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Friday, September 29, 2023

James Jackson won Adult Amateur Handler at Dressage at Devon

DEVON, Pa.--Dressage at Devon began with individual breed classes and young horse classes, and In the Wheeler Ring, James Jackson was named the top Adult Amateur Handler, showing Springborgs Device in his Devon debut.

DADJames Jackson with Springborgs Device Emma MillerJames Jackson with Springborgs Device (Photo by Emma Miller)Jackson said that he and Springborgs Device, a 10-year-old mare owned by Renee Oleary, have a great partnership and frequently spend time trail riding at home together.

Jackson scored 80.1 percent, and Rachel Hosier placed second place with Raycita WS, her own yearling filly, with a score of 79.6 percent, while Jordan Gray and Attis, Renee Tucci’s yearling colt, finished third with a score of 78.1 percent.

"Springborgs Device is 10 and she’s a Danish mare," said Jackson. "She shows under saddle too. She is good in the barn, she is way better at home. We do a lot of trail riding and walking. She gets along great with other horses, they all go out together. She loves to stay out all night. We just started showing this year together. It feels really good [to have a blue ribbon].”

"Showing at Dressage at Devon is great," said Jackson, "I have two more classes on Wednesday and Thursday. This is it for her this year, then we will start over for next year. This is the best she has ever been this year. She likes to stay busy.”


IN THE YOUTH Handler class, Georgia Brame won with Laudable VT on a score of 82.1percent, with Ella Rose Trull handling Roosewelt, placing second on a score of 76.3 percent, while Noelle Telep was third with HD Victory on a score of 76 percent.

The highlighted individual breed class of the day, the Hanoverian Class had a competitive field of 23 horses and handlers take to the ring.

Quinnten Alston with Frida Kahlo QC won with a score of 85.95 percent, King Santacruz with Roosewelt finished second with a score of 79.7 percent, while Elizabeth Schneider with Cadence LSR finished third with a 79.675 percent.

Iron Spring Farm’s stallion Tjalbert 460, a 16-year-old Friesian stallion handled by Quinnten Alston, was the Get of Sire winner with a score of 78.35 percent following the presentation of several of his progeny.

Vasari, a 6-year-old Hanoverian stallion, finished second  with Samantha Kidd on a score of 78.15 percent and Lindegaards Elliot, a 9-year-old Knabstrupper stallion, was third with Meagan Maloney on 73.9%.

Waikiki, a 19-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare, and Katie Cook was champion of the Produce of Dam class with a score of 79.8 percent.

Dynastie Damon’s D’amara, a 9-year-old Hanoverian mare owned by Sue Anne Wells, finished close behind in second place with Bruce Griffin III on a score of 79.1 percent, and Florida May K, Olga Iglikova’s own 7-year-old Hanoverian mare, was third with 75 percent.

In the Breeder’s Group class, Iron Spring Farm with Quinnten Alston won with a score of 82 percent.

Hilltop Farm Breeder’s Group was second with King Santacruz, on a score of 80.95 percent, while MP Sporthorses with Melanie Harper finished third with 79.2 percent.

Under the stadium lights of the Dixon Oval, Angela Mirarchi’s Princi, a 12-year-old Sport Pony mare, won with King Santacruz in the Young/Mature Pony Championship.

“I got into breeding way back in 2005, and Princi was the reason I came to Devon so long ago," said Mirachi. "She showed in this ring as a weanling, and she hadn’t been back since. So we came this time because of her colt, and I thought ‘I might as well just throw her in a class.’ So it was actually a last minute entry.”

“I remember her scores being in the high 70’s because we didn’t have pony classes, so she showed in the open class," said Mirachi. "It was unheard of back then to put a pony with a warmblood, so that was really fun to see her do well.”

“I firmly believe in giving a small athlete that has very competitive gaits, like the horses, to our kids because they need a good base," said Mirachi. "Our kids are competitive, and I thought, if I can breed a pony that’s competitive with the warmbloods, it’ll get the adults riding and then they’ll hand these ponies down to the kids. I’ve been pushing for that for a long time – I think our sport needs it, and it’ll help strengthen our support for our kids.”

Georgia Brame with Kitsune PA, a 4-year-old Arabian mare owned by Gali Rogers was the reserve champion of the night, and Ellen Ziemer’s Dresscode Dancing Date, a 3-year-old German Riding Pony, finished third.

In the Pony Foal/Yearling Championship, GWS Chicago, a Westphalian colt owned and shown by Amy Brumbach and bred by Mirarchi, took the top honors.

Phable of Rapunzel, a yearling filly owned and show by Keri Blizniak and also bred by Mirarchi, was second, while Fox Hills Knight’s Tale, a Hanoverian yearling colt owned, shown, and bred by Brigitte Deitz, finished third.


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