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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Barns & Equipment

Crickside Barns – Quality Rustic Timberframe horse barns and shelters

LOYSVILLE, Pa--There is an art to building a good-looking horse barn, and there is nothing quite like the rustic appeal of a well built, tastefully designed barn when it is done right.

Crickside 1Having such a barn can showcase your horses and greatly add to the property value of your farm or ranch.

Timber frame construction uses large wooden beams to provide the structure of a building.

This adds a great amount of rustic appeal as well as providing a solid structural soundness that will last for generations to come.

Crickside 2This makes timber frame construction a great option when building a horse barn.

The folks over at Crickside Barns, in Central Pennsylvania, know this, and they bring a lot of valuable experience to the table when they design and build a horse barn.

They specialize in Timber Frame construction, and have built a wide variety of horse barns, shelters, sheds, and other types of structures.

All of the projects they build have a strong rustic appeal and are of a quality that will last for generations.

crickside 3Head on over to their website and check out some of their projects.

They just might be the perfect company for your next building project.

For more informationa, go to www.CricksideBarns.com or call 717-789-4728.

Sunset Valley Metalcraft – Handcrafted Horse Stalls And Barn Doors

Sunset Valley Metal Craft Is A Family-Owned Company Known for Our Metal Fabricating Throughout Pennsylvania's Amish Countryside Since 1975.

Sunset Valley Metalcraft 1We specialize solely in custom architectural and standard horse stalls and one-of-a-kind aluminum barn doors.

We have strict quality control from start to finish, including the shipping or personal delivery, ensuring our products arrive to our customers scratch-free.

We serve barn builders and horse enthusiasts all over Lancaster County, PA, across the entire East Coast and beyond.

Our business is built on the values we've passed down from generation to generation.

One of our most important values is taking the time to really listen to our customers.Sunset Valley Metalcraft 3

That's why we rarely build anything until we've met with a customer one-on-one in our office or on site.

We like to establish expectations and ensure we meet them on each job we undertake.

This makes each individual job special on our part, ensuring it gets individual attention which is vital in getting the job done right.

We offer delivery and installation on all our products with our own crew of dedicated employees.

Sunset Valley Metalcraft 2Sunset Valley Metal Craft's owner is also part of the crew.

Our personal service, dedication to quality and attention to detail has helped us establish a thriving business that serves our families, our customers and our community!

Wholesale and Retail Inquiries Welcome – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 877.389.0844

When Quality, Service and Integrity matter…..

McComsey Builders is a full-service building contractor specializing in equestrian structures as well as residential and commercial projects.  

McComsey Builders 2 1.jpgLocated in Chester County, Pennsylvania they have been serving the surrounding area for over thirty years. 

McComsey Builders 3 1Their commitment to customer satisfaction continues to be their most valuable asset as well as their greatest achievement.   

The fact that the majority of their work is comprised of referrals as well as repeat customers proves this to be true. 

McComsey Builders 1 1They will bring your vision to life by listening better, planning better and building better.  


McComseyBuilders.com   610-679-6161

Pughtown Agway carries many farm and barn essentials!

Pughtown Agway is a local farm, feed, and country store located a quarter mile south of intersection Rt 100 and Rt. 23 in Spring City, PA. We Pughtown Agway 3 1carry all the essentials for your farm and barn!  You name it, we've got it!

For your Farm: fertilizers, soils and mulches, compost, grass seed, pasture seed, vegetable seeds, cover crops, vegetable plants, trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials, spreaders, soil testing kits, and more! 
We can help you prepare for spring and summer now.Pughtown Agway 2 1.jpg
For your barn: Pine and Pelleted bedding, straw, hay, stall mats, lime, water and feed buckets, troughs, barn tools, poultry supplies, livestock and a large variety of horse feeds, and more!
We also carry a vast line of organic products from organic horse and livestock feed to organic fertilizers, mulches and compost.
Pughtown Agway 1
 Please drop by soon!   610-469-9238     www.pughtownagway.com

Don't Ignore! Restore!

We enjoy helping you keep your time tested structures Alive!   We here at Lester Leid Construction are located in the rolling hills of Berks County Pennsylvania.
We Lester Leid Construction 1are proud to service areas of New Jersey, Maryland, parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania, but further areas are considered on a per job basis.
For a more personable experience, I don't normally sub my work out, but instead work with you from the first phone call until the work is completed.  
I, Lester, was born and raised on a farm in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, although not a farmer myself anymore,  the desire to see oldLester Leid Construction 2 barns restored to their former glory remains a heartfelt top priority to me.
I have 20+ years experience in all types barn/garage construction and restoration projects, and I'm looking forward to serving my customers for many more years to come. .
Lester Leid Construction 3We work with all projects from roofing and siding, metal or wood, to indoor restorations, including horse stalls and barn remodels.  We also custom build wooden louvers and doors. And do general repair work wherever needed. 
We are here to help - Please check out our website:  lesterleidconstruction.com  or call me at 717-723-0088.

The Quick Coupler allows you to pull hassle free

Get some peace of mind with the new Quick Coupler!

Coupler 3No more truck bed acrobatics or yelling for you.

This 5 1/2" cone-shaped capture area automatically self-aligns your trailer on to the ball.

No more repeated attempts to hook up.

You will find no need to crawl into the bed of your truck as the Quick Coupler automatically latches when lowered on to the ball.

Coupler 2You will never again drive off wondering if you latched your coupler.

What makes the quick coupler different than your standard hitch is the design of the cone-shaped self-aligning receiver.

The Coupler simply "funnels" itself into the perfect hitching position every time.

Coupler 1And unhitching is just as easy by pulling the release cable standing outside the bed of the truck!

The Coupler comes with a build-in security lock mechanism and the added grease zerk will make it easy to maintain.

The Quick Coupler has a 30,000 lb rating and is all American made. ORDER YOURS TODAY!

For more information, please call 724-216-3208 or go to www.trailergear.com or www.quickcoupler.com

I’m finally convinced….LED is worth the added cost.

I tend to be skeptical about Miracle Cures and New Industry Changing Technologies.

Orionn 1Twenty years ago when Orion Energy Systems introduced their all new fluorescent technology, the entire lighting industry was skeptical.

Could a 6 lamp fluorescent fixture really generate as much light as a 475 watt metal halide and consume only 221 watts?

Could a 10” diameter fixture with a 36 watt Circline™ lamp really match the light output of a 250w light bulb?

Not only did these fixtures meet those claims, they were also safer and more reliable than existing technologies.

I marketed these fixtures for about 25 years and am still supplying parts for them.

Orion 2About five years ago, Orion Energy Systems, along with a number of foreign and domestic companies launched their lines of industry changing, revolutionary LED Fixtures.

This technology would mark the end of all incandescent and fluorescent products.

They would operate on 1/10th the energy, and also produce more light, and last forever!

High prices would make them difficult to sell.

They were priced at 2-3 times the cost of current products.

Claims of a 50 year life expectancy seemed unrealistic and they had no track record.

On the positive side, a 136 watt LED Hi Bay will replace a 221 watt Fluorescent, a 48 watt LED will generate as much light as an 84 watt 3 lamp 4’- Fluorescent, and a 29 watt LED stall fixture can match the output of a 300 watt light bulb.

The life expectancy, though down-graded to 50,000 hours, still minimized the concern about frequent lamp replacements, one less thing for the customer to deal with.

LED fixtures are now available in Daylight (5000K) color temperatures, recommended for stall barns and indoor arenas, a necessity for show and breeding facilities.

LED lights are generally cool burning and reliable in moderate temperature locations.

LED fixture prices have moderated into the affordable range.

In summary, now that the outrageous claims have been downgraded and fixtures have become more affordable and reliable, I can look my customers in the eye and recommend LED technology.

“I’m finally convinced … that LED is worth the added cost”.

Orion West Lighting, Ron Tracy Kathy Lacy

For more information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., equinelighting.com or 877-351-0841

Precise Buildings designs, builds or restores exceptional structures

Since 2002, Precise Buildings has been designing, building and restoring exceptional structures in agriculture, residential and commercial buildings.

Precise 1Wedding and event barns are growing in popularity as it’s always hard choosing between a rustic or elegant venue and this is a perfect way you can have both.

Let us turn your property into an unforgettable venue from either a beautiful brand-new custom designed event barn or to restore an old historic barn.

Precise 2Why tear down if you can restore it back to have a timeless feel.

Precise 3We have a great deal of experience with older timber frame, post and beam barns with using modern design and construction with traditional Amish craftsmanship.

Please feel free to contact us at 717-768-3200 or visit our website at www.precisebuildings.com

Give your animals protection from the cold and snow this winter with Solanco Structures!

QUARRYVILLE, Pa.--Get your animals safe and undercover - out of the wind, sleet and snow!

Solano 3

Your horses, ponies and other farm animals will be much more comfortable when they can escape from bad weather here in the Northeast this winter with one of Solanco Structures quality horse barns, modular center aisle barns, storage sheds (10 x 12 and 10 x 26 feet samples shown here), lean to barns or a Shed Row barn complete with tack room (10 x 36 or 12 x 20).

Solanco right

Solano 1 left









Our custom built horse barns are of the highest quality of any around.

Soanco 2Located at 44 Edgefield Road in Quarryville, Pa., Solanco Structures offers horse owners a nice selection to suit any need for a great price.

Note: Interior stalls are also available to purchase for existing barns if needed.

And feel free to ask about our hobby green houses, while you’re at it too!

We build in Pa., N.J., Del., Md., Va., Mass., N.Y. and Ohio.

Call 610-593-6400 for your FREE quote soon!
For more information, visit www.solancostructures.com

For excavating, mowing, clearing brush or pond work, Rob Roy is the answer

NOTTINGHAM, Pa--If you would like to add a pond to your farm, or if you have a pond that needs to be repaired, check out Rob Roy Farm, which is located in Nottingham, Pa.

Rob RoyRobert Rohrer also clears clogged waterways, which are a problem on many area farms.

Rob Roy excavates for riding rings, for building sites and for driveways.

Rohrer mows and clears brush and clears for terraces.

He serves northern Cecil County, Chester County and southern Lancaster County.

If you have work that needs to be done on your farm, call Rohrer at 610-656-5871 or 610-656-5870.

Reveal 4-N-1 is the Ultimate Arena and Ground Prep Tool

MOUNT ORAB, Ohio--Whether you manage a professional arena or ride in your backyard, the Reveal 4-N-1 will help you achieve the best footing for you and your horse.

Reveal 4 n 1Keep riding through the tough weather conditions with the help of the Reveal 4-N-1.

The Reveal 4-N-1 is the ultimate arena and ground prep tool, both the manual and hydraulic designs help to make ground preparation and maintenance easier and less time consuming. I

t’s a rugged, hard- working tool that easily attaches to your tractor and is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for day-to-day operations.

The Regular model Reveal 4-N-1 is easy to handle with most mid- sized tractors and the Heavyweight model is for larger HP tractors.

A Wheel Model and the Ultimate 4-N-1 Laser Model, with an automated control system, are available upon request.

A water kit available for the 7’ and 8’ models holds two 65-gallon tanks for wetting down dusty arenas and maintaining moisture.

The Reveal 4-n-1 is endorsed by the ANHA and is the Official Tool of the NBHA.

Reveal 4-n-1 believes that the quality of the product that bears their family name is always their priority.

Don’t be fooled by imitators.

The Reveal 4-n-1 is the original and still the best multipurpose tool.

Over 29 years of quality manufacturing and excellent customer service. Located in Mount Orab, OH

Call 937-444-2609 for a free brochure or visit: www.reveal4-n-1.com for more information.

Arena Works has developed footing material that allows more comfort to the horse

No one knows footing better than those who use it every day!

Arena works 1The team at Arena Works, Inc. are horsemen with passion and commitment to the horse, who’ve developed the nation's leading blend of arena footing materials to enhance your ride while allowing more comfort to your horse.

It’s engineered to require little maintenance, enabling you to spend less time caring for the product and more time doing what you love to do most - ride!

We specialize in providing quality dressage and jumping surfaces for the Olympic disciplines that stand up to years of daily training demands.

Arena Works Gold Footing, Silver Footing, and Bronze Footing are available to meet a variety of budgets.

Arena Works Gold, our signature blend of footing, promotes maximum performance for horse and rider.

Arena works 2Carefully selected fibers, custom ground crumb rubber, and meticulously selected sand naturally bind together to produce a stable, long-lasting surface.

With its resiliency and shock absorbing qualities, it promotes confidence, supports soundness and builds better performance.

Combine our footing with Arena Work’s proprietary blend of dust control additive, Evermoist EQ, and you’ve got the winning combination of a dust free footing that requires minimal dragging.

Our products have been formulated, designed, and tested by horsemen with real expertise.

We know materials, understand how they work together, and can help you select the best product for your needs.

Contact us today to enhance your arena! With facilities on the east coast and in the northwest, we’re available to you!

Call Dan @ 717-629-0576, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website at www.ArenaWorksInc.com

Blue Chip Structures are designed to meet or exceed all industry standards.

Blue Chip Structures, Inc. has been supplying pre-engineered building packages to the Mid-Atlantic and surrounding areas since 1995.

Blue Chip 1Every Blue Chip Structures building is engineered for its specified purpose, ranging from garages to storage buildings, to custom equestrian complexes to a commercial facility with multiple framing styles.

Here at Blue Chip Structures, Inc., and Rigidply Rafters, Inc., we strive to make your building project as enjoyable as possible.

We do this by supplying you with exceptional designs complete with a set of detailed construction plans.

Blue Chip 2Also, we provide an extensive material list explaining where each component belongs, saving you time and aggravation in the construction process.

Blue Chip Structures, Inc. assembles our pre-engineered packages using the best building materials available.

Our long-term relationships with industry-leading suppliers give you a tremendous advantage when choosing your building features.

Every component of a Blue Chip Structures, Inc. building package is designed to meet or exceed all industry standards and structural load requirements.

Also, each supplier is backed with outstanding warranties which are then passed through to you in our industry-leading Warranty Program.

Our commitment to eye-catching details, conservative structural design, exceptional customer service, and using only the best products available, will provide you the confidence that you have achieved the best value for your investment.

By choosing Blue Chip Structures, Inc. for your next building, you will be receiving the finest building package available.

For further information, call 717-866-6581 or visit www.bluechipstructures.com

Esch's Fencing provides quality products

GAP, Pa.--Esch’s Fencing LLC is your one stop shop and complete source for retail and wholesale fencing needs.

ESCH Stormcat2 e1317304726515 300x300Esch's Fencing has been serving Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey since 1987 with quality fence products for your child/pet protec-tion.

ESCH Centaur Horse21 300x300Esch’s large inventory includes Rustic Split Rail, Post and Board, Wood Slip Board, Centaur® Flexible Fence Rail, Heavy Duty PVC Horse Rail & Wire Mesh (PVC Coated or Galvanized).

Also for your residential needs, Aluminum fence and Railing, Cus-tom Red Cedar, Treated Wood Privacy and Picket, PVC Privacy and Picket and Custom Board Gates with a variety of Hardware are available for pick up or delivery.

Esch's is located at 185 Octorara Trail, Gap, PA 17527

ESCH split railFor further information, call 610-857-1676, Fax: 610-857-0029 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Groffdale Barns contains value, worth & decades of experience.

Groffdale Barns has been in business for over 30 years!

Groffdale 1In 1984 Moses Riehl started building small sheds, row stables, and run-in's at his shop adjacent to his horse barn.

Having been raised in an Amish home, Moses had horses of his own, and saw the need for strong and permanent shelters for horses!

Groffdale 2New and Updated designs, incorporated with old techniques handed down from Amish Craftsmen, was the beginning of Groffdale Barn's legacy of being the first to design a modular horse barn that stood up the the quality that horse owners demand!

Groffdale Barns will also do barn restorations.

Groffdale 3It services Pa.,, N.J., Md, Va, W.V., N.Y. & Conn.

We are the Manufacturer, and we sell directly to you, with no middle man extra costs.

Purchase with confidence when you buy a Groffdale Barn, knowing that you are buying a barn that contains value, worth, and decades of experience.

Groffdale 4Contact: Jake or Moses 717-687-8350 www.groffdalebarns.com

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