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Monday, March 08, 2021

Great news for Eventers as Plantation Field will hold 13 Events in 2021

UNIONVILLE, Pa.--Thrilling news for eventers of all levels as Plantation Field Equestrian Events, Inc. has announced that 13 Events of varying levels will be competed on its grounds in Unionville next spring, summer and fall.

Plantation Field 2Because those at the blog Eventing Nation decided that the word Plantation was racially offensive, that blog, which should support events not tear them down, decided that it would refer to all events held there as P Field.

Eventing Nation also apparently persuaded the U.S.Eventing Association to go along with that decision, despite the fact that the dictionary describes Plantation first as "formerly, a colony" and second  as "an area growing cultivated crops."

Cuyler Walker, who owns Plantation Field and leases the land to Plantation Field Equestrian Events, rightly felt that calling all events P. Field gave it a racially offensive overtone that cast aspersions on his family, and he terminated the lease.

Plantation Field acquired its name 80 years ago when a Boy Scout troop asked Walker's grandfather. Plunkett Stewart, if it could plant trees there, which would earn it a badge.

So Eventing Nation turned an act of generosity into a racial slur.


LUCKILY FOR all eventers, a close examination of the lease between landowner Cuyler Walker and Equestrian Events revealed that events could be held there throughout 2021.

USEA is holding a board meeting next week, on Nov. 19, and Denis Glaccum, President of Plantation Field Equestrian Events, said the organization has some requests to be heard at that meeting.

"The organization and the landowner await acknowledgement from USEA that they acted hastily and, in an attempt to address a perceived injustice, they created a greater injustice," said Glaccum.

While Eventing Nation claimed it knew of someone who had found Plantation to be offensive, closing down the Event affected thousands of eventers of all levels.

All equestrian sports have always been open to competitors of all races and colors, with a number of top Black riders competing in horse shows throughout the years, and a number of Blacks serving as volunteers at Plantation Field.

One of Plantation Field's beneficiaries is "Work to Ride" that provides urban youth, predominately Black, with an opportunity to ride and compete.

The biggest factor in determining the competitors in equestrian events of all disciplines is the cost of owning, training and competing a horse.

The announcement of Plantation Field of its 2021 events and the schedule for those events follows.

PLANTATION FIELD Equestrian Events, Inc is thrilled to announce our 2021 Equestrian Schedule.

As well publicized, our lease to Plantation Field was cancelled by landowner Cuyler Walker.

Termination provisions of the lease allow PFEE to conduct our activities for 2021 as discussions continue regarding the future.

2021 Provisional Calendar

April 17-18 (Sat-Sun) USEA/USEF Recognized Horse Trials (Beginner Novice – Intermediate)
May 8 (Sat) USEA/USEF Recognized Horse Trials (Beginner Novice – Intermediate)
May 9 (Sun) Unrecognized Starter Horse Trials (Elementary – Training)
June 5 (Sat) USEA/USEF Recognized Horse Trials (Beginner Novice – Intermediate)
June 6 (Sun) Unrecognized Starter Horse Trials (Elementary – Training)
June 9 (Wed) Cross Country schooling day
June 16 (Wed) Schooling Jumper show
July 7 (Wed) Schooling Jumper show
July 21 (Wed) Schooling Dressage show
August 4 (Wed) Schooling Jumper show
August 18 (Wed) Schooling Dressage show
September 15-19 FEI/USEA/USEF Recognized Horse Trials (CCI-S 4/3/2)
October 30 (Sat) Unrecognized Starter Horse Trials (Elementary – Training)

Please note this is a provisional schedule.

Our decision to run registered USEA Events will be up to the USEA and the decisions they make pertaining to their restrictions placed on Plantation Field just prior to our International held in September.

We would like to at this time to thank the Eventing Community for their unbelievable support and outspoken criticism of the action created by EN.

We look forward to providing our supporters with the highest quality events over one of the most beautiful venues.

We thank Cuyler Walker and the Unionville community for their continued support.

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