality materials resulting a fence that is sturdy and will last for years to come.

We are so confident in our fence installations that we offer a 10 Year Warranty.

ProFence 33Free Estimates, Quality Materials, And Professional Service makes your next fence stress-free.

For more information, call 800-433-6236 or go to www.ProFence.org.

Esch's Fencing provides quality products

GAP, Pa.--Esch’s Fencing LLC is your one stop shop and complete source for retail and wholesale fencing needs.

ESCH Stormcat2 e1317304726515 300x300Esch's Fencing has been serving Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey since 1987 with quality fence products for your child/pet protec-tion.

ESCH Centaur Horse21 300x300Esch’s large inventory includes Rustic Split Rail, Post and Board, Wood Slip Board, Centaur® Flexible Fence Rail, Heavy Duty PVC Horse Rail & Wire Mesh (PVC Coated or Galvanized).

Also for your residential needs, Aluminum fence and Railing, Cus-tom Red Cedar, Treated Wood Privacy and Picket, PVC Privacy and Picket and Custom Board Gates with a variety of Hardware are available for pick up or delivery.

Esch's is located at 185 Octorara Trail, Gap, PA 17527

ESCH split railFor further information, call 610-857-1676, Fax: 610-857-0029 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Shetron manufacturing offers custom built trailers at great prices

SHIPPENSBURG, Pa.--Shetron Trailer Sales and Service is revolutionizing the industry by providing top-quality services for trailers at prices customers can afford.

Shetron bigShetron Trailer Sales and Service also sells a full line of custom state-of-the-art gooseneck and bumper pull aluminum trailers for horses, livestock and cargo, as well as specialty application fabricated by Shetron Manufacturing here in Shippensburg, Pa..

Plus.....Shetron takes pride in producing these high-quality units at/or below other competing aluminum trailers in the marketplace.

Shetron 2See our 2-horse "Sport" model w/Dressing Room, our "Elite 2-horse model with 4 foot dressing room, and our "Econo Sport" model.

Ask about custom-built living quarters trailers and visit our website to see many more options for sale too.

Shetron 3Shetron Auction and Equipment holds a farm and equipment auction the last Wednesday of every month.

For more information about our auctions, please go to www.shetronequipment.com.

At Precise Buildings, it's all in the details

The importance of a well-built barn and arena is critical to all equestrian owners and riders.

precise 11This certainly rings true for dressage trainers and competitors.

The details that go into building an arena can help make a difference in a horse’s performance and allow competitors to gain an edge.

As a builder, we put focus on the owner’s needs while also being a trusted advisor for riders and the animals utilizing the space that is being built.

Proper stall size, ventilation, windows for the horses to feel at ease and mirrors in the arena are all the touches we can guide you through as you build your dream facility.

precise 12Precise Buildings specializes in design/build construction and renovation of barns and indoor arenas of all sizes for all equestrian disciplines.

A full-service custom builder located in the heart of Lancaster County, Precise has helped restore the landscape in the Delaware Valley.

In fact, Precises’ workmanship can be found in all the equine communities on the east coast with a concentration in the Mid-Atlantic states.

Attention to detail is inherent in everything Precise does, be it building new indoor arenas with full amenities or a line of custom cupolas and doors that Precise crafts for every barn and restoration project.

precise 13Each element is steeped in the Amish values of faith, integrity, and work ethic, with a commitment to excellence and details.

If you are considering building a new barn or doing a renovation, learn how Precise Buildings can turn your arena or barn into an attractive, professional facility by calling John Fisher at (717) 768-3200 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

You can also stop by our booth and discuss your vision with us at Dressage at Devon.

Precise is in booths 401and 402.

Precise Buildings Ad

precise buildings

Protect yourself and your horses with Fry's Insurance Agency

Fry’s Equine Insurance Agency has been working with horsemen since 1984.

fry 1Insuring your horse is a way to protect your finances if there is an accident or sickness.

Mortality insurance provides coverage on the life of the horse and includes theft and some colic surgery.

You can also purchase different medical options such as major medical covering required treatments and surgeries.

Another policy to consider is liability coverage.

If your horse hurts someone or damages their property do you have protection under your homeowners policy?

If you board your horse, you still have a liability exposure.

Your horse could kick another horse or get out on the road.

You will be named in a claim as owner of the horse and you will need to defend yourself.

fry 2For less than a few hours of an attorney’s time you can have a policy with a $1,000,000 limit.

Do you offer boarding at your place or are you giving lessons or training?

If so you should contact Fry’s Equine Insurance to discuss a Commercial Liability policy.

This policy is tailored to your specific needs and can include coverage for boarding, lessons, training, show, clinics, and day camps.

Fry’s Equine Insurance also writes farm policies.

Many homeowner’s policies exclude coverage on any building used in a business.

If you don’t have an equine-specific policy, you could be missing important coverage – such as fire/storm damage to your barn or not enough coverage to replace it if there’s a total loss.

Give Susan Strawser, owner of Fry’s Equine Insurance Agency, or Ron Johnson a call at 614-875-3711 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


ArenaMend is a pioneer in arena footing

With over 30 years of experience overseeing the design and construction of FEI 5-Star facilities across America and Mexico, such as the USET Foundation in Gladstone and the ArenaMend Classic, Dan Carr has been a pioneer in the arena footing industry.

Dan CarrDan CarrDan’s industry experience and deep knowledge of optimal riding surfaces, lead him, along with his daughter Alex Carr, to start ArenaMend; the trailblazing equestrian footing company, known for producing state of the art riding arenas around the globe.

Dan and Alex take immense pride in introducing their groundbreaking fiber product designed to transform riding arenas across the world.

Their proprietary product, Noviun™ is a performance fiber which represents the cutting edge of equestrian surface technology.

Crafted from an all-natural blend, Noviun™ is carefully engineered to enhance the quality of arena footing, delivering unparalleled performance, safety, and with special attention to environmental impact.

With its impressive grip and absorption qualities, the natural fiber blend of Noviun™ provides riders with the confidence and stability they seek.

Horses also gain confidence and experience a riding surface akin to their natural and preferred turf grass habitat. It is a game-changer that is revolutionizing and has the potential to revolutionize the sport and improve the well-being of both horses and riders.

A farm in LaA farm in LaNoviun's versatility is another key aspect of its appeal.

Suitable for all sand types and environments, it can be applied at various concentrations, catering to the unique needs of different equestrian disciplines.

Noviun™ signals a new era of equestrian footing.

An arena in S.CWith ArenaMend leading the way, all disciplines can ride confidently, knowing they are treading on a surface that not only enhances performance but also protects the world they love.

As horse enthusiasts and professionals alike rush to embrace this groundbreaking innovation, the world of equestrian sports looks forward to a brighter, plastic-free future, where sustainability and performance go hand in hand.

ArenaMend's Noviun™ gallops its way into the hearts of riders and nature enthusiasts worldwide.

For more information visit www.arenamend.com or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Shoppin" in the USA sponsored By Horses 4 Your Consideration Sept. 28 at the Dressage at Devon show grounds

“Shoppin’ in the USA” is a way of supporting US breeders.

shopDressage at Devon can serve as a platform to introduce breeders and their offspring to a knowledgeable prospective customer base, making it easier for buyers to see multiple horses at one time.

Here’s how it works…

Program participation is only open to horses competing at Dressage at Devon.

Seller pays a nominal fee to participate, which includes a full page listing in the e-publication catalog, an ad on the Horses 4 Your Consideration www.horses4yc.com website and the in hand presentation in the Dixon oval.

The classes in which the sale horse is entered will be listed in the catalog.

Horses can be seen while warming up and competing.

There will be a final presentation in the Dixon Oval on Thursday Sept 28 at midday.

The MC's for the event are Debbie Morrison, owner of Horses 4 Your Consideration, and Mo Swanson, breeder and owner of Rolling Stone Farm in Pennsylvania.

It will be televised on Horse and Country TV.

There will be a lot of exposure for customers to see sale horses.

The program is based on the good will of its participants.

Should the presentation result in a successful sale, the seller is encouraged to make a donation based on the purchase price thus helping to secure the future of Dressage at Devon.

Donations are tax-deductible.

Horses 4 Your Consideration website www.horses4yc.com

Dressage at Devon website www.dressageatdevon.org

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